Junjou Romantica – 04

eh? Eh? EH? EEEHHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!?

What happened?! I thought this ep was suppose to be a hiroki/nowaki episode??? (at least that was what the end of the last ep showed.) HUH?!
But instead, we have a Misaki/Usami ep.
Which when you think about it is pretty normal because the writers have been sticking rather closely to the manga. But still…..
Oh well, whatever, it is i love this couple. ^^

Episode 4

Usagi and Misaki are at it once again.
This time standing in their way is Usagi’s publisher, Aikawa.
Why does Aikawa have the key to Usagi’s house and why is she talking to him on such familiar terms, worst of all, why do the both (Usagi and Aikawa) look so good with each other?
Misaki is coming to terms with his feelings for Usagi and Usagi has called a time out on their relationship?
And why is Usagi asking Misaki to stay far away from Aikawa?

[click image to enlarge]

This was a nice episode, probably not my favorite ep as compared to the rest, but still good in all its ‘junjou romantica’-ness glory.

Aikawa’s voice was what I expected it to be, so no complains there.

This episode follows pretty true to the story with just a few changes.
If i am not mistaken, in the manga when Misaki was upset over Usagi he was drinking beer, but in the anime he was eating chocolates that were filled with alcohol. (I think that the chocolate idea suits Misaki more than the beer idea)

The animation is the usual stuff, so nothing to comment on there.

Pigstar’s release the single for the OP song… if you want to listen to it i have uploaded it so you can download it here:

Click here 😛

^_^ I like the OP song, it is just so fun and sweet.

[click image to enlarge]


I like it when Misaki gets all jealous over Usagi, and his confusion over it is just adorable.
The reason as to why Aikawa has the key to the apartment is because Usagi had a habit of overworking and fainting and practically being on the verge of death often.
As such, to prevent from actually dying, Aikawa has the key to enter his place to check up on his progress with his work periodically.
Finally you hear Misaki saying.. “i love you” to Usagi! And what better time it is for him to declare his love than when they are both getting it on. ^^

End of Spoiler

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the bells that sound periodically throughout the anime (and when the dang words pop up) is irritating?
It sounds like a priest is trying to purify the anime or something. =_=”

If the anime follows the manga, the next episode would be Hiroki and Nowaki.
Can’t wait for it to be out!

– Usagi fainted o_O

-ra out!

Episode 5 review


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  1. lol cant wait 2 c this episode. Usaki forever hehe i made that up P.S Yuram forever


  2. LOL, hahaha… usaki forever… interesting… ^^ new nick name for them!


  3. LOL i made up a nickname for Hiroki and Nowaki… hiwaki or hirowaki


  4. lol, hmmmmmmmmm…. HMMMMMMMMMMMM
    hiwaki sounds weird. LOL… it sounds… like some seaweed.. (i know i don’t make sense)
    hirowaki sounds cute!!
    how about.. Noroki? (now it sounds like a girl’s name) ^^


  5. I noticed that in the flashback scene were Misaki thinks about you know what the first second of that is like frosen in the second episode does anyone else notice.


  6. well, chances are that the animators did not just pick the scenes from the previous eps but re-did the animation for that short part.
    because it is a relatively mild yaoi (censorship ratings wise) show they are probably not able to show too much of the you know what stuff (at least not to make it too obvious). 😉


  7. ahh i see so it does’nt really matter, oh but i still think there must be an uncesored version because of episode 3.


  8. i am hoping that there is an uncensored version. ^^v that would be good. i plan on getting the dvd when it comes out. hopefully there are some bonuses in them..


  9. dżemo i dżaba

    We love misaki and usami <333333333


  10. ^^ i love usagiiiii


  11. I love Misaki, Usami, and this episode!!! >//w//<


  12. oooooooooooh…..


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