Real life bishie?

have you guys seen real life bishies?

a friend showed me a link to a bishie that she saw on Deviant art…


what do you guys think about it?

oh my gawd. the guy is hot right? (he looks like a bishie manga character)

-ra out!


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Posted on May 23, 2008, in Randomness. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. o.

    You should see his gallery…


  2. kyahh! one bishie is morimoto ryuutaro 13 yrs old. same bday as my friend sephora who owns the website for anime! check it out. born on the same day no frickin lie! BISHIES!!!


  3. shuichisgirl~

    yeah ive seen some real life bishies just waking down the street!!!! I saw them and was like O///O


  4. Nice subject great exececution on your site


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