Koisora (Sky of Love) J-Movie

I am not really one to review movies but I can’t keep what i feel about this movie in.

While it is not a horrible movie, it is neither great.

It is mediocre and unsettling to watch. Though this is based on a true story, the story itself if rather unbelievable.

The issues that the heroine faces are sad and you take pity on her because of her unfortunate luck to have met with those incidents, however, i do not find myself siding with the heroine or wanting to cheer her on. On the contrary, at sometimes throughout the show, i actually cannot stand the heroine.

The heroine – Sweet, adorable, pretty, and unlucky. She is unlucky because of what happens to her. I cannot stand her because of the way she is portrayed and the way she handles things, it is too unbelievable.

The hero – Cute, like a gangster, cool and unlucky as well. I have a slightly better tolerance toward this character as compared to the heroine.

My complaints

Firstly, things in this movie happens too fast for the mind to actually comprehend. The script writers did not do a good job and the viewers would find it rather hard to connect with the character. Because everything happens too fast, we are not given enough time to appreciate what has happened in the movie. Though i am sure what happened to the real life counterpart of the main character is much more sad, i am guessing that this movie does not do reality justice.

Secondly, the acting was mediocre. Though it does not make you cringe, it does take away the believable factor when we see how the characters act so “out” of character at certain times. While Hiro was portrayed as the nice and cool guy at the beginning of the show, when he lost control, he did not just lose his cool but changed into a gangster instead.

Thirdly, the characters never seem to grow old and mature. It seems that even after all that has happened in the movie the characters are still the same as in the beginning of the movie.

Fourth, the actions of the girl gets on my nerves. First she falls in love and then they break up, and then she “falls in love” with someone new (eventhough she is not really in love, or is she?) and then she is back together with the first boyfriend after finding out about his illness? I can’t help but just dislike the character. I feel sad for the second boyfriend of hers. It seems like she was making use of him.

I guess it all boils down to a bad script and actors that can’t seem to really carry of the story. I think most of the blame falls onto the script.

Perhaps real life is too complicated and too much happens that 2 hours of show time is just not enough for a decent and strong script that can incorporate all that happened to this couple.

The love that the guy had for the girl is adorable though. It seemed like he really loves her and she really loves him. But sorry honey, i cannot forgive the fact that she hooked up with the second guy in uni.

Finally, if you are looking for a romance movie to watch over the weekend with you boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or just alone… I highly recommend that you do not watch this unless you really have nothing else to watch. For a tearjerker it did not make me shed a single tear not was i close to doing so and this is saying *a lot* since i weep like a baby easily. You might think i am being too critical on this movie, but if you feel that way then you might want to check out other reviews on this movie too ^^.

If you want a moving love story that is relatively good, i would recommend ‘Heavenly Forest’. I know that i had a good time watching that movie. While not as much happened in that movie as in this, it was much more lovely and mature. Heres a link to a heavenly forest:

Rating 4/10

I am giving the actors some credit as well as the scenery. Some of those lines said were just too mushy and I cannot believe guys really saying them, they were just slightly too cliche.

-ra out

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  1. you guys are awesome!!! nice movie…..


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