Junjou Romantica – 03

Phrases that this episode got out of me:
“So sweeeet!!!!!”
“Hiro-san Kawaii!!”
-me in fangirl mode-
(never knew I had it in me, sigh, the things this anime does to people =_=)

Episode 3

It was another episode of pure love.
This time introducing our 2nd couple – Hiroki and Nowaki! aka (Hiro-san and Typhoon)
You find out that the couples are actually all related some way or another.
The episode starts off with Hiroki crying on a bench and Nowaki finding him.
It is love at first sight for Nowaki, and it kinda is too for Hiroki (except in a very weird way).
After a few weird circumstances, Hiroki is now Nowaki’s tutor.
Standing between Nowaki and his true love is of course the obstacle of Hiroki’s previous love – Usami!
After a confession from Nowaki, Hiroki panics and kicks Nowaki out of his house.
Can they reconcile and will they be together in the end? ^_^

[click image to enlarge]

I love it!

Alright, I love the voice actors for this couple as well! Hiroki’s voice is really manly but in a rough way (the voice actor of Abarai Renji from Bleach) but it suits his personality. And Nowaki’s voice on the other hand is gentle and soothing yet not gay enough to sound like a girl, just right.

I don’t know whether to say that this episode is faithful to the manga or not.

Most of the scenes in this episode are taken from the manga but then the way they are played out is scrambled up.
I prefer the anime version of the progression of their romance.
I feel that it is much more fluid and logical. Less abrupt.

This couple might not be my favorite couple but I love them still.
Unlike Misaki and Usami, this couple is more… serious? I think mature would be a better word.
Hiroki is really cute though, his actions and his confusion is really lovable.

[click image to enlarge]

The scenes in this episode are hotter than that in the previous 2 eps.
However, don’t expect too much, there is nothing really obvious going on, alot of things still happen behind the shadows.
I actually like the animation in this episode better than the previous 2.
The words that pop up now and then is a little on the anti-climax side though.

All in all, it was a great ep.
The next ep : Nowaki is going to USA to study?

I can’t wait to see Usami and Misaki again!!! (please dont show the terrorist. I get irritated by the small boy in that couple)

Alright, I am off to rewatch this ep!

ooo, roses! for me?
(hey, a girl can dream can’t she?) 😉

-ra out!

p.s: What is with the fisherman hat that Hiroki was wearing? o_O i hope that is the last time we see that hat. haha

Episode 4 review


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  1. Luv Junjou Egoist, really KAWAII =^.^=
    I wanna see more BL!


  2. ^^ yup!! i love both couples… the only that i found not that nice was the terrorist! can’t wait to see the next ep!!


  3. OMG cool but did you know that there is a scene cut from episode 3 whats going on and did anyone notice on the trailer for episode 3 the first 3 seconds is not on that episode so someting up.


  4. really? i shall go check out the trailer again… did not notice that

    – edit –

    just saw the trailer.
    i dont see the missing part. seems like everything in the trailer was in the ep. ^^


  5. look it up again the first 3 seconds of the trailer is missing from the you no what seen OMG.


  6. LOL… you are right.. it is kinda missing. haha.. i wonder how many times have you must have rewatched that scene for you to be able to notice it was missing. ^^


  7. lol yes hehe but i wonder why its not there if you notice the black shadow is not there on the trailer then there must be 2 versions of this anime.


  8. i think that they might have just edited that scene for the trailer…
    like you said, that version might be a diff version (me thinks that if that is the case, then it might be for the dvd release?) ^^


  9. egoist is my fav couple!!!! and yeah i dont like the terrorist couple >_> too old and too young…or maybe they just dont seem attractive enuff to me
    nowaki is the first seme i fell in love with..i usually favor the uke’s but omg i LOVE him! he’s like the perfect man! 8D


  10. haay
    I LoVe junjou Romantica,, I love them all..both couples.
    soo cute,, they are all funny, sweet, cute, one word..awesome!! I can’t live without junjou R. !! :p haha


  11. yesh!! go junjou!!! woohoo!!


  12. KAWAIII!!!!! it`s very cute ^_^


  13. si si amo junjou romantica (L) 😛
    nyaaa lo mejor segun io
    donde lo lei o segun lo ke vio mis ojitos y lo ke dio enteder
    mi peke cerebro
    se estrena el 12 de octubre ala 1 una de manañana en japon
    por lo ke mas o menos oi a este ora ya tal vez podemos enkontrar
    algunas u otra por aki en mexico
    aunke en japones pero no importa!!!!
    bueno me voi se cuidan
    si kieren a apasan en mis metros





  14. Omg i know how you all feel except i like them all the same for diff reasons, even the terrorist one 😉 Anyhow, have you guys started watching the second series? The first of the new Egotist eps is so awsome 😀


  15. me encanta junjou romantica
    mi opareja ideal
    es *misaki love usagi_sa*
    xau y xcuidense


  16. I love Junjou Romantica its my no. fave yaoi anime!yay!kawaii one


  17. i love thiS anime



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