Junjou Romantica – 08

Kyaaa!!!! I love Usagi!! he is so adorable!!! Misaki is so cuteeeee tooo!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^
*blasting kimi=hana on my speakers right now (it is 7am here, i think i might wake the neighbors up)*

Episode 8 – Away From Home, One Need To Feel No Shame


Misaki has been told that his brother is returning to tokyo for work once again and he has to move out of Usagi’s house.

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-spoilers ahead-

Misaki of course does not want to do so but for some reason Usagi is asking him to move back and is saying that he has no problem with it.
But in a moment of weakness, we see Usagi’s tormented face when facing Misaki. Obviously Usagi does care, the question is why he is not asking Misaki to stay?
Misaki decides to go to Osaka to pay his brother a visit and get some souveniers.
While having dinner with the newlywed couple, Misaki feels all warm and happy and feels like he is part of a warm family.
Back at home though Usagi is reliving his phone conversation with Takahiro. We find out that Usagi really does not want Misaki to leave but Takashiro is saying that he wants Misaki to get a feel of what it is like to be part of a warm family because their parents had died when Misaki was still young. Takahiro says that Usagi is unable to give Misaki that. (poor usagi)
Back in the household of Takahiro, Misaki is angry because everyone keeps saying that Usagi is tough to live with, so he decides to take a walk while contemplating Usagi’s personality.
This is where his monologue-breakdown starts. He realises that Usagi really is a horrible person to live with =_=”

Cut to the train station and Misaki is about to return home. He decides to give Usagi a call and he starts to talk to Usagi. Misaki really wants to stay at Usagi’s house, but he does not want to impose. Plucking up all his courage he asks if he could leave some stuff at Usagi’s house, Usagi is shocked to hear that and does not reply, Misaki then immediately says that he was joking and will leave ASAP. Usagi realizing that if he did not do anything there and there he would lose Misaki, decides to go to Osaka to meet Misaki.

Usagi and Misaki meets and they reunite and rush off to another train. Had a night of passion and they end up in Sopporo? ^^??
Confused, Misaki asks Usagi and Usagi says that this is a birthday present for Misaki.

Misaki and Usagi enjoys their time together.

[click image to enlarge]


This episode was a pretty serious episode, but with a few laughters inserted here and there.

Perhaps it was suppose to be a heartbreaking episode, for a UsaXMisa story it is rather heartbreaking, but it can’t compare to the gut wrenching episode of the previous HiroXNowa arc. This episode still had a few moments that were very Usaki like. For instance, Misaki’s internal monologue with himself, plus he seems to have this fascination with talking to himself on the street and picking apart his relationship with Usagi and freaking out after that. LOL.

The animation is nice and this episode moved rather fast. Alot of things happened in this episode, but at the same time you don’t feel that it is rushed. I am hoping that the next ep is a HiroXNowa ep. ^^

This episode stayed pretty true to the manga (maybe except for the part in Sopporo, that part was rushed, but within reason).

I realized one thing, the VA for Misaki (Takahiro Sakurai) can get really feminine at times. Like when Misaki was on the telephone with Usagi in Osaka by the train.

[click image to enlarge]

After the last few weeks of final submissions and exams i am finally going to have time to watch anime again. \(^_^)/ yay! But then again, i would be going back to Singapore in a week and will be there for a month so i probably would not have time to blog. =_=” Well, hopefully i would be able to find the time to continue blogging about junjou. If not then… see you guys in a month i guess. 😛

-ra out!

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  1. Yeah lol brilliant review u the best cant wait till it comes out sub.


  2. wheres episode 8?


  3. Okyakusan: hmm, the raw if out already, but the sub version is not out yet.
    you can find the raw at nyaatorrents.org ^^

    Marc: i hope the subs come out soon too!! ^^ it is always better to watch the subbed version.


  4. thank you for the site sara. i feel the misakixusagi pair is the total opposite of the hirokixnowaki pair. misaki and usagi play a lot of mind games and ask stupid questions like when misaki was wondering if he and usagi were a couple. hell ya your a couple that shouldnt even be a episode! the nowakixhiroki pair is my favorite because there like real people. hiroki not afraid to curse nowaki out and say how they feel immediatly.did you see the preview for episode 9?it seems its a flashback of usagi and hiroki when they were children. i think. whoever those kids were it was cute when they kissed.i cant wait to get back to the nowakixhiroki pair or terrorist. i need the drama. the hopeless romantic shit or im just not fulfilled.but i must say the love scenes seem to be getting hotter and steamier by the episode.thanks for the summary i dont think i would of got it without you. enjoy your trip and come back refueled to write more summaries.


  5. lol, yeah i agree that the writers must have heard your protests about the scenes not being steamy enough because this ep was a step up from the last ep! ^^ (hotness wise)

    i think the kids was usagi and hiroki when they were younger. ^^ and they were so cute!! i can’t believe that they have a whole ep dedicated to them when they were younger!!! i can’t wait for it!! ^^

    and i understand what you mean about needing the drama of nowaXhiro, their love is so much more steamier than usaxmisa but i love them both. both have their good points =D

    and thanks, i will enjoy my trip, hopefully! ^^




  7. I still think there is a Director’s cut mybe on the dvd can anyone find the DVD i know there must be an uncensored version that is not the on air version im sure because of the flashbacks and the text screens look closely and you’ll figure it out plus the trailers.


  8. marc:i wouldn’t be surprise if there is. i don’t think the dvd would be out until july though.


    frN: ep 8 is out already, aarinfantasy released it around 12 hours ago. ^^


  9. I really wanna buy the DVD!
    This is probably been one of the best BL anime since Gravitation.
    I’d really love to see more of it!

    So does anyone know if the DVD will be released soon ?
    & If so does it have episodes 1-12?


  10. well, the dvd is supposed to be realeased this month on the 25 and it contains only the first 2 eps (if i am not wrong) =_= the upside is that there will be freebies with the dvd. ^^v


  11. Fyi There are 6 DvD volumes out of the first season, and season 2 will be airing in October between the first two weeks as another anime series season 2 ((vampire kngiht)) is being released. If your looking to buy the dvd’s then go to play-aisia.com they are brilliant for it ((already got mine)) best thing is there i no shadowed parts if you know what i mean ((insert misaki and usagi train journey)) Hope this bit of info helps you and aarinfantasy and veoh.com are the best places to get the dubbeds. But buy the DVD’s well worth it =x


  12. I LOve this anime!! ^^ i hope it’s going to have a 3the season!!! cause i’m addicted too junjou romantica XD i love the couples! and i hope were going to see more of the 3th couple (don’t know there names -_-) PLZ support the anime! so they can make new eps! xoxo gossip girl… (from the serie on tv XD weird..O_o)


  13. Can anyone tell me what they thought Usagi-san said to Misaki on the train that was “embarrassing”? Where Misaki is all “HoeMahGAWD stop taaaaalking” What do you think Usagi-san said to him?


  14. 雪 (YUKI) *

    This was a pretty awesome episode I really loved it. I kinda cried at the end. It was really cute. I used to love episode 07 but now…… I LOVE EPISODE 08!!!!!

    Junjou Romantica Forever ^^ X♥

    これは私が実際にそれを愛したかなり驚くばかりのエピソードだった。 私は端にちょっと叫んだ。 それは実際にかわいかった。 私はのが常であったエピソード07を愛する今…… 私はエピソード08を!!!愛する!!

    永久に純情ロマン地下の ^^ X♥


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