Natsume Yuujinchou San – 01 Review

Sigh, the first episode of Season 3 stays true to the style of Natsume Yuujinchou.

Episode 1 (27)

(contains episode spoilers)
Natsume returns home from school one day to find a tea cup yokai outside his house. After learning that this teacup will run around alerting the family of the household of danger when it approaches and would even sacrifice itself on a whim to protect the household Natsume decides to leave it be. That night, the teacup yokai starts to run about the house and that alerts Natsume to be wary of danger in the foreseeable future.

The following day at school, Natsume meets a grandmother Yokai who wants his help and curses him so as to ensure that Natsume does not escape. We find out that the Grandmother Yokai is looking for a yokai who had given her a mirror and saved a cherry blossom tree years ago and that yokai smelled similar to Natsume.

As the episode goes on, Natsume gets attacked by a yokai after the ‘book of friends’ is unscathed. We later on also find out that the yokai the grandmother was looking for was actually not a yokai but Reiko and after finding out that Reiko was dead, Natsume tells her to keep the mirror as she is unable to return it anymore. After that ordeal, Natsume returns home only to find the broken teacup and realised that the reason why he was not injured during the attack was because the teacup had sacrificed itself to save him.


Done by the same company (Brain Base) as the first two seasons, this season seems to retain all its goodness that the first two seasons had. A nice laid-back mood with relaxing pastel visuals and lovable characters with a soundtrack to match, this is definitely one of my favorite anime. Sometimes things can get a bit stale when it is just more of the same thing, but Natsume still manages to remain refreshing.

The opening song is a more upbeat tempo song and the ending song is a slow nostalgic sort of song which is how the op and ed were done for the previous seasons.

Just the first episode is enough to leave me feeling all warm and fuzzing on the inside *happy sigh* and it leaves me craving for more episodes. Even watching the new season is already making me dread the wait/hope for another season after this ends.

The animation is as usual pretty and the pacing of the story suits the mood. The animation did seem slightly flat at some points, but I feel like I am really nit-picking.

This episode is a single story episode that wraps itself up by the end of it, and the heartwarming story really left me moved. It also delves into the past of Reiko and gives us a more intimate understanding of what she was like and perhaps in this season, we will see more of the reasons as to why she is the way she is and will allow us to understand her better.

If you are love the cast in the previous seasons then they seem like they will all be back this season. So far Nyanko Sensei is the only one we have seen thus far, and as usual, he is adorably annoying (god knows how that works).

Episode Rating: 8.5/10 (It may not be the best thing around, but it has charm)

Recommended to: If you have seen the first two seasons, this episode is more of the same old good stuff that we had in the first two seasons. If you have not seen the first couple of seasons, this show reminds me of a slightly faster paced and more interesting version of Mushishi and I highly recommend it if you just want something relaxing and nice to watch. It is not necessary to watch the first couple of seasons before starting this episode but it would be better to watch the previous seasons first.

-ra out!
Can’t wait for next weeks episode! For the next 3 months this shall be my weekly salvation from stress at work.

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  1. awwww! i’m so in love with kagechawan!! ❤


    • Me tooooo!! =p It was so adorable, and sad. =( Cant’ wait for the next epsiode to be out. How is Ghost Hunt? 😉 Watching anything else this season? Go see No. 6, it’s nice. =D


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