C: The Money and Soul of Possibility Review

Having just watch the whole series, I still feel slightly baffled

Rambling on the series (Review in section below)
This ramblings contain spoilers

I enjoyed the moments of the series which made sense to me and whilst I did not want to think too deeply or hard when watching this anime, after giving it some thought, I am still unable to answer a few questions that I have. One main thing is, how did Yoga buy back the future? He got back the future by reversing the effects of the rotary press, but that should mean that it will just be Japan before the rotary press was started to begin with right? And so Japan should still feel the shock of C and not have C become insignificant. Then why is Ebara Sensei’s kids there and still alive as well? I highly doubt that he would be had enough money to buy back that much of the future. I feel like an idiot because perhaps the anime did explain it and I just didn’t get it (which is highly likely), so if someone could explain it that would be good. I also dont get the dream that Yoga had of Mashu, I thought that perhaps because Mashyu was his future and it looked like she was his child (when he was dreaming and the kid was named Mashyu) judging from the dream, that meant that she was going to be his child in the future? Then what was with the kiss at the end? Well, if someone can enlighten me on the reasons behind these, I would be really grateful.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, here’s the review.


While watching this show I felt my mind working on overload trying to understand the plot and meaning behind the actions etc. Simply said, this is a tiring show. From the complexity of the characters to the weight of money VS the future VS the present, there is just no end to the amount of things this anime poses to the viewer and wants the viewer to ponder upon. If I had to say what this anime was like, i would say that it is like a literature book, maybe even a poem. Meaning hidden behind each action and words, which results in consequences after the action. This definitely is a anime that stimulates the mind. If you are looking for something easy and relaxing to watch, this is not it, I would suggest that you find something else instead.

The anime mainly follows the main character Yoga who starts of as a struggling university student, and throughout the progress of the show, he finds the value of money, the importance of money, the use of money, and what money can truly represent. This anime also has elements stating that trust is an important factor in life and in what we do, as well as the importance of having a future VS the relevance of being stuck in the present. The anime also tries to incorporate the Japanese economy into it and it leaves the viewer by the end of the series with this simple notion; that everything happens for a reason.

If I had to write about everything that happened in this anime here, I would be going on and on forever and I would even have to possibly rewatch the anime just to get a better grasp of it, but in all honesty, the re-watching value of this anime is not very high for me. I also tend to find that some of what the anime had tried to imply at times make me go, “sigh, did you have to add that point in just to make yourself(the show) sound more intelligent?” And there are times where I find some of the notions cliche (but then again, in this day and age, it is hard to find originality) However, the execution of conveying the messages to the view was done very well and in a pretty original manner.

The character art and background, the manner in which they had cut the scenes, the voice actors (I just love Takahiro Sakurai), the dialogue, the colours, the “branding” elements were all superbly done. The pace of the anime is also very nicely done and the way the scenes were place (breaking up the information heavy segments with some lighter scenes) prevented the anime from turning dry and difficult to watch.

The light romance was also done nicely and the action sequences (though at times confusing) were nice to watch too. Also, I love the use of Macro and Micro but the word Mezzo just kinda destroyed it because if I am not wrong, that is not a proper economic term.

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommendation: Though I like it and kinda like the fact that it got me thinking, the reason why I gave it a 7,.5 and not an 8 is because I can’t help but feel that it was not that great. Maybe I am bias because I had a few issues which I did not understand towards the conclusion of the episode.But all in all, it was a good series and definitely one of the better ones out there this year. Just make sure to put on your thinking cap when you are watching it and you should enjoy it quite a bit. If you are looking for some action and something with a little more meat and heavier than those fluffy shows out there, then this would be a good watch. This show also has its sweet moments, especially during the interaction between Mashyu and Yoga.

-ra out! (If I did not understand the anime or got my facts totally wrong, please let me know so I can make the changes. It is also good to hear your two cents worth.)


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  1. Not the only one. Also find the anime a bit of a mind screw.



    • I think that my biggest issue with this show is that it is forgettable. =/

      It was fun when you watch it and it does play with the mind but give it a few months and you sort of forget about the show. It is sadly another ‘watch and forget’ type of anime.


  2. I’ve thought that this anime had a really good concept but had an immense problem to see it through until the end. Rather than concentrating on one idea or message, this series became so abstract and general-speaking instead of relevant and specific that one would not only have a hard time understanding what this series ultimately wants to say but is also hard-pressed to feel like it would matter for the audience to understand it. But besides that failed attempt at depth and an interesting idea the series doesn’t do a good job of portraying its action as exciting with obscure plot-convenient Yu-Gi-Oh!-rules that seemingly always surprise the audience as they change unexpectedly. The character could’ve gotten interesting but the development aimed for a rather cheesy ending and with that there wasn’t much to get out of that either as far as entertainment goes. It wasn’t as bad as Fractale but it surely wasn’t good either.


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