Gosick – 01

Episode 1 – The Black Reaper Finds a Golden Fairy

(some spoilers ahead)

The first thing I want to say is that the OP is so pretty, (though I know I wont be able to watch the anime if it was in that style throughout the whole way) the OP art is just beautiful.

So the first thing we find out in this episode is why Kazuya is in this elite school meant for aristocrats. And because of his black hair and eyes, he is known as the kuro shinigami. But we soon find out that the nickname he had acquired is related to a ghost story. At the suggestion of a teacher, Kazuya goes to the library where he begins to read up on ghost stories and this is where he meets a doll like girl called Victorique.

Next day arrives and we get to see Victorique in action solving a crime which was presented by Gervil (a new character). As all heroes must have, Victorique also has her key phrase that she says right before she sloves the crime. Personally, I don’t feel like that added any value to the show at all except to imply that she is special. So with ease, she solves the crime that Grevil had presented to her. This whole thing takes place in roughly 5 minutes. This segment was decent for getting the point across that Victorique is special, and for character development.

The following day, after reading the newspaper, Kazuya decides to confront Grevil for stealing the spotlight of having solved the crime when Victorique was the one who solved it. Here Grevil lets slip about how Victorique requires special permission to go outside, and this adds to the mystery that is Victorique. We know from her behaviour (when she wonders what a newspaper stand is and when she thinks that a carriage driver(?) was Kazuya’s servant) that she rarely goes out and can be quite ignorant. This starts to make me wonder how much she actually knows and how she is able to solve crimes without being able to understand such minor everyday things since an understanding of things in daily lives and the roles people play (and their behaviours) may end up leading to her being able to solved a crime. When it starts to seem like the first mystery has been solved, we are given a few new hints behind the maid’s motive which leads to a bigger and more sinister plot brewing in the background. Right towards the end of the episode, the plot thickens and the mood turns heavy before the Ending Credits appear on screen with Victorique and Kazuya taking the matters of the case into their own hands.


That atmosphere of the anime is nice and light in this first episode (except for the very last bit), but it is also nicely balance with moments of suspense and seriousness. The constant reminder that the main character is more than meets the eye is done in a nice (though ordinary) way.

The interaction between the main characters is enjoyable and fun without being too over the top. Victorique always making fun of Kazuya and Kazuya is always at the losing end of their banter. Victorique’s childish moments are endearing and helps break away from her serious and too-grown-up persona which she takes on more often than not. Kazuya ends up being somewhat of a babysitter/friend (or so I felt) as the episode progressed. I can’t help but feel sorry for him though, being unable to make any friends and ending up being friends/slave to a doll-like girl who bosses you around and pokes fun at you all the time. I have to say that I am pleased that at least he does not seem to be a super submissive person and has a backbone of sorts a the very least.

I can’t wait to watch the next episode now. The case is nice and intriguing, the characters are lovable with just the right amount of craziness just to keep them more lighthearted. Personally, I want to watch a nice serious spooky crime anime and though this does not scratch my itch, it does a good enough job of satisfying my craving.

The animation is nice and crisp, and the art is pleasant.

Some have mentioned that Victorique is like Shinku from Rozen Maiden due to the appearance and the personality. I have not seen the show so I cant really comment too much on it. This anime does remind me slightly of Umeineko no Naku Koro Ni in the second episode.

Recommended to:

Those who like some nice typical animation (nothing too special), a decent mystery with some suspense and comical moments.

Rating: 7.5

My issue with it is that even though this leaves me wanting more, it does not leave me going, “wow, this is something special”, nor does it make me want to re-watch the episode multiple times.

-ra out! (I wanna hear what you think of it, I seem to have ranted quite a bit)

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