Junjou Romantica – 10

Finally the appearance of our last couple! The terrorist couple.
I have to say that the name is very fitting. Afterall, Shinobu practically terrorizes Miyagi.

Episode 10


[click image to enlarge]

Alright, so this is what this episode is about…

  • The ep starts off with Shinobu at a cafe with Miyagi chatting over a cup of coffee. But lets just say that it feels more like an interrogation or a business meeting than chatting.
  • We find out that Shinobu has just came back from studying overseas in Australia and he his main reason for returning is to confess his undying love for dear Miyagi.
    For some reason it feels like Shinobu is more mature than Miyagi in their behaviour, it could be beacuse of Shinobu’s serious attitude.
  • Why confess only now? Because Miyagi was married to Shinobu’s sister and only recently gotten divorce.
    So a happy Shinobu goes back to Japan thinking it is all fate.
  • How did they know each other? Miyagi had once saved Shinobu from a bunch of bullies and Shinobu was all ga-ga over him (sort of) only to find out they were both rushing to the same place (a hotel) for the same meeting… to introduce both familes to one another…. (basically he found out at that meeting that Miyagi is his brother-in-law. poor kid, can someone say shattered dreams?) So his hopes and dreams are shattered and he is shocked. o_O can’t blame the kid right?
  • While Shinobu is back in Japan, he is living with Miyagi because his sister is living with her boyfriend.
    Miyagi is *very* reluctant to let Shinobu stay with him but after much persuasion and begging from the Shinobu’s dad (who also happens to be Miyagi’s boss) he reluctantly gives in. (p.s. Hiroki is now stuck with a bunch of work that Miyagi can’t get done due to babysitting Shinobu.. poor thing)
  • While living together Shinobu cooks, and his dishes are made from using cabbage! =_= lol, the sight was funny though. The way Shinobu cooked was pretty fun to watch too.
  • Hiroki makes a cameo in this episode as well, and Miyagi is bullying him, as usual.
  • Back at home, Shinobu sits down with Miyagi to chat and he told Miyagi that he plans on going to M uni and studying lit in Miyagi’s department. Miyagi is slightly pleased to hear this and questions Shinobu, but Shi’s response was that he is going there to study in that department because of Miya. This sort of gets Miyagi pissed. He then keeps on repeating to Shinobu that he does not like guys.
  • Miya accuses Shi of being the rich kid that has everything and probably just wants to try something new and thus decides to play gay for fun.
  • Miyagi “rapes” Shinobu. And finds out that Shinobu really meant it when he said he liked Miyagi and it was not all just for fun. Miyagi leaves and we see him in his office at the uni.
  • Shinobu comes in and starts terrorizing Miyagi wanting to follow him to a meeting, Miyagi then says that Shinobu should be going off to school and studying rather than just fooling around and following him all day long because that is childish and he hates kids. (This is most likely related to the flashbacks of a lady in a wheelchair that we keep seeing Miya have in the episode)
  • Shinobu starts to reason by saying that he knows that Miyagi loves Ninjas and technically Shinobu means ninja (or part of). The episode ends with a stunned Miyagi wondering what is wrong with kids these days… (lol, i can sympathize with Miya)
  • Finally, after the ED song, Nowa had made a bento for Hiroki and Miyagi sees it and is all jealous wanting to eat delicious food too… spying on convo is Shinobu with his eyes in evil-mode.

[click image to enlarge]


I have to say that his episode was not as bad as i thought it would be. The voice actor for Shinobu did a great job and was not in the least bit irritating. The manga made Shinobu seem more irritating some how.

The plot of this ep follows pretty closely to the manga i think.(i can’t really remember what happened in the manga)

All in all, it was a good ep for this couple just does not do it for me, while i don’t hate it, i don’t like it either. It is missing the cuteness and the pure love between the guys. Shinobu is cute and his love for Miya is pure and all but i find him too pushy.
It is good to see different types of couples with different characteristics, it keeps the anime interesting to watch.

Miyagi’s reactions were cute and funny especially when he woke up to Shinobu unbuttoning his shirt. This couple is adorable in their own ways and like i said, it is not as bad as i thought it would be.

{click image to enlarge]

my second fiddle with my tablet and i decided to draw this! a chibi usagi with his teddy!! ^^ what do you think of it? (mind you, i am still trying to get a hang of using the brushes, i have no idea how to do the lines, i just can’t get them to be the way i want them to be…)
I am using it as my desktop wallpaper now… wahaha… i am thinking of doing a simple hirokiXnowaki one, but i am not sure what to make them do in it. ^^ any ideas?

-ra out (screen caps to be added later, i need to go out soon. But i WILL add screen caps so check back in half a day or so.lol) further more, i apologize for this late post 😛

Edit: added the screen caps, decided to just add them since i have some times before i have to go out 😛 say thank you.. 😛 j/k


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  1. aw, so i’m the first
    thank you for the summary and screen cap, it helps a lot since i don’t understand japanese and i should wait for the subbed version to watch. Can’t wait to hear Kakashi speaks as Miyagi in this episode.


  2. great summary. but i like yaoi relationships where one of the guys is pushy. is’nt it kinda of romantic to know someone is willing to do whatever it takes to be with you? when i saw shinobu stalking him at the end with red eyes it was hilarious! i’ve caught myself stalking, i mean watching, someone i like to.

    your drawings a absolutly fabulous! how can i draw like that? i like that your going to put up a nowaki X hiroki pic. i would like to see them either, kissing, hugging, holding, something smexy. 😀


  3. Lydialiem: LOL, yes you are the first to comment 😛 i did not know that the seiyu for kakashi was the same one as Miyagi… i should go and listen again.. ^^

    okyakusan: shinobu though pushy is actually pretty adorable at times. haha, he has just got to lighten up abit. i like the pushy type too (usagi is pretty pushy, verging on raping misaki), it is interesting to watch them sometimes. (i know what you mean about stalking watching someone you like)
    thanks for the compliment on the drawing… i used my tablet and photoshop to get it done. took me a few hours though…=_=” as for the hiroxnowa… something smexy eh? i was thinking something along those lines too…. i think the holding hands would be a nice one… argh.. i can’t wait to get the manga that i ordered so i can get some ideas from it.


  4. aww… thats one funny episode^^ guess i have to wait for the next next episode to see misaki and usagi! im dying for them! well this couple is quite cute except that Shinobu is quite hard to handle^^ i guess only miyagi is able to handle him^^ thx for the summary^^ I NEED USAGI AND MISAKI!


  5. I appreciate the summary, it is interesting that it is the ‘uke’ so to speak persuing our said ‘seme’. I sort of like the different tone that Shinobu takes, it’s kind of refreshing since Misaki and Hiroki like to overreact (not that it isn’t fun to watch them) But it sets him apart. Is it just me or does it seem like MIyagi has a serious crush on Hiro? Well they did almost kiss in one episode before it was interrupted. I also like MIyagi best out of all the current ‘semes’ he is more lighthearted and you get a feel for him. =3


  6. dang, must be hard to get a nice quality of this anime anymore. you see the quality youll see in the internet is all low quality maybe because its licensed now and there were people who got trouble because they copied it. well, i hope aarinfantasy will come up with a higher quality.

    as for this episode, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!! ^_^

    the anime makes it more exciting than the manga hahaha. though the manga is so far ahead. but i really love this episode hahaha.


  7. this anime is licensed already?? i didn’t know that… dang man.. oh well..


  8. Yeah im glad i got to see this episode sub this series is brilliant i hope that more bl series will come out with long episodes i hope our kingdom will be one to be an anime in the future we will have to support and ask and some company mite make it


  9. Did you watch episode 11? aarinfantasy says that junjou romantica is taking a break after 12 episodes. And I am in total shock! I hope there just kidding. But if it were to happen I feel a little content after seeing all the couples and knowing that they end up together, but still. Why stop when it’s just getting good, you know what I mean?

    Shinobi is really cute in his own way! I cant believe he lied about sleeping with other men. He’s totally a virgin. Looks like miyagi’s given up on hiroki. That’s good because he didn’t have a chance anyway. miyagi may not be as sweet as nowaki but hes still hot. Shinobi snagged a good one. Don’t give up on that nowakiXhioki pic! 😀


  10. oo, i have not seen ep 11 yet… (been really busy =_=)
    they are taking a break after ep 12??? as in the show is taking a break or the fansubbers??? T_T


  11. i think the show is because right after the opening song aarrinfantasy writes a note saying the show will be taking a break. this note is on junou episode 11 english subbed. let me know if you see it too on this episode. if not sorry for scaring you. =S


  12. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I just love this couple. Junjo Terrorist is by far my favorite. XD


  13. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! So let me get this straight theres 24 shows altogether right? And so far theres only 11 manga books for Junjo Romantica<3 EXCEPT for the 12th one that comes out August 31 2010 right!!??? I'm so confused I love the manga and I love the shows.But I heard that the shows continue but only in Japan not in America? Does anybody know about how many shows there are?! has it been discontinued in Japan err something?! Someone please help me ^w^


  14. There are 2 seasons of Junjo out currently. =) So that would make it 24 eps, i think. =p


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