Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 05 (ep 83)

WOOHOO! it is another episode of Kyou Kara Maou! back in all its full non scary glory!

Episode 5 – Lyra’s Marriage

Lyla is about to get married to King Antoine and things are not looking good.
Love is in the air but the King’s sword is missing and if it is not found, they can’t get married.
This is where our dear Maou Yuuri jumps in to the rescue!
(For Spoiler to the episode refer to TwilightFlower’s comment! (its the 1st comment) Many thanks!)

[click image to enlarge]

While this episode may seem like an utter filler, it is not really that.

Something dark and serious is going on in the behind the scenes but we don’t really know what just yet. All we do find out is that Conrad might be in a sticky situation again and with Big Shimaron again.
(if they do plan on doing something with Conrad again, please don’t let it be a painful arc.)

I liked this episode, even though it might not be filled with a whole lot of weird and funny scenes or Yuuram scenes, i found it pretty entertaining.

By the way, don’t you think Wolfram looks awfully good in the 1st pict (look above)?
I liked the way his eyes looked there.

I thought that the king was quite funny trying to run to the rescue of his beloved fiance, (though in the end he was the one who was rescued by Lyla). One nice thing is that he is no longer the coward king who lacks guts (he still lacks guts) but he is much more stronger now(personality wise).

And of course it is a happy ending with the couple getting married… lets hope that this would happen to Yuuri and Wolfram soon too. ^_^ (but i don’t see that happening T_T)

The animation was alright, the part where Lyla jumps to Antoine’s rescue was nicely done though.

As for Yuuram moments, nothing much, but it does look like Morgif is trying to get the both of them together too. ^^ hehe

-ra out!


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  1. TwilightFlower

    Okay, so there’s a binch of stuff going on in this episode plot-wise. Beware, spoilers abound in this post.

    The thing with Conrad is as follows:
    The cloaked guy tells Conrad that he has the power to make Conrad the king of Big Shimaron. In truth, the Weller family is apparently related to the Belal family so Ocnrad has some claim to the throne. That last bit I found on another blog that had the translations for this episode.

    But here’s the thing: apparently, the seiyuu for the cloaked man is the same as for Daikenja, Murata’s older incarnation. Which explains Murata’s face when he sees the guy. Daikenja shouldn’t be there because he IS Murata. So I’m really lost there.

    And the scene with Morgif is actually him doubting Yuuri’s sword prowess. Wolfram tells Yuuri to stay close to him. Yuuri counters by saying his sword work has been improving. Apparently, Morgif doesn’t agree.

    There is, however, a good Yuuram moment at the end on the episode. When Wolfram sees the wedding cake, he remarks that they should have one at their wedding too. Rather than saying there wouldn’t be a wedding, Yuuri just says, “Let’s tlak about that later,” or something very similar. They’re wearing him down, it seems.

    Also, as a side note, Leila was not supposed to have any contact with her family after the wedding, by Fracshire law. Antoine decided at the end to change that, which explains the breaking of the sword and her mother’s crying when she sees Leila at the reception.

    And Shinou’s in the next episode with the mysterious cloaked Daikenja…


  2. LOL… that is a damn detailed post twilightflower *applauds* ^^

    I thought that the part with Morgif was cute.

    As with the Muruta part.. WTH?? seriously? this is getting weird… hmmm…..

    And as for the yuuram moment at the end… lets hope they wear him down faster. I am surprise that after so long he is still putting up a fight.


  3. Murata’s cool lol Yuram forever.


  4. TwilightFlower

    Someone on the boards I got this info from thought that maybe this new Daikenja is a copy like the bearbees in the last episode. If that is true, then my questions are who the heck is behind this and why?


  5. lol, i have a bad feeling that the person behind all of this is Sara. 😉 who else could it be? =_=”


  6. TwilightFlower

    Yeah, but what would he gain by making Conrad the king of Big Shimaron? Or by making a Daikenja copy?


  7. lol, who knows, i am also wondering about that part.

    i mean, what would *anyone* gain by making conrad the king of big shimaron?
    at the end of the day the only thing conrad is in this anime is human and has the ability to influence Yuuri’s decisions and way of thinking sometimes.

    As for the daikenja copy, that is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you. we might just have to wait and see how it turns out. it does not make any sense to me at all..
    no matter how i try to think of a reason for there to be a copy of the daikenja it all doesn’t add up..


  8. TwilightFlower

    This season of KKM hurts my brain.


  9. LOL, you should relax and just takes it as it comes… there are tonnes of other anime to keep yourself busy with.. try Toshokan Sensou. that is a good anime! ^^ just ignore the fact that they are protecting books.


  10. TwilightFlower

    I’m actually working my way through Fuurin Kazan, a historical drama. It’s pretty interesting, but you have to like battle scenes because there’s a ton of them.


  11. fuurin kazan.. that sounds really familiar for some reason.. what is it about? or who is acting in it?


  12. Wait, it’s good if Conrad becomes king of Big Shimaron, right? Because it automatically makes Big Shimaron a part of the Alliance with Shin Makoku….and with them along, all the smaller resisting countries will probably accede too…Plus it’s just good to have Belal out of the picture. He gives me the creeps.

    Wonder what’s the deal with the Daikenja guy….


  13. well, it would be good for him to become the king of big shimaron, but then Yuuri loses his “protector” and i doubt that Daikenja would have something pleasant in mind by making Conrad the king. Daikenja is most likely out to destroy yuuri or want something out of yuuri. =)


  14. TwilightFlower

    Fuurin Kazan is probably best known by the fangirls because it has Gackt in it. The main character is a ronin with one blind eye and a lame leg that, despite his handicaps wants to become a samurai. He ends up becoming a military strategist to the Takeda clan. It’s a pretty interesting show if you like studying history.

    As to KKM, I don’t know that Conrad is cut out to be a king. He’s a lot happier where he is now. If he became king, I don’t think he could be truly happy. And yeah, Yuuri would lose his guardian, which would make them both unhappy.


  15. yupyup, i agree with you.

    ooo, gackt is in fuurin kazan? no wonder it sounded so familiar.


  16. TwilightFlower

    Yeah, his character is kinda weird. I don’t really know what to make of it. By all the episodes are online on The site has a ton of other dramas as well.


  17. Hope Yuri and Wolfram get together, I looked up something and someone said they are more major hints of Yuram in the novels is this true.


  18. oooooh….just watched ep 83 subbed (from…the wedding cake thing was kinda different…Yuuri didn’t freak out, yes…but he didn’t say “Let’s talk about that later.”…. His eyes grew wide for a sec said “Leaving that aside…Antoine, Lyla, congratulations”…or at least that’s the way it was subbed…
    Daikenja clone is scAry….


  19. TwilightFlower

    That’s the way it was subbed but not quite how it was said.


  20. TwilightFlower

    Ok, so I just watched the next episode subbed. From the looks of things, they’re going to draw this fake Daikenja business out. And Sara is making his first appearance in the season itself. It’s a great episode and can be found on Veoh.


  21. oh. Yeah, I wondered if that was it. Thanks!


  22. @ Marc

    I have also heard the novel drops a lot more Yuram hints, and that its fairly obvious that Yuuri becomes attracted to Wolfram. I wish somone could confirm this as it would make my fangirl life. Wolfram and Yuuri are my KyoKaraMaoh OTP T____T I love them soooo much


  23. Hi everyone. I am a big KKM fangirl myself …….. almost broke my heart at the end of season 2 when it looked like Yuuri wouldn’t be able to come back to the demon Kingdom and poor Wolfie was crying ……….I just wanted to give him a big hug and smack Yuuri upside the head for leaving Wolfie like that. I am sure that Jennifer (Yuuri’s Mom) would have done the same thing … that was just plain WRONG of Yurri!!

    I have two questions of this thread is still active ……

    1. Has anyone heard if KKM season 3 will ever be english dubbed? I will watch the subbed but not to hear the sweet but bratty Wolfie voice I’m so use to will just not be the same 😦

    2. Does anyone know at what point in the manga’s that picks up where season 2 ends. Since it appears there is more wolfram/yuuri in the manga and it’s in english I am thinking about starting to read them but have already gotten thru all of season 2 in the anime so I want to make sure I pick up in the right manga volume.

    Thanks all 🙂



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