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To satisfy our thirst for BoyLove and Yaoi goodness, this season presents us with a new BL series! After the first season of Junjo ended i was left with a void in my life (and yes, I am being melodramatic here). I am glad to say that Antique Bakery does a relatively good job of filling up that void.

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Tachibana is the grandson of a rich businessman who has just recently opened a bakery. He has lived a charmed life with parents who seem to never complain. In enter his first and new employee, Ono Yuusuke. Back in highschool Ono had confessed his love to Tachibana only to be brutally rejected. Now, Ono is a famous pastry chef looking for employment at Tachibana’s store. The thing is that Ono seems to have completely forgotten who Tachibana is.

Tachibana on the other hand remembers that incident very clearly and is somewhat stumped by the lack of reaction from Ono. Though Tachibana has decided to hire Ono for the position as a pastry chef, Ono confesses that he cannot work there for a reason. Apparently Ono has nickname – “devilish homosexual”.

Will Ono take the job? And will Tachibana fall for Ono’s devilish charms? Watch and find out! ^^


I have to say that I was reluctant to watch this series, after such a good season from Junjo I did not want to burst my “happy Yaoi bubble” by watching a bad BL series. I have seen this series in borders before but have never read it before because the art style of the manga just did not appeal to me. But I have to say, this was a good episode. The characters seem much nicer to look at too.

Things do not get as hot and steamy as it does in Junjo or as “exciting” either. It is a series with characters that are fairly mature and less boyish. The characters seemed a bit too serious to me but after a minute or so you sort of get used to it.

Unexpected was the fact that there were a few funny moments in the episode.

Though this cannot be as good as my beloved (and i am pretty sure the beloved of many) Junjo Romantica, if you are feeling a BL void in your life and want a series to watch while waiting for the next season of JR, this would be a good one to watch.

Nice and simple animation style that might not appeal to some (those who like the big bright eyes sort of characters) but to the majority you would most likely like it or be able to accept it. The storyline is interesting and simple and it seems like there are more characters that will join the bakery. It keeps you wanting more but not with such a huge thirst that you will think about it day and night until the next ep is out.

Rating: 7/10


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  1. Well so far I feel its not as steamy as junjou. Like the scene where they were about to kiss, it would have been more interesting if he let himself be kissed, then say who he was. I hope it gets more romantic . if it dose’nt what a waste. we really need more BL anime and not a shoujo or shounen anime thats just trying to attract BL fans. you know what i mean :]


  2. lol… yeah.. i know what you mean.. and it is not as steamy as junjo..
    junjo was a yaoi anime… antique is a… well.. it is a BL anime so nothing too steamy will happen…
    where is my junjo?!?!?!? i want more!!!


  3. i kno exactly wat ch’all mean…i mean seriously i watched the first two episodes and nuttin interestin happend so i started to get would have been better if tachi had jus kissed ono instead of pushin him away…*dat wuz koo*


  4. Well I am not going to lie. I have yet to watch this anime. But just with these 3 reviews looks like I won’t be. Thanks for the details. Maybe I”ll check it out later.


  5. So any plans on updating this blog?


  6. lol… yeah.. i plan on updating this blog… when i finish my school work =_=” but it should be soon.. 😛 i will most likely update on the new eps of antique


  7. I’ve seen up to episode 10 so far and truthfully, I started watching it to fill the emptiness that Junjou left behind lol… just barely hanging on by a thread til October for the next part of Junjou to come out hehe ^_^

    But yeah it’s definitely not steamy like Junjou but the I enjoy the plot well enough. As you learn more about each character, you start to like them that much more ^^

    By the way… seeing all the pretty looking cakes and the way they’re described (yes I know it’s an anime) sometimes makes me hungry for sweets lol *^^*


  8. lol! i know what you mean… i have seen until ep 11 now… it is better than what i had expected it to be! ^^

    cant wait for the next season for junjo though…


  9. junjou romantica season 2 is out and no one is around to give me summaries. this is not good sara. where are you when i need you?


  10. aargh i miss junjou too 😦 i think 12 episodes are too short for 1 season, hope they would make more 😥 hmm.. BL is surprisingly nice 😀


  11. Hate to say this since I myself am a manga and anime fan of Antique and Junjo but Junjo is a big BL series. Antique isn’t even categorized as such. It won a Kodansha award and has a live action movie as a drama/slice of life. If it was BL I am actually pretty sure if would not have gotten that award.


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