Itazura na Kiss Review


Itazura na Kiss Review

Have you ever seen a series that makes you wish you take the place of a particular character? This series makes me feel just that way. It leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside after watching it. This is the only romance anime series that I have seen that does not leave me heartbroken mid way or leave me wanting more and more. I mean, sure, given the choice i would take more eps of Itazura na Kiss. But this series does not need more eps. It ended the best way it could.

From being in high school to growing up and then having kids. This series covers it all without being too hasty and without killing the mood by being draggy. The comedic moments are time just right so that it leaves you laughing yet not letting you miss out on any detail while you are laughing. This is definitely a relaxing series to watch. But not too mild like ‘Mushishi’ that you end up drifting off into dream land. (Dont get me wrong, I love Mushishi)

Just like all good ramance anime, you have to have moments of highs and lows, moments that pull on your heart strings yet ends it quickly before you get too emotionally involved that you would want to stop watching the show. (Bokura ga Ita did that to me =_= too painful to watch but I finished it)

From the screencaps you can probably see the way the art is like. All pastel in color with a nice and relaxing opening song that seems to carry an 80s feel to it which suits this anime so perfectly. A dreaming existence would be what i would call this anime. And by the end of the series, you would be in love with all the characters.

I have seen the other versions. That taiwanese version that had a huge hype was alright to me, the jap version wasn’t as nice as the taiwanese version, You would think that after watching so many different versions that basically tells the same story, I would be sick of this plot. Well, i thought so too. Since it came out the same time as Soul Eater and other way more interesting series that normally would out shine it. this way at the bottom of my list. But the thing is that this series surprised me. By mid way of the season, I was more interested in this series than any other series. It just left me wanting more and more and more of the characters. The feeling of this anime to me is so much more different to the live drama counterparts. Where the drama tries to be a comedy with romance in it, this tries to be a romance with comedy in it. And that is the way I love it.


So if like a good romance that would fill your Sunday. I would say this is my pick. And this series definitely has some rewatch value in it.

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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. This was my first anime Id ever watched. I still watch it now. I sometimes wish my crush would, turn around and see how my eyes light up everytime I see his face! I guess it took Kotiko a long time, to convice Naoki the same. But I can’t be that persistant because I don’t live in the same household.

    Lolz How embarresing. Anyway I totally agree, i’ve watched this over 13 times and still not sick of it. It makes my heart fly. Lolz how sickening. 🙂 Keep Smiling.


  2. Lol I love this anime I’ve wacthed it like three times awready. I can never get tired of it 🙂


  3. I totally noe wat ur toking bout. this is the best anime i’ve ever seen in my life!


  4. thanks for the reviews.. I think I finally decided to watch this anime 😀


    Will u marry me. . . Lolz!
    I would stab anyone who goes against this anime series!


  6. Dear Irie-kun,
    There is a saying it is better not to know. If I didn’t know about you, I wouldn’t feel so lonely because I know you don’t exist. But I’m gald I got to because my heart feels happier at the same time. I just wanted write down my feelings here and confess.

    I love you…Irie-kun.



  7. I’ve seen this series, and all the other versions multiple times, and you’re right – somehow the story never gets old for me either 🙂


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