Blood C – 01 Review


The episode mainly follows Saya around for a whole day from morning until night, establishing her character.

Saya is a shine maiden, just like her mother who apparently died when she was younger. The episode starts off with Saya praying in the morning trying to understand a light(oracle?) that she seem to be seeing more often recently. After her prayer has breakfast at her neighbor’s cafe and then she heads off to school where we get to see her in school as a normal school student.

At the end of school, she rushes back to the shrine where she heads off to kill ‘the old ones’ as she is the only one who is able to defeat them using a holy sword. The episode ends after she kills the old ones.


Note: For those who don’t know, Blood C is part of the Blood franchise and the art is done by CLAMP.

The episode is a really slow introduction to the main character while trying to introduce the support cast too.

We learn that Saya is a good-two-shoes who likes to help people and is really clumsy yet good at sports. We find out she can sing, likes dogs and has a group of friends who seem like they are close to her yet for some reason don’t know that her mother is dead. We also find out she really has alot of respect for her father (though it borderlines being wrong when she blushes at him touching her hand) and goes to her neighbour’s cafe to eat every morning. The class chairman likes her and she seems intrigue by a “bad-boy” guy in class.

The characters honestly don’t interest me at all. The art by CLAMP is really pretty and we have a pair of twins in this series who reminds me of the twins in xxxHolic (though it is not unusual for CLAMP to “reuse” characters, I have not the read the novel for Blood C so I am not sure if there are twins in it or if it is just CLAMP’s influence on the anime. The character designs are typical CLAMP with the long out of proportion limbs with small heads and really funky exaggerated hairstyles.

The pace of this episode was so slow and we could have done without the scene of Saya singing her way to school and the slow moving wordless scenes of the anime. I understand the need to create an impact and can appreciate mood building but there were just alot of pointless scenes and moments. There was even a time (the dog scene) where the tacky music made me feel like I was watching a Disney movie i.e. Snow White. That really did not work well for me.

The fighting scene was also weird and odd. It starts off with her using the sword and not making a dent on the enemy and at the end of the scene though nothing changed she is able to chop off its hands/pincers. I could understand her using her “special powers” when her eyes changed and she stabbed it to kill it but why could she suddenly cut it when she couldn’t do so previously?

I am hoping that perhaps some of these elements/scenes that I felt were redundant would become useful or make sense in later episodes but for now, they just make me lose my interest.

Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: If you are a fan of CLAMP then you might want to watch it because the character designs definitely has the CLAMP style in it. If you are curious about this anime, then give it a try and you can decide if it is your cup of tea because for me the first episode did not interest me that much and the pace was just too slow, but since it is the first episode and it is going to be laying the foundation, I am giving it the benefit of the doubt that this is just a foundation episode and won’t continue throughout the series in this same pace and style.

-ra out! (what did you think of the first episode?)

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  1. ya.. agree with your review..~~ not exciting at all… i found situations in blood+ more realistic..characters in blood+ are more realistic as well.. And i dun see what’s the difference when u slice the “old one” with normal eyes and with ‘activated’ eyes.. will continue watching it when i’ve got nothing to watch..


    • I totally agree with you on that! What *is* the difference?!? Did not seem like there is one, I can only assume that they will actually “die” when she slashes them with “activated eys”.

      Well, I will continue to review it, so, feel free to pop by to check out the reviews of the next few eps to help you decide if you even should watch it if there is nothing else to watch. =p


  2. This was arguably the most disappointing debut for a series that I was waiting for. Not only was the pacing poor, but I think the rise in slice of life anime needs to stop because it is starting to seep into the action series too. Yeah, we need a foundation, but really does Saya need to be a perfect child and if she is, do we really need to see it, one scene is enough, and I agree with the whole activated eyes versus not. At first I thought it was a way of reducing the impact of the blood of the previous series, but it made no sense during battle but it seems the continuation of just poor anime series is never going to end. I like you will give it another episode, but so far I do not think it is going to get better.


    • Have you seen the second ep? What did you think of it?

      I think that after watching it, I feel like it is going to be a CLAMP series using things from the blood franchise rather than a Blood series with CLAMP being part of it. So that could be why there is that slice of life element in this anime.

      Are you still going to continue to watch this series or is this on the ‘dropped anime’ list for you?


  3. Totally agree with you… I wanted to check it out because of the art and well, because it’s a Blood series, but hell was it unnecessary slow! I mean, I don’t mind slow pace when it’s useful and really settles a mood, (like in Natsume..) but here it seemed unfounded. And we learn nothing in this ep that makes you feel like you should be expecting something interesting after…..

    To top it off, I really don’t like the heroine personality-wise. I’m still hoping it will change in the following eps


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