Detective Conan – Clash of Red and Black Arc

After 11 years of Detective Conan I am pretty sure that many are tired of watching it or tired of waiting for some sort of progress in the plot of the show.

And finally a major move forward in the plot, the ‘Clash of Red and Black’ arc. This arc spans across 13 episodes (ep 491-504). Within the arc we are showed 2 murder cases with the constant presence of Hondou Eisuke and the participation of the FBI. Huge revelations, deaths, as well as more of the ‘organization’, it sure is a pretty exciting arc. Though as far as exciting action scenes goes, this was nothing big or great, but don’t forget that this is a kids show and it is not very ‘detective conan-like’ if it was filled with too much action scene.

The outwitting done by the characters does not leave you with your jaw open like that in Death Note but neither was it boring. The action? Well as i said, it is more than the usual but it is not as much as some of the other arcs in DC.

Hondou Eisuke is on a mission, he is out to find out about his sister and his family. Carrying on from the previous eps of Eisuke’s dad working for the ‘company’ and his sister looking exactly like the news reporter who works for the black organization, this arc gives us some answers (finally!).


  • Hondou’s sister is infact really the news reporter aka Mizunashi Rena aka Kir who works for the black organization.
    He found out this fact after Conan told him about Hondou having leukemia when he was a kid and his sister had given him her bone marrow and thus changing his blood types from O to AB. (why is it important? The whole reason why they were certain that Mizunashi Rena was not Eisuke’s sister was because she had once given Eisuke blood and Eisuke’s blood type was suppose to be O. An O blood type is unable to receive from AB.)
  • Mizunashi Rena is actually working for the CIA, the same goes with Hondou’s father.
  • Haibara’s sister used to date Shuuichi Akai(FBI), this got Haibara’s sister killed.
  • Akai was an undercover agent, NOC (non official cover), in the black organization.
  • Akai dies towards the end of the arc and was killed by Rena.
  • Its seems like Conan had told Akai about who he really is (i am not certain on this though)


This is a really good arc, i think that this is one of the largest arc in DC anime so far. I still cannot believe that it took them 11 years to get this far, i hope that they would bring on the next arc soon and not another decade later because honestly, i am getting any younger and i dont think that i can wait that long. I just wish that the manga for DC will come to an end soon and the anime would come to an end soon and everything would be great. Of course part of me wants this to drag on for another decade because DC is such fun to watch, but i am sure they can come up with an alternate story line like Heiji and (a fully grown) Shinichi working together or something.

But nevertheless, this was a great arc and now we know that the CIA has got its clutches on the black organization too. I just dont know why the FBI and CIA are not working together.

Furthermore, am i the only one happy to see conan not being treated totally like a kid in this arc. I get really frustrated when he is being treated like a kid and gets ignored by his peers.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is… my lord, how many winters has it been and is that anime in the twilight zone where characters never age?

Other than that, it was a really good arc and i can’t wait to see more progression in the plot, like i said, i hope it does not take the script writers too long to get to that.

-ra out!

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  1. The Black Org arcs are one of my favorite arcs in Conan and this particular clash is my favorite among the Black Org arcs since it moves the plot forward and my favorite FBI agent Akai is here (and I still stubbornly refuse to believe he’s dead!). I can’t wait to read the follow-up of this arc in the manga and I hope we’ll get to read it sooner than later. ^_^


  2. i also can’t believe that aki is dead!!! nooo!!! lets hope that he is just “playing” dead.. *nods head*


  3. i think that guy is not dead too ^_^ . for all you know he may be disguising as someone else in a new episode ^^


  4. The best thing about this anime is the fight with the BO
    There are 2 things that I dislike about Conan
    1-Identity Theft. I think Gosho is using to make things easy for himself. It makes the show so utterly childish. Some episodes suggest that Conan is PG13 show but then we get another character wearing a mask

    2-Conan never gets older, I think it would make a huge plot progression if he becomes a preteen.


  5. hey,
    i just noticed that you mentioned death note in your review. please don’t use this immature tv show in a detective conan review ever again. in death note it is always about black and white; good and evil, but in detective conan everything is blurred; grey. not to mention that in detective conan they summed up the whole storyline in 10 seconds in episode 193. did you even watch detective conan, man? the storyline went crazy in 2004. it didn’t take 10 years, man. next time, i hope someone else does a detective conan. we don’t need stupid people who don’t know what they are talking about.


  6. by the way they use this in 24 also. is 24 a kids series? nope. get your facts streight, man.


  7. IsThisAReview?

    “Kids show”

    “The outwitting done by the characters does not leave you with your jaw open like that in Death Note but neither was it boring”

    “This was nothing big or great”

    Dude, are you a troll or just fucking retarded?


    • hmmm… not a troll, not a retard.
      I guess my issue is what is your point to begin with?

      you quoted “kids show” – I apologize for a calling it a kids show, however, this is my personal impression of the show as it does not seem to have any qualities that would classify it as being a teenage/adult show. I guess the more appropriate term that I should use would be a family show, seeing as to how the time slot of the show is during very family oriented hours of the evening.
      (though it was not you who brought this up….) As for ’24’, I doubt that the target market for ’24’ would be children or kids just by looking at the violent scenes present in the show and the way the show is produced. Furthermore, the rating for 24 in America is 14 years and over for TV. So, that obviously ’24’ is not meant to be a “kids” show at all.
      As for DC, from watching DC, I feel as though the target audience of the show when it first came out was children, but as time went on the targeted audience who watched it grew up, but the main structure of the show itself has not. So that is why I feel that despite a older crowd watching it now it does not mean that it is not a “kids” show. But if I am wrong, I would be more than happy to learn from my mistakes as I admit that I do not have a lot of hard facts backing what I am saying. (As I do not know what the rating for Conan is or what the Japan timeslot rating regulations are.)

      as for the other 2 quotes, like I said, it is my impression of the show, and I believe in saying what I believe after seeing the show. However, I should not have compared it to Death Note.


  8. I won’t even bother explaining this to you. How is this not a teenager-adultish show? I mean have you even watched this series in order? Each and every plot related episode/arc especially those concerning the BO have been perfectly paced with the exception of the last one, which in my opinion, was horrible. The Vermouth Arc if you remember was an arc which shocked the entire DC fanbase with several twists and turns that NO ONE would have been able to guess. After all these years of watching anime the “Vermouth-Jodie-Araide-Sharon-Chris-Serial Killer” plot twist was by far the best I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, the cuttoffs from the Vermouth Arc (176 – 345) have been as suspenseful as any mystery anime fan could wish for such as, The Diary entries of the late game developer was incredibly well planned, and same goes to other scenes such as the “blank tapes” and “the bloody disk” have all been planned out perfectly, and this is what makes the BO so exciting to watch. The reunion arc was also well planned with it’s well paced adrenaline storyline which kept everyone’s heart pumping. And not to mention, the amazing specials which are by far, the best I’ve ever seen in any anime. Starting with the Moonlight Sonata, an amazing AO which stole the hearts of several fans going to the 12 million hostages, an episode which earned as much praise as well. Come on, The Desperate Revival Arc? These episodes were plain genius. Adding together the above average but not great Black Impact and the exciting Clash of Red and Black can you still look at this show one directed at Kids? I’ve known several several people who are beyond 20 and still watch this show. The average viewers on DCTP, the most active forum in the DC world atm have majority of their members on the 18-24 age group and barely anyone below 12. While not reliable, I know a friend who has friends in Japan who claim that Conan is popular among those above 20 in Japan. Not to mention, an anime with a massive comprehensive post about the Org weighing 14 pages on Microsoft word is a lot even for a teenager anime, and this is shocking considering that this post is no where close to covering the entire plot itself. Look, I don’t know about you but the only people who have called Detective Conan childish are the people in anime forums who haven’t even watched it due to it’s childish title and unlikeable mystery genre and assume what the anime is like. Never in my life have I heard the word childish from someone who’s watched the series after it’s early stages and is fairly knowledge in the anime itself. You sir are the first one. The mysteries in this anime are by far the best the anime world has seen, with cases that are plain genius, ingenius, exciting, and amazing in every aspect and this has been praised by several reviewers. I will admit that the series has been become a bit inconsistent starting in it’s early 400s but never in my life have I thought of this anime as a kids show. This show can be merry or serious with brutal and sinister murders such as the Moonlight Sonata or happy yet entertaining ones with the Detective Boys. And while you make think that this anime may be better off without the Detective Boys. You are wrong, The Detective Boys add that little pinch of happiness in Detective Conan which makes it such a heartwarming series to watch. Have you ever felt you’re heart melt while watching these children with their “Oaaay!” chants?, it’s a good feeling isn’t it.

    Kiddy Show? Please, don’t even write another Detective Conan, just stop. Family show? better term, you should’ve used it in the first place. Detective Conan is a show which appeals to all audiences and it would have been better if you’ve used that in the first place. Do you know what I call childish? Anime scenes which make you cringe with it’s “friendship is good, you need friends, believe in yourself” dialouges. THAT is childish. And please, if Detecive Conan is a kid’s show then you’d have to call other popular animes like KHR, ONE PIECE, Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Dr Gray man childish. So if you do continue to call this anime childish, I’d want to see some justice and see you call all these other anime’s childish as well. I’m even starting to have my doubts if you’ve even seen this series completely or at least in order. Because everything in this series, especially it’s plot has blown the minds of thousands of people. I personally find that “childish” comment on you’re review stupid and I’m sure a lot of people do. Think back on what you’ve said and good luck on whatever review you are going to do in the future, you NEED it. (Oh and did you know that One Piece’s audience in Japan is one dominated by children? >.>)


  9. “it does not seem to have any qualities that would classify it as being a teenage/adult show.”

    One more thing, what are these qualities which make Detective Conan a kiddy show to you anyway?


  10. “Vermouth-Jodie-Araide-Sharon-Chris-Serial Killer” plot twist”
    ^ i died D:


  11. Can I post your post to my wordpress blog? I’ll add a one-way link to your forum. That’s one actually nice post.


  12. Death note rules!!

    Nothing as awesome…….storyline, dialogues, music !!!


    • idk about this, but… omg… Death Note is a bad series. Have you learned that by now? No suspense, bad storyline, bad plot, terrible characters, bad bad bad bad bad, why is it good? for the same reasons as PS3 games sell for big dough. Great presentation. The guy who made DN also has no idea whatsoever what he was doing, he just read that Now: Zero short story and did it. Wow. Also the music in DN was trash made with computers… what a wank…


  13. LMFAO! “Vermouth-Jodie-Araide-Sharon-Chris-Serial Killer” plot twist”

    so true, it was a really good twist but don’t you think you exaggerated it a bit?


  14. Detective Conan is pure awesome i would mind waiting years for new episodes or new movies its just that good and to say people are getting tired of it is quit insulting or to sum it as just another kid or teenage show is just plain stupid it a show that for viewers of all ages next time you want to give a summary about a show or about anything get your facts straight because I serious doubt that Detective Conan and death note are anything alike because serious its not hard to think of their shows are nothing alike one because Conan solves cases while light kills people their both different and to compare two shows that have nothing in common just is more proof that your totally not good at summary’s at all.


  15. ❤☾❀xSnowy❀Moonx❀☽❤

    There is a turn in the manga… You can go read it right now. It’s called “Scarlet Showdown” and I swear, how the heck-.. Is Shuichi Akai really dead..? You’ll find out in this chapter 🙂 I’ve waited god knows how long for this.. I’m guessing it will end on chapter 1000 or episode 1000. Detective Conan was supposed to last 3 months.. look now .-. It’s a big turn in Detective Conan too..


  16. Strangely enough, Death Note, while it is one of the more intelligent shows out there, never got my jaw dropping. The Clash of Red and Black arc however did. I mean, since when had Light ever come up with a plan better than when Gin flooded the hospital with patients?


  17. Good review. For a kids show it was pretty intense.


  18. I still love detective conan and it is for adults.


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