Junjou Romantica – 05

Episode 5 – Meeting Is the Beginning of Parting

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(Contains Episode Spoilers)

We are back to focusing on the love life of our second pair – HiroXNowaki
It is now six years after they got together and currently in the present time.
Nowaki has just returned from the US and had asked Hiroki to meet him at the airport.
As usual, Nowaki is just going through Hiroki’s life like a typhoon, turning Hiroki’s emotions into a huge mess.
Hiroki, having not heard about Nowaki going to the US in the first place and suddenly being instructed to meet Nowaki goes to the airport and is pissed so he decides to kick Nowki on the head upon seeing him.
After which Nowaki goes to Hiroki’s house, they made up and slept.
Hiroki tells Nowaki that he became assistant professor during the year that they spent apart. This information seems to have shocked Nowaki.
The next morning, Nowaki leaves the place leaving a note for Hiroki saying that he has left. This leaves a confused and irritated Hiroki wondering just where their relationship is going.
Hiroki starts to wonder about what is going on between them, and he is starting to feel tired of it all.
The next day, Nowaki finds a postcard from Hiroki saying that its over.
Hiroki had off his handphone, moved house, and is trying to put Nowaki out of his life.
Nowaki goes to find Hiroki at the school and starts to question and apologize.
But at the end, it all seemed futile because Hiroki is so hell bent on locking Nowaki out of his life.
The episode ends with Nowaki leaving the school but just as he leaves he sees a guy(professor) calling Hiroki “my sweet honey”.
Is this the end for our dear couple?

Bonus mini-ep after ED song

There is a bonus mini-ep after the ED song featuring Usagi and Misaki.
It was such a heart lifter. It was light hearted and funny and very Usaki (nickname for usagiXmisaki pair, shall use this from now on) like.
Basically, Misaki had accidentally spilled Udon soup all over Suzuki-san and he apologized to Usagi and said that he would do anything…. (uh-oh!)
What happens? Misaki will have to be the substitute for Suzuki-san until he is out of the cleaners. LOL. poor kiddo.

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This is not a fun episode.

New character introduction! The professor! One of the characters from our third couple – Professor You Miyagi. He is the one whom Hiroki is the assistant professor to.

Oh my god, it was such a heartbreaking episode. There were moments where I felt like crying and my heart was breaking for them. Especially when you know the reasons behind their actions. T_T

From the beginning of the episode all the way to the end before the ED song, it was a roller coaster of emotions. The turmoil that the characters faced and the circumstances just made this episode such a sad episode to watch. There is just something charming about this couple, their situations, they love, it is much more mature but yet at the same time not.

There is nothing fantastic about the animation but I just love the character designs for this anime. The way they drew the hair and hands and everything, there is just something nice about it.

While the music was really nice in this episode, towards the end of the episode during which Hiroki and Nowaki is arguing at the uni, there was a slightly rockish guitar background. The music was nice and I loved it but it just did not really blend it with the mood for the scene at certain times.

This episode has pretty much followed the manga faithfully. However, people who have yet to read the manga would side with Hiroki and think that Nowaki is sort of an ass. (Honestly, go read the manga, the reasons behind their actions just makes it so sweet and oh-so-very human)

I am now waiting eagerly for the next episode.
If you ever thought that there were no serious or emotional episodes in Junjou, you have been proven wrong by this ep. =)

-ra out!

Episode 6 Review


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  1. Hmm… From what you say, it sounds good… I hope that they would put it in the anime…


  2. thank you so much for giving me a summary. im addicted to this anime but i cant speak japanese so thanks again and please continue with other episodes.


  3. you’re welcome. ^^


  4. thanks for your episode summary. i been looking for ep 5 since the 8th of may and just manage to get hold of it yesterday evening on veoh. however, even after watching it 3 times i could not understand the plot very well because it was in Japanese. your summary helped explain the episode so much better as i was confused on how hiro san moved so quickly from a student to an assistant and how much their relationship had progressed- well it had been 6 years. it’s a shame to find they are on and off though.
    excellent review/summary from you. keep up the good work please.


  5. junjou romantica episode 6 just came out today. please write a summary asap. this anime is like crack to me and i need my fix. arigatou gozaimasu! hey isnt nowaki sexy when he’s agry?


  6. lol, yes he is hot!
    i cant seem to find ep 6 though. i know that i saw one on torrent and got it but it was a bluff, it was just ep 5 instead.
    where did you find ep 6?

    btw, watching junjou has become a ritual for me already. ^^ i love this anime.


  7. wanderful story


  8. nice story!!! junjou romantica lovers…yaoi lovers^^


  9. this anime is great…..when i first watch it, i told myself this anime is great!!!!


  10. me encanta esta anime de junjou romanctica!!!!
    me encanta esta anime de junjou romanctica!!!!
    me encanta esta anime de junjou romanctica!!!!
    me encanta esta anime de junjou romanctica!!!!


  11. ah! I love Nowaki!! >u< He's so cute!!!!


  12. i lvd this anime, i couldn’t believe something lik this cld be so gud. I give this a 5/5.


  13. i hve watched all the episodes including the second season and i though tht everybody should watch it. actually to tell the truth i hve watched this anime twice nw.lol. watch its great. i watched it at http://www.animeseason.com


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