xxxHOLIC: Kei 05

Episode 05 – Affinity-Kohane

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This episode revolves around a girl called Kohane. To sum it up, she has a special ability and is a celebrity. And just like many child celebs, she is famous and lacks love. Anyway, that is not the point. Watanuki meets her and they basically become friends.

Major thing we learnt about Kohane – Her mother is an money grabbing pig and Kohane is a lonely child.

I don’t really like this episode. I got bored of it. Firstly, the storyline was not the usual mystical storyline where Yuko enlightens us with some deep insight on life. Secondly, it seems pretty pointless.
The only thing about this episode that i like about it would be the fact that we find out that Doumeki is able to see what Watanuki sees through the half eye. (though not all the time)
Well, that and the fact that you are able to see Doumeki and Watanuki together on more familiar terms.

Even humor is missing in this episode.

Honestly… I have no idea what the animators were thinking when they did this ep. =_=

I pray that the next ep would be better.

-ra out

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  1. Anime girls check this out


  2. Actually, I think they handled it better in the manga, and if this season is following the manga more closely than the previous season, Kohane is actually very important. But yeah… I still think the manga is better…


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