Soul Eater – 05 – Soul’s Form

Episode 5 – Soul’s Form ~ Strongest Meister Stein’s Entrance?

Continuing from the previous episode, Maka and Black Star are still continuing in their battle to pass the test. However, unlike their previous opponent, Dr Franken is on a different scale (abilites wise). This episode mainly focuses on the battle between Dr Franken, Maka and Black Star with the occasional moments of Death the Kid, Shinigami-sama and Maka’s dad.

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Episode (contains spoilers)

Maka and Black Star are in a bit of a jam. It is obvious that neither of them is able to win Dr Franken as he is just too powerful. And even though their techniques and powers are strong, all their blows do not seem to have an effect on Dr Franken.
We get to see a slight bit on the past relationship between Dr Franken and Maka’s dad. Apparently, there was a time where the Dr decided to operate and cut open Maka’s dad.
After seeing Maka and Black Star beaten and in dire conditions, Death the Kid *attempted* to go to the rescue of Maka and Black Star and Shinigami-sama tries to stop him but he still continued to insist on making the trip. Note that the operative word is attemped. He ends up becoming his usually obsessive self and ends up never making the trip. =_=”
However, there is no need to fret for the safety of Maka and Black Star. Although Maka and Soul’s super combined move did not work out (all they managed to do was break the glasses of the Dr), the twist in the end was that Dr Franken was part of the test. He was working under the Shinigami-sama’s order. Naturally, both Maka and Black Star passed the test.
The episode ends with Dr Franken being the new teacher in their class. o_O
P.S: Their zombified teacher was in on it too, and was never a zombie to begin with.

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I liked this episde a whole lot better than the previous one. The previous episode moved at a slower pace than what i would have liked. There is one thing that I have realised about this anime and that is that every episode seems pretty much episodic. Even though they do link up or continue over a few episodes, they try to wrap up one situation in each episode without diving too much into the next episode.

I was pretty surprise with the twist though and I liked the way that this was scripted. They had never stated that Dr Franken was evil but it seemed natural to jump to that conclusion. Hopefully, the rest of the anime would have moments that can surprise the audience and not remain stale.

Even after this episode I am still not a big fan of this series’ plot. It all seems a bit too shounen with nothing special or different. The only thing that is keeping me watching every episode is the fact that it is fun to watch and the characters are entertaining. Though it does bug me that the main characters are Maka and Soul. I would much rather have either Death the Kid or Black Star as the main as they are much more entertaining to watch and their voice actors are better. (i still cant get use to the voice actress of Maka, it bores me.)

Overall, it was a relatively good episode, it did not leave me jumping up and down with excitement or laughing until my stomach hurts, but it was entertaining to watch. At least the plot is progressing, hopefully it would continue to get better.


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  1. same here….but actually i judge him from the opening…..he looks kinda evil in the OP ^_^


  2. lol, yup! the screw in his head does not help either. ^^


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