Antique Bakery Review

Antique Bakery

Ahhh, this is one anime that leaves you confuse and unable to understand just how you feel about this anime.

Whilst this is not a great anime, it is never boring. Perhaps this can be seen as a peaceful anime (but not up to the level of Mushishi) with moments of comedy and some hints romance during the start of the anime inside.

There is only one main plot that runs throughout the whole series and that mainly revolves around the lead character Tachibana.
The buildup of the climax and plot from the beginning to until the end was steady and not too fast with each episode just letting you in on a little more information than the previous one.
However, the last episode fails to satisfy the viewer as the reaction that you would have expected to see since all the episodes before that seem to be a build up to suggest such a turnout was not what had happened. To put it simply, the ending while nice was also frustrating at the same time.

While i understand what the writers were trying to do with the last episode of the anime by making it the way it is.
I was very disappointed.
It is obvious that the writers were trying to create a sense of calmness and wanted nothing too dramatic to happen as that would be very unlike the previous episodes of this anime. But I personally feel that they were trying a bit too hard to push and create this illusion of peace.
Simply put, the last episode could have been much better if it were cut down to just being a 10 mins episode because the rest of the episode just felt that it was going around in circles, and the funny thing is that the character themselves seem to know that this whole series was just a huge circle whereby eventhough many things have happened, the ending scene’s situation was the same as when the anime first started off in its first episode.

So i am glad that this is a short series for if it were made into a 26 episode series, it may have just destroyed itself if the rest of the episodes were like the last one.

Overall, it is a good series (excluding the last ep) with a little bit of drama, comedy. romance, tension. suspense, mystery. But perhaps it is because it is so little of so many things, the whole series just seemed really average and would fail to make its viewers excited for the next episode. Sure you may feel the urge to watch the next episode and it may be a little hard to press the pause button to pick up a phone call during an episode, but it is not a good enough anime to make you want to lock yourself in your room and lock out all the connections to the outside world just so you can emerse yourself in the world of Antique Bakery.

So, while i do like this series, it is a nice anime to watch when I am bored but there are many other anime out there which would be able to satisfy me.

If you are looking for a BL anime then ‘Junjo Romantica’ may prove to be a better option.
Or if you are looking for one that is about baking, then perhaps ‘Yakitate Japan’ would be a better choice.
So unless you have nothing much better to watch, this anime may be your choice of entertainment.

Rating: 6.5/10
(Its good but thats all it is. Nothing that would make me too excited to want to protest for another season.)

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  1. I actually thought of buying it for all the cute guys, but changed my mind cos the storyline didn’t look so interesting. I’ll skip this one. ^^


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