Kamisama no Memo-Chou – 01 Review


The episode revolves around a high school student named Fukushima Narumi as he gets entangled up in a case which Alice, a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) detective is currently investigating, and he ends up being recruited as Alice’s assistant by the end of the episode.

The case in this episode is about prostitution activities and it revolves around a missing girl named Shoko. It started off with the case being presented by a Yakuza boss with regards to complaints about prostitution by the business in the district he is handling and the case gets more complex when they discovered that the 2 suspects are actually looking for a missing friend.


The story mainly follows Fukushima Narumi and we learn about his background and the fact that he is basically roaming throughout life with little impact on others. This is probably the reason why he was not really against being dragged into being part of the NEET Investigation Firm despite him having a lack of interest and respect for the people in there.

The first episode is a 45 minutes long and despite the length, it felt like a mini introduction movie having introduced multiple characters and finishing the case that was started in the episode. The case itself is not complex nicely written. The attention the supporting characters in the case had created a bond between the viewer and the case. The only down side I would have to say about this mystery and the way it was solved was that the key piece of the puzzle was “blocked” out by a passing train so as to maintain a certain level of mystery as the case got solved and explained by Alice.

The character dynamics in the NEET team is really interesting and entertaining. They jump off the screen and absorb the viewer making it feel like you are part of the group too. I personally find it hard to watch an anime without feeling a connection of sorts with any of the characters. But the characters in this show are charming.

The art is done really nicely. It suits the style of the show and the atmosphere. The character designs are not too childish and maintain a nice air of maturity in them. The background art is also really nicely done. The colours are vibrant and the different atmosphere moods are depicted nicely.

The pace of the epsiode was also great. Unlike Blood C where I felt certain scenes were unnecessary, Kamisama no Memo-Chou did not make me feel that way. It always kept me wanting more and never wanting the show to stop. The characters were introduced properly and they also set the mood of the show without any waste. I certainly hope that this pacing and this level of standard maintains throughout the rest of the series.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendation: Eventhough I need to rush out of the house really soon to show my friend around town, I can’t help but want to finish this review first to tell you guys to watch it! It is a good anime and if you love some mystery in a story that still maintains a connection to reality then this is a good one to watch. It remains grounded without getting itself too caught up in its detective plot and the supporting characters are charming(more so than the main character). The art is done really nicely and the pacing is great, you won’t feel like the story is too slow and neither will you feel like it is too fast.

-ra out!

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