xxxHOLIC: Kei – 04

Episode 4 – Buying Dreams

In this episode, dreams and reality mix together to form a surreal feeling.
Which parts of what you see are just dreams and which part is actually happening?
Watanuki is suddenly experiencing dreams in the middle of the road without even knowing that he had fallen asleep.
The weirdest of all is that the dream was a mixture of Himawari’s dream and Doumeki’s dream.
And of course, it is Yuuko (and Doumeki’s grandpa) to the rescue!
Trading dreams, buying dreams, having dreams, and reality.
An alternate plane, balloons filled with dreams, strange creatures who collect the balloons, magical arrows and much more.
This is one weird episode that is true to the custom of the mystery filled xxxHOLIC series.

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Alright, my first issue was that with this episode is… why is Watanuki’s eye back to being blue?
It was still gold in the last scene in the previous ep when he met up with Doumeki.

My second issue is that it was a pretty confusing episode (for me at least, could barely understand the jap).
But I love the explanations made in this episode – the way they made some sense out of something that normally would be senseless.
I thought that the episode got kinda tedious in the middle though, when they traded balloons with the strange creature. But the ending of the episode was great and the starting of the ep was so funny.

Overall it was a good episode. Not as high tension as the first few eps of Kei but it was still nonetheless good.

Next issue… I AM ADDICTED TO THE ED SONG! It is probably the first ED song that I am in love with for the Spring season of anime. I love the music in xxxHOLIC, they are always so addictive. I actually prefer the ED song to the OP even though I love Suga Shikao’s songs. The ED just has a fun thing going.

The animation of this episode was great as usual. Typical xxxHOLIC style. I like the use of smoke and the swirls. There was a good amount of funny moments between Doumeki and Watanuki and i thought that the picture at the end was just hilarious! So Doumeki/Watanuki fans would probably be happy watching this episide.

Well, until the next ep….

-ra out! (will edit it after watching the sub version and can understand this ep better)

Episode 5 review

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  1. After the exciting Spider Grudge arc, this was a little on the mellow side. As usual, Watanuki’s antics are hilarious as ever and it was nice to see Doumeki’s grandpa too. With regard to Watanuki’s eye, I think it reverts back to blue for most of the time then turns into Doumeki’s eye color in certain moments only. I think it’ll be further explained in Kohane’s arc coming up. ^^

    LOL, what was up with that magazine? It had quite a bit of screentime. xDDD If I remember correctly, xxxHolic is also published in Young magazine, right?


  2. Lol, a magazine having screen time.. i actually haven’t got a clue as to whether xxxholic was publised in Young magazine, gonna have to check that out.

    I think what you said about Watanuki’s eye is true though, it does revert back and forth.

    And is Kohane ep an arc? I thought ep 5 was a one ep thing, seemed like it ended.. kinda.
    At first i thought that it was going to be an arc thing, but i did not see any sign of Kohane in the preview for the next ep. BUT, the preview did not really say much.. since most of it was spent on the playing mah jong =_=”


  3. Yep! Based on the manga, if I remember correctly, I think the mah jong episode is part of Kohane’s arc as well (it’s a pretty long arc). I’m not sure if they’d do that arc continuously though or if they’d insert some of the chapters where Kohane isn’t present or completely skip those. =)

    I’m also not sure how many episodes Kei will have, some say 13 while some say 26. Either way, I don’t mind since I’m sure to finish it all the way through. xD


  4. ^^ i dont think that it would be such a short season with only 13 eps.
    it should be the regular 26 eps (like the previous season) at least that is what ANN seems to be putting on their website.
    Plus it makes more sense that way. unless they dont have enough material to go on… (i have not read the manga so i have no idea how this anime is progressing and at what rate.)


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