Zettai Kareshi 03

This episode of Zettai Kareshi does kinda go back somewhat to the manga.

Okay, that probably does not make sense. Well this episode does resemble the manga a little. A little being the operative word.

Night X Riko

Basically, Riko has now bought Night (and i still cant stand the dude, i actually dislike him more with each episode) and now she would have to pay for it for the next 70 years of her life.
While some emotional development can be seen in Night’s characte (jealousy), he is still pretty much as still as a wooden board when it comes to being human. The guy just does not know how to behave like one, which is naturally since he isn’t one, but you would think that if they were planning on following the manga, he would have seemed more human. Oh what am i talking about, of course they do not plan on following the manga.
Night follows Riko where ever she goes and even when applying for jobs he applies at the same place that she does. Reason? He wants to be with Riko 24/7. It is sweet, if it weren’t so stalker-ish.

Soshi X Riko

Alright, Soshi and Riko’s relationship is also developing in this episode.
Soshi has manage to gain Riko’s respect in this episode. Well, she no longer thinks that he is the irresponsible fellow that she thought he was. How did this happens?
Well, it is all thanks to the cream puff. Riko help Soshi make cream puffs to be sold as the new product for the company, but it was rejected. Soshi then took initiative and went down to one store where he knew the store manager(an old friend) and persuaded him to put 50 cream puffs for sale. Their plan was found out by Soshi’s brother and the brother threw a fit saying that he wanted to fire the store manager. (i hate the brother now) Soshi then says that it is all his fault and no one else (like a typical hero). This got Riko thinking that Soshi does know about responsibility.
The character development in Soshi was a nice surprise and a good thing. Hopefully he breaks out of the whole playboy thing and get serious soon.

OMG parts

The robot is so expensive – 100 million yen. o_O

Night gets kissed and now he likes Riko’s best friend? WTH (well this part resembles the manga, the kissing part only, not the person nor the situation under which he was kissed)
You would think that if technology was so advance, he would have had a better reset button other than a kiss. That is pretty sad.


Overall, it was an alright episode, but i am not feeling the urge to want more. Eventhough the episode ended on a cliff hanger, I felt that there is something missing among the characters, I just don’t feel the chemistry between them.

-ra out (sorry for such a late post)


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