Junjou Romantica – 06

Episode 6


(Contains Spoilers)

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Picking off from where last episode left off.
Nowaki had asked Hiro to meet him outside the family restaurant where they usually hang out at.
This time, Hiroki is dead set on making it known to Nokaki that it is over between them, however, for some reason he ended up arriving an hour earlier than the appointed time. And so he starts to wait for him while thinking about things.
Nowaki on the other hand is having bad luck. The doctor that had looked after Nowaki while he was in the States has decided to come down for a visit. As such, Nowaki was dragged by his professor to pick the doctor up at the airport. And the bad luck continues. The arrival of the flight was delayed and Nowaki was running late as it was. Finally when he decided that he had to leave the plane of the doctor lands and he ends up having to stay.
While Hiroki is waiting patiently, his thoughts are starting to get more and more depressing. He attempts to call Nowaki but all he got was line that could not be reached. Why? Nowaki was in the subway when Hiroki called.
By 9pm, Hiroki is getting tired of waiting and it suddenly starts to rain. This is when we see a defeated Hiroki walking away in the rain thinking that the absence of Nowaki was Nowaki’s answer to their relationship. Of course like in all good romance stories, you have to have that moment. The moment where they were so close yet so far. Just as Hiroki walks away in the rain, Nowaki comes running and he passes him without knowing it.
Hiroki instead of going back home decides upon going back to school, this is where he bumps into the Professor that he worked with. And all of a sudden Professor Miyagi starts to hug him from behind and leans in for a kiss.
This is where the climax of the episode is. Just as Miyagi is about to kiss Hiro, Nowaki comes charging in and pins Miyagi to the wall and hits Miyagi. This is probably the first time we have seen such an agitated Nowaki.
Hiro defends Miyagi and gets dragged away by Nowaki to the library.
This is where Nowaki spills his guts about how he felt. How he felt like he could not compare to Hiro and that there always existed the age gap between them. He felt inferior to Hiro and wanted to work hard to catch up to Hiro and that was why he went for the exchange in the States. When he came back certain of himself, he finds out that Hiro has risen onces again and has became the assistant professor thus widening the gap between them.
This is the first time Hiro is hearing all of this and he gets emotional and starts to cry while confessing his love for Nowaki.
They had ‘fun’ in the library and Nowaki ends up moving in with Hiro.
During the moving in, Hiro finds a bag containing letters written to him by Nowaki but never sent. Nowaki tells him about how he felt like sending the letters but could not because he knew that if he did he would have wanted to go back home (awww…how sweet). Hiro gets all embarrass and cute saying that he wants to keep all the letters, of course Nowaki gets all shy and says that he wanted to throw the letters away. And they argue (in a cute way). ^^

Mini-ep after ED song

When did Nowaki told Hiro about leaving for the US? This is explained. During one of their dates Nowaki brought it up saying that he was undecided as to whether he should go for the program and Hiro said that if it were him he would go. And Nowaki made up his mind then and there. Hiro? He totally forgot about it because he was so busy with his thesis and work. =_=” LOL

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I like the starting picture for this week~ the cute panda with the black BG! ^.^

It was a sweet ep towards the end. The first part was pretty sad and painful to watch with the hit and miss moments between them. Nowaki just has the worst luck and timing sometimes.

But the scene when Nowaki gets angry is really hot. You can see why Nowaki is the “guy” in the relationship.

The animation was so nice. It was the usual junjou style for there is something about that style that can get you all emotional and affected. When the characters interact there is this chemistry that happens between them.

Does anyone wonder why Miyagi never told Hiro about the message that Nowki had left behind during the call?

The empty look that Hiro had in his eyes was probably the most heart breaking scene in the episode. The defeated and lost look. It is obvious how much he still loved Nowaki.

Professor Miyagi is… funny. lol. He bullies Hiro all the time. I can’t wait to see Terrorist (though i don’t really like it). I just want to see Miyagi get Terrorized by Shinobu.

I miss MIsaki X Usami pair!! I cant wait for something more lighthearted. But I love the second couple too, it is not as light hearted as the Usaki pair but the seriousness has a certain charm to it as well.

I wonder how others found this episode? Was it too melodramatic? Or was it just the sweetest? ^^

I vote for sweet!

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The bowl of noodles is making me hungry!!! T_T I bet Nowaki cooked it.

-ra out!

Episode 7 review

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  1. this episode was totally sweet. i prefer egoist rather than the misaki x usami pair. relationships are not all happy happy joy joy all the time. there are going to be problems as long as you can work through them you’ll last forever. as for miyagi he totally wants hiroki thats why he didnt give him the phone message. hey you ever wonder why usami choose to notice that misaki liked him but was totally oblivious to hiroki’s love for him even though he offered himself. i think that why i dont like the misaki X usami pair. usami totally dissed hiroki. but it ended up alright because in the end hiroki got to meet nowaki who is absolutely fabulous. keep the summaries coming!


  2. lol, i thnk it is not that he(usami) is oblivious to hiroki’s affections. but rather he ignores it. I mean, if he said no to hiroki straight to his face, chances are that the friendship would not last. And since they have been friends since they were kids, it would be a sad thing.
    And yeah, it seems like Miyagi totally wants Hiro. But i can’t seem to muster up the hate for Miyagi when he did not pass the message to Hiro. It just seemed like rather than him purposely withholding that information, he sort of forgot about it. He was going to tell Hiro and then he started thinking about something else, and then the next thing you know he forgot about it. =_=”
    i love the usaki pair!! they are so adorable. but like you said, not all relationships are sweet and fun. I agree. I love the Junjou couples! they are so sweeeeeeeet! (shall stop my fangirl mode before i scare others)


  3. This episode is so kawaii… Although along the way it was really, really heartbreaking, but i’m glad alls well ends well… Thanks for your summary though, since I don’t understand much japanese, but still I’m glad you did the reviews though. Thank youu very much, arigarto gousaimas… hope i din get the spelling wrong… 😀 Gan-ba-te-nae!!!!


  4. tricksterfan

    Whered you guys see this episode? I have to watch it on the net though. Can someone tell me where I can find this online?


  5. u can find the episode on youtube lots of AMV’s as well. Yuram vids hehe keep KKM reviews coming Junjo Romantica and KKM are da best.


  6. marc: lol, i will keep the KKM reviews coming.. it is just that right now it is the final weeks at uni and all the work is starting to pile up. ^^! but i will get down to it!


  7. I love the drama in this episode and the voice acting was superbly heartbreaking to say the least X3 Lovely, lovely series!

    I think Miyagi didn’t really mean to withhold the information. He was probably still considering whether to tell Hiroki when the poor guy came into the room black-faced LOL~ so he retreated and then conveniently forgot about it. Ah~ Nowaki is so endearing… *sighs* There’s also something about his voice that makes me develop a serious crush on him.

    Anyway, can’t wait for the UsamixMisaki pair in the next episode XD *happily fangirls after Sakupyon*


  8. did you read the letter that nowaki wrote at the end of episode 6? nowaki always say the most sweet, romantic, and embarrasing things that i almost jumped out the window from excitement. whats your sweetest and funniest junjou moment?
    my sweetest moment is when nowaki confessed and he said “if youve always been the one loving then from now on its your turn to be loved by me”. my funniest moment is when nowaki pats hiroki on on head and tells him hes cute. and hiroki says dont look down on me like that… you piss me off


  9. lol, i saw the part with the letters. it was so cute!!!
    the cutest moment for me is when nowaki hugged hiro from the back when hiro was hugging all those letters.(i screen capped it) it was so adorable!
    as for sweetest moment. The NowaXHiro pair has plently of sweet moments. but the one that you quoted was probably the best.
    i can’t wait for the next ep! ^^
    as for funniest moments, i would say that watching the Usaki pair wins it with the funniest moments.


  10. Eng subtitled HQ versions of the episodes are available at http://www.aarinfantasy.com/forum =) I love this anime soooo much!!


  11. I so ended up watching this episode about 3 or 4 times it was just so good i liked the part where nowaki is chasing hiroki in the school and they end up in the library


  12. save in rss channel


  13. Dude, the second pair? My favorite. I love Hiroki and yeah, they break my heart, but…so cute :3


  14. This is one of my favorite episodes in season 1.

    Key Moments that i liked:

    1. When Hiroki had the impression that he was stood up and went back to the university. it was definitely heartbreaking to see Hiroki in tears T-T…

    2. When Nowaki went off in a jealous rage. That was sooo hot. *deviant smile*

    3. When Hiroki and Nowaki made up in the library. That scene was so intense. The dialogue alone made me cry. “No matter how much I hurt him or get hurt by him… I find myself far from hating him, actually hoping that these wounds would scar, like burns because then you could never forget me. And you will never, ever be able to leave my side. Loving someone so madly and helplessly like this… I will never love like this again” 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 Oh, its like Clannad: After Story again.


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