Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 01 Review

(Episode 1 – Nura’s Clan Third Heir Awakens)

The title basically explains the whole episode. For those who remember the flashback scene that Kana of a bus crash as a child, this episode essentially covers that scene.

The episode starts off with Rikuo four years ago as a child always looking up to his grandfather and being highly enthusiastic about Yokai. After being laughed at and finding out that Yokai’s instill fear in people and they were not the “heroes” which he had pictured them to be he started to hate them and not want to be part of it all. Of course a something triggered a change in his attitude and awakened his Yokai side and that was Kana-chan’s bus crashing. Rikuo goes to the rescue with a new resolve (in his demon form) to lead the Yokai’s in a different path from just instilling fear in people and onto a more “righteous path”(of sorts). The episode ends with Rikuo in present time right after the major battle in Season 1 and is now actively accepting his Yokai side and trying to form his Demon Parade.


If you have yet to see the first season, it would be highly advisable as this is a continuation of the first season.

The art and style of the first episode has not changed much if any at all from the first season of this show. The colours are vibrant and lively. The mood of the first half of the episode felt like a different series because of the lightness of it and style of the dialogue, however, by the end of the episode, the style had settled back into what it previously was.

There were points in this episode that made me want to press the forward button because it was obvious what was going to happen next.

All our favorite characters from the past season are also present since this is a direct continuation of where Season 1 left off.

The interesting part of this episode was when we got to witness the interaction between the Rikuo and Yokais before he had developed his distaste for them. Though the character development was nice, I have no idea how this plays into the main plot of this season as it was a pure flashback scene that seemed like they forgot to add that in when they did the first season. The only part of the show that hinted at the future of this season was the first couple of minutes when Rikuo’s father got murdered. This of course triggered the need for a replacement of a heir to the clan. Which then resulted in Rikuo being put forth as the next heir. But nothing new can really be learn from this episode and I personally would have prefer the story to have just jumped straight into the next plot without this flashback.

Overall, it was still a good episode to watch and I love the not-too-serious-and-fun art style of this show. The pacing was entertaining enough and the mood, though odd at the beginning, settled into itself and got back into the mood that was established in the first season. As an opening episode to get people back into the groove of Nurarihyon, this did it’s job just fine.

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommendation: If you did not like the first Season then perhaps you should give this a pass. If you finished watching Season 1, then why not continue?

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