Skip Beat Anime Review

Okay, this is a waaay overdue review.


Kyoko followed her true love and childhood friend Sho to Tokyo so she could help him reach his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs and does nothing for herself because she loves him so much, but gets nothing in return. Still, she remains by his side. But then one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery, and overhears him talking about her; he reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn’t care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko doesn’t just sit around and cry. She cuts and dyes her hair, changes her clothes and attitude and thus begins her journey to join showbiz and have her revenge against Sho. -ANN

To watch the Anime or read the Manga first?

Firstly, if you have not read the manga for Skip Beat and have seen the anime, I highly urge you to read the manga after watching the anime. And those of you who have not seen/read any forms of Skip Beat and have no idea what it is about, I suggest that you watch the anime before reading the manga. And here is why…

The character design for the anime is crap. It is not that it is bad, but more towards the fact that the characters in the manga just look so beautiful/hot that the anime just does not do it justice. Take this for instance…

We can tell that the manga and game character design looks so much better than the anime’s character design.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, here is point number 2 that I find highly unsatisfying about the anime and why you should read the manga only after watching the anime, the anime follows the script and storyline of the manga, exactly the same except for a few minor exceptions that has no effect whatsoever. This is not a bad thing since seeing as to how I love the manga’s plot. The abrupt ending in the anime was my issue, it did not even wrap the plot up. They should have either stopped before they had gotten to that arc of the story or at the very least complete it. I understand the need for fitting the story into the season and allocated episodes for the project, but this is just painful. Plus, the “the next stage is…” thing at the end of the final episode suggests that there would be more episodes, and keep in mind that this is a 2008/2009 anime. It’s 2011. Still no season 2.

Now that I have gotten that part out of my system, I shall start on the actual plot review.

Anime Review

I want to start of by saying, I love this anime. And now here is why…

This is a shoujo anime, but if you are looking for a romance comedy anime, you might be disappointed. There is romance and there is comedy in this anime, but this is more of a (in order of strongest elements first) comedy, drama and then romance anime. We have a love triangle in this show, we have revenge against a childhood friend who dumped the main character, we have the secretly-in-love element with the bishounens and adorable female lead in this anime. But this is more about the development of Kyouko as a person after being spurned by love.

Having being called plain and being used as a maid by her childhood prince, Kyouko swears revenge on the childhood prince/superstar, and her first step towards accomplishing this goal is to go for a makeover and join the entertainment industry. This is where she meets her real childhood fairy prince Ren. We see Kyouko struggling to find herself as a person after having a horrible childhood, we see how hard she tries to accomplish the goal that she sets for herself. We get to see her grow as an actress and also slowly open herself up to people (very slowly) after having sworn off love for eternity. But love is really a far away goal, so this is why the romance bug, though always in the air, never really comes to anything of substance by the end of the anime.

This anime really made me think about how actors create characters and how things work behind the scenes. The characters are all very entertaining and charming, so much so that you cant help falling in love with each of them. The chemistry between the characters just flies off the screen and I ended up laughing with the characters when they do funny things or are put in hilarious situations and feeling pride as the characters grow and overcome their problems. The reactions of each of the characters are highly entertaining and never fails to keep me laughing.

There are also alot of hidden secrets in this anime which have yet to be revealed to the related characters, and this only adds to the fact that you can’t help but cheer these characters on and be enchanted by this anime.

Rating: 8.5/10


Filled with Comedy, Romance, Drama, and highly entertaining. What’s not to love about it? If you can’t wait for the next season when it does finally come out (hopefully it is not going to end up like NANA) then you can read the manga.

This is definitely a highly recommended anime for both guys and girls. Girls will love it, and I know guys who have read the manga and love it.

I own the manga in mandarin and in english, I spend days stalking the skip beat fanfiction page for stories on the characters. That should be enough to show my love for this series.

While it this anime is light and slow on the romance side, there is enough romantic elements left behind by Nakamura Sensei in the plot that it will allow your imagination to go wild.  But if romance is not your thing, and you are looking for a good anime to watch, this is it. It might not be the newest of anime, but it is definitely worth watching. And if you don’t like it after watching it, then feel free to come back here and warn people to stay away from this anime by leaving a comment behind.

After writing this, I want to go back to watching this anime again… I will be reviewing the drama version of this anime when it starts to air. =D For more details and the trailer of the live drama you can find it  here.

-ra out! (leave a comment about how you feel about this anime or review or any thoughts you may have at all, it always help motivate me to review!)

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  1. Now I know, I’m not the only one with those symptoms you mentioned. ^_^; I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve read the manga, watched the anime (just to be pissed with the way it ends and still waiting for the 2nd season if there’s any), and yeah, read stories on fanfiction (just to feed my fantasy for Ren x Kyoko!)…

    I’m half glad with the drama adaptation, because it will help Skip Beat to be more popular (and raise the demand for season 2 I hope). I’ve already watched the trailer (the one with English subs, then got deleted)…what the heck happened to Bo? (crosseyed and yellow?!) and to my favorite fanboy Yashiro? didn’t see him much in the teaser 😦


    • I am kinda looking forward to the Skip Beat drama just because I am happy with any form of adaptation of the show. But… i have this sinking feeling that they are going to change the plot and make it so that there will be an ending of sorts, i just can picture a drama not having an ending. (can’t think of any off the top of my head)

      It would be awesome to see who would play Yashiro, they cant possibly remove his character altogether, it would be too major a change. And whoever made Bo’s costume really is bad at designing it, i know it isn’t a hollywood production but still… that is just plain ugly and inaccurate. lol

      Besides, it took them 3 years just to start filming this drama, i shudder to think of how much longer it would take if they dont give it a decent ending and do what the anime did. =_=” It would be plain torture having so many different versions of the story and none of them having an ending. =_=

      I have no idea why they are deleting the trailers off youtube. Any clue? Wouldn’t they want to publicise the show? Unless it was a leaked trailer and the drama is not meant to come out till much later.

      Ren x Kyouko forever! =p Its good to know that i am not the only crazy fangirl out there =p


  2. toughestcookie

    There’s this guy in the trailer walking with Siwon, carrying a bag… I guess that would be Yashiro but I cant see his face 😦 Yashiro is the next popular character after the 3 main ones, so the drama should include him (fine! Im a Yashiro fan too!).
    And, Im glad they retained the ‘hot pink’ overalls (I didnt notice if there’s any LoveMe logo in it though)…
    Im not familiar with lvy Chen so I googled and saw some of her photos/videos, she can look plain (like Kyoko) and pretty too (like the angel Kyoko in Sho’s PV). The question is if she can pull off Kyoko – her guts, her amusing chameleon-like nature as she portrays her characters, her dorkiness and all! Now, I wanna wish her luck ^_^;”
    Im also not familiar with Donghae (though I like SuJu) but as far as trailer goes, he’s passable for me (or maybe I doesnt care much about Sho hehe). As for Siwon, Im looking forward to his acting as Ren. Ive seen him in Oh My Lady (btw, his character is so much like Sho, an egoistic brat!) and liked the guy…but not enough for him to be Ren (sorry but as a Kyoko x Ren fan, I cant picture him as Kuon), I just hope he can convince me in the drama. All in all, I wouldnt set high expectations so I wouldnt be too dissapointed in the end.


    • Yashiro is hilarious! =p I can’t believe that they make Kanae a main character but left Yashiro out.

      I think that Siwon should make a decent Ren (at least my reaction to him being Ren was more positive then that of Jerry Yan being Ren), he looks good enough but I agree with you about the Kuon part. He does not look like a mix blood at all. And I cant see him looking good with blond hair. (I have seen a few episodes of Oh My Lady, he is good looking in it but the whole auntie thing with the younger boy just does not really bode well with me so i stop)

      I think Donghae seems like he will be a lovable comical Sho, rather than one that you will hate? (Does that make sense?)

      I have not seen any Ivy Chen dramas as well so I am looking forward to it. But from the trailer, it seems that she will be decent enough.

      I think that for me, I will just be treating the drama as a Alternate Universe version of Skip Beat because if not, I will have way to high an expectation of it and know that I will end up being disappointed. =)

      Also, I remember a mention of joke about having Ren and Sho kiss in the drama. o_O” That just suggests to me that they plan on making some changes to the Skip Beat plot, perhaps to make it work as a complete series instead of ending it without a resolution?


    • Could the man beside Si Won be Yashiro? and could this guy beside Ivy be Shoko?


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