Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 04 (ep 82)

Awwww… bearbees just the cutest thing around????
(I can’t remember what those bearbee things are called so i shall just call them bearbees tentatively)

Episode 4 – Greta and Yuuram

After the incident of Wolfram, things are back to normal in the castle. However, there is a new discovery and they are selling like hotcakes – Yellow mini bearbees.
They are suppose to be a new breed and well, in actual fact they are not.
And being so adorable Greta decides to adopt one of them and name it Yuuram, and thus the name of the episode.
However, there is a mystery behind why these bearbees are not allowed to touch water…. so what happens when one of them actually does

[images contains spoilers]

[click image to enlarge]

I feel so cheated by this episode.
Firstly, I am probably scarred for life after seeing this and can now never see my teddy bears the same way again.
Secondly, you’d think that from this episode’s title that you would be able to see some Yuuri/Wolfram loving. But thats not the case. Afterall, Yuuram is the name of the new mini yellow bearbee that Greta adopted.
Thirdly, this episode has the ability to take you from ‘warm and fuzzy’ heaven to ‘freakish creature rampaging’ hell.

But eventhough I may feel cheated by this ep, there were many good things that happened too.

We get to see Wolfram back to his normal self and torturing Yuuri with getting married.
We now know that there is another villian (so it was not just a filler ep) lurking behind the scenes.
The bearbees were so cute and adorable.
It was an entertaining episode.

For some reason I could never bring myself to dislike a single episode of this anime (as far as i can remember).

This episode is NOT an action episode (if you are watching this anime for action then you are probably watching the wrong anime anyway.), you do get to see Yuuri in his great “Maou-mode” for a good few seconds but that is about it.

Progression of the plot is basically like this (spoiler):
Cute bearbees —> water —> Freakish gremlin like monsters —> attacks people —> back to being dolls

Hopefully, next episode would be less scary.
Episode 5 review

-ra out!

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  1. ok im sending a message about to see if this has an effect on fans and its better than a petition so lets help Yuri and Wolfram get together for real by sending feedback, fanmail and email, not many shounen-ai couples get together anyway so it would be cool if Yuri had strong feelings for Wolfram in the near future if they get lots of feedback then they mite make a series 4 or a movie lets keep them together. send this message across.


    • It would be awesome if they did get together! I mean, this is shounen-ai. Where a boy likes another boy. It’s to be expected that they DO get together!


  2. contact the creaters and ask them if yuri and wolfram can get together for real theres not many shounen-ai coulpes that get together im sure if you say this to them then it mite come true send this message around. i want it to come true.


  3. the first impression was”oh my, gremlins again??”, i have to admit I saw that movie and the sequel when i was like 11 or 12 and I couldn’t sleep for a couple of days. anyway this episode was not exactly what I was expecting, especially because i was all excited about the YUURAM thing (fangirl hopping for more lovely parts), but it doesn`t matter it`s still a good episode.

    I really hope the creators make more yuuri x wolfram moments, and keep the rythm of the anime.

    ps. where can i find some “bearbees”? they look so adorable!! I promisse i will feeed them, hug them and never let them take a shower!!!


  4. TwilightFlower

    By the way, the bearbees are called kumahachi in Japanese, which literally translates to bearbee.

    This episode seemed very out of keeping with the rest of the series to me. Honestly, Kyou Kara Maou is not known to do scary. Even the sand bears and the hell koala thing weren’t really scary. These gremlins things were honestly scary. I have no idea what the creators were thinking when they made this. Yeesh.

    That being said, the Gwendal fan in me loved watching him blush when one of the bearbees flew in his office.


  5. gima: i want one of those bearbees too. but, that is as long as they dont turn nasty.

    Twilightflower: yea, usually kyo kara maou may make something look scary but they are actually the funniest or kindest creatures.
    They should have made this a Halloween special ep instead of a normal ep.

    YEA!!!!! i love that part too! when Gwendal reacted to that bearbee i was laughing nonstop.


  6. TwilightFlower

    Ok, so was anyone besides me wondering what they did with all the glass bearbee dolls?


  7. mmmm, good question…… if it was me i will probably keep them all (mental note “build a bigger room to put them”), but i think yuuri decide to keep one for his mother, other for his brother and a couple more for all his friends in Shin Makoku (gwendal will blush and probably have a nosebleed)


  8. lol, i was wondering, but then after seeing how greta kept hers and the housemaid kept hers too etc… i figured that they either gave it away (FOC) or asked the citizens to come collect from them? Who knows, maybe they are all in Greta’s room for her to play with!! many many yuurams! lol

    gima: LOL. gwendal having a nosebleed over the bears! THAT I WANNA SEE!!! hahaha


  9. TwilightFlower

    Poor Gwendal! He just can’t resist the cute.


  10. yea… poor gwendal… but it is because his personality does not suit his likings that it makes it so adorable to see… lol.. plus he calls his soft toys the weirdest things. lol, they don’t even look like what he calls them. but i am sure that we love him still.


  11. good episode poor Greta I hope we see more Yuram moments lol.


  12. At the end of the episode Gunter orders the guards to gather the bearbees and return them to their owners. (I think that was Gunter’s voice). That would explain why everybody has their bearbee and is being all nostalgic about them.


  13. TwilightFlower

    Ah. Ididn’t catch that bit in the Japanese and haven’t watched the subs for that episode yet.


  14. same here, have not seen that subbed version yet. ^^
    it would have been nice if gwendal actually had gotten a bearbee for himself. haha


  15. Yellow mini bearbees!! So cute! ^_^


  16. hey marc you really want to see wolfram and yuuri together but i feel that may never happen. im a huge BL fan i would love to see them together. but i watched the first season of KKM up to the 40 something episode and only saw 1 moment when yuuri told wolfram he was very cute on the hijacked ship. of course wolfram shows he loves yuuri all the time. but i really dont see hints of yuuri feeling anything more. are there really more moments where yuuri shows wolfram how he feels? if so what episode? what do you think sara?


  17. well, like you said, Yuuri hasn’t really shown much of him liking Wolfram. But there is a change. From the first ep until now, it seems like he is warming up to wolfram. ^^ so that is a good thing.


  18. excellent article. i like this. keep it up.


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