Junjou Romantica – 12 (Finale)

After 12 weeks of looking forward to watching Junjou Romantica, the first season of this anime has finally come to an end. T_T

Lets hope that there will be a second season. Apparently, whether there will be a second season would all depend on the sales of the anime DVD, so lets all support them and hope a second season will be made!!! (I don’t see why not, i mean, afterall, if companies are willing to make so many seasons and remakes of neo angelic abyss i am sure they would be willing to produce another season of such a good anime. I for one can’t stand NAA)

So here comes my review for episode 12:
We are back to Misaki and Usagi again and this time we get to see their relationship progress even further. I liked the way that this episode was done, there is room for future episodes yet at the same time the series would not be incomplete if it were to end just like this. (But my life would feel incomplete. T_T do i hear other fangirls agreeing with me?)
The animation quality is making me feel slightly upset. Simply because there were too many awkward moments in the actions and movements of the characters. I have no idea why this is so since Studio DEEN (though not known for their impressive animation) is not an unknown studio. I expected better animation out of this series from the studio. Episode 12 was especially weird.


Season Review

I will now have to find some other anime to review about. I might go back to reviewing soul eater or something. I am hoping for a second season to come out and i will buy the DVDs (when they become available) so i hope that all the fangirls/boys will support the studio for a second season too.

Animation : Although the characters are beautiful and charming, that credit goes to the script writers, Shuungiku Nakamura and the character designer, not the animation studio as a whole. The animation is at most average. There were cute moments and the way the whole series was done was adorable, however, the fluidity of the movements and the faces of the characters were really awkward at times. Too much panning and too little movements, this is of course a not-so-good trademark of Studio DEEN. I just hope that if there is a second season, the animation would be better.

The Plot: I like the way they actually stuck to the manga and did not move too far away from it. Readers of the manga would know what to expect from the anime and will have little complaints. I really like this fact, so kudos to them! The chemistry between the characters cannot be ignored. It is the interaction between the characters that makes this anime such a huge success i would think. The pace of the anime is neither too slow nor too fast. I am sure that even some guys would be willing to watch this anime because it is just so adorable. (some being the operative word).

Overall: Overall, the comedy and romance between the 3 pairings in the stories is all very well done and i hope that there would be a second season.

Rating: 8/10 (i have to deduct points for the unimpressive animation)

Negative: 12 episodes is not enough to fully explore the relationship between these couples. The terrorist relationship just barely started out before the series ended. There are unanswered questions about Usagi’s family. Finally, what happened to hiro and nowa? They just disappeared.

-ra out!


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  1. I heard that they’re just taking a break til September and then coming out with the next 12 episodes for sure.


  2. i hope that that is true. ^^ i dont think i would be able to bear it not coming out.
    as for september… how certain are you on that?? ^^ cos i haven’t seen any thing about it being out then… well, whatever it is, i hope that your news is true ^^


  3. OMG!!!! I hope they come out soon then!!! >_< Well, their so-called “break” is barely like a month…I guess it’s good to relax. I really hope they release it soon though! 😀 I would like to watch more. Gambatte to those who are working on it!!!


  4. is really comin out on september?!?i heard it wuz gonna come out in a couple of months…but hey,dat’s even BETTER!


  5. This is the first ever BL anime series I’ve seen and there is no other way to put it but to say- I LOVE IT!!! ^_^

    Can’t wait for the next episode~ I have so totally and utterly become a fangirl *^^*


  6. jayj, i know how you feel. \(^ ^)/ hahaha


  7. hope there is a uncensored verrsion, give feedback to funimation and ask to have a english dub then it will come to the uk for me, but we have to ask them to have uncut version.


  8. There is a ps2 game junjo romantica coming.


  9. I heard they’re gonna start with the next season in October


  10. junjo on ps2?? that sounds like fun!! haha… anyone plan on getting it?


  11. Now that you mention it, the animation is a little stiff! I never noticed before because I’d been too obsessed with the progression of the story. But this last episode was so darling! I absolutely loved Misaki taking the initiative… it was so cute! And it did have a sense of finality to it, but nothing that made me happy! I want more~! My life would be incomplete as well. Nice review!


  12. i plan to get it! but wait…how much is it??? ^_^;


  13. i am not sure how much it costs… but it is not cheap, that is for sure. ^^


  14. I just got into this yaoi! It is so dang good! It can’t end at episode 12! It can’t! Or my screen name would really suit me! Besides… they make a lovely couple… -blushes- I would love to purchase this anime! I hope more episodes come soon… -admits adiction- The sooner the better!


  15. did the 13th episode come out yet?
    when will the came come out?


  16. is junjou romantica manga/dvd available in australia? thanks!


  17. will the game come out in english?????


  18. The second season is out already guys, ^^ look forward watching it! its full of Romantica!!


  19. i finished watching the season as well.. omg! i alr miss the show!!! >_<


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