Junjou Romantica – 07

After the heart wretching 2 ep arc of Junjou Egoist , we are once again back to Junjou Romantica!

Yes! our beloved UsamiXMisaki couple.

Episode 7 – Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child

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The episode starts off showing us that misaki and usami are entering the next stage of their relationship; becoming a couple.
Usami requests octopus-like sausages for breakfast because he has never had it before and he pouts when Misaki refused to make them for him saying that it was something for kids only.
This is when Aikawa makes a comment on what a cute couple they make.
This is when Misaki goes into panic mode deciding whether he and Usagi are a couple.
Usagi then suggest that they go on a date since it seemed like that was what Misaki wanted.

The Date
First stop is the ocean (we dont see it though)
Misaki felt that Usagi did not have to go through all the trouble for a date, afterall it was only with him(Misaki). This is when Usagi replies saying… “it is because it is you” (awwwwwwwww!!! kyaaaa~)
Then it is dinner at an expensive high-class restaurant. Misaki is all suited-up (Usagi bought it for him) and have beef with Usagi. They chat and they are enjoying themselves. Of course Misaki feels a little out of place at such a restaurant.
Misaki talks about wanting to learn english and was thinking of getting Usagi to teach him, then they started talking about going to England. Misaki is all happy of course but he realised that well, he did not have the cash to go. This is when Usagi said; not to worry about it because he would pay for it, as long as he is with Misaki he is happy. (aawwww!!)
And then they were interrupted by one of the managing director(?), Ryuuichiro Isaka, at the publishing company that Usagi is with.
Apparently he is childhood friends with Usagi’s older brother and he has known Usagi since he was a kid. Isaka continues to go on and on about Usagi’s past – a past that everyone except Misaki knows about.
Misaki starts to get a bit depressed because he felt like he was the only one who did not know anything about Usagi’s past.
Usagi notices it and puts a stop to Isaka’s talking.
Their next stop for their date is in a ferris wheel. They are sitting down and Misaki expresses his dislike for Isaka and says that Isaka knew that Misaki did not know all those things about Usagi and yet he rubbed it in his(Misaki’s) face.
Usagi starts to laugh and says “you’re jealous”.
Of course they have a nice moment there and they finished the night with some fun back at Usagi’s apartment.
The next morning, just when everything seems to be getting better and Misaki looks like he is about to burst out with a declaration of his love for Usagi, Aikawa starts going fangirl mode after reading the latest manuscript and this got Misaki curious.
Of course the manuscript was inspired by the date from the previous night, their ferris wheel part of the date in particular.
And all thoughts of love goes out the window and is replaced with the classic Junjou Romantica urge of Misaki to leave Usagi’s place! ^^v

After the ED song

Takahiro is moving back and Misaki is moving out of Usagi’s place?! (Yes, a cliffhanger) T_T

[click image to enlarge]


While this couple did not have the hotness and steaminess of the Junjou Egoist couple, Usaki has its charms.

It was a fun episode to watch. Unlike the previous Usaki eps where it gets pretty funny and over exaggerated at parts, this episode is more mellow.

Usami is utterly adorable in this episode and such a sweetie. All the things he does in preperation for their date, and the whole ‘wanting to be loved by Misaki’ is just so adorable.

I am not a fan of the still image thing that they had going during Misaki’s paranoia as to whether he and Usagi were a couple. It was cute but it would have been cuter if there was some movement in it.

Overall, it was an entertaining episode, but it might seem a bit too mellow for some after the high tension of the previous episode.
But then again, people might like this slower and more romantic pace in this ep.

True to the title, Misaki got really spoilt this ep 😉

i think Usagi looked really cute when he was laughing at Misaki in the ferris wheel

-ra out!

Episode 8 Summary

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  1. lol thanks i’ve been waiting on this episode review all day cant wait till the sub come out yup.


  2. dosent misaki look like hiroki but with green eyes instead of brown? and usagi and nowaki have the same hairstyle and face but different eyes and hair color. that thing where misaki talks to himself and everyone looks at him is hiliarious, i do it all the time. i hate the love scenes in junjo romantica. its like a big tease. if your going to shonen ai. be shonen ai all the way. if your going to be yaoi. be yaoi all the way. you know what i mean?


  3. Okyakusan: lol, i know what you mean, but they cant get too explicit because it is not suppose to be an Mature rated show.

    as for misaki and hiroki and how they look alike. i agree they do look alike, but their personalities are different and their backgrounds are different too, so i dont have anything against it.

    marc: i can’t wait for the subs to be out too! ^^v


  4. psshh…sure it’s not an M rated show…but they should at least make one of the 24 shows M rated, y’know? ;D kinda like Maburaho…it’s normally pg or pg-13, but 2 episodes are M rated.


  5. can u tell me if the x rated scene is not still images like previous episodes, and i saw the preveiw for episode 8 and my fav scene from the manga the train scene looks like they kept the steamy scene lol.


  6. Does anyone know when the subbed version of ep 7 comes out?


  7. lol, if possible, i think the x rated scene is even more rated than the usual. you dont really see much and heck, it really isn’t much. it is not what i could call still but like i said, you dont see much.

    as for when the sub version for 7 is out.. it out already ^^v


  8. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Currier!


  9. hehe, misaki is just beyond cute. >u<


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