No. 6 – 01 Review

And so the start to a new series by BONES right after Gosick ends… Once again, this is a novel to anime adaptation.

(Episode 1 – Drenched Rat)
contains episode spoilers

This story takes place in the future and starts off a scene of Mouse being chased and shot followed by a scene with Sion, a genius with a high IQ, at school. It is Sion’s birthday and it so happens to coincide with a passing Typhoon through No. 6 (the district in which Sion lives). After celebrating his birthday with his good friend who gave him a kiss on the cheek as he prepares to head off back home, Sion returns home to study in his room.

After heading home and as the Typhoon start to come in, Sion decides to let open the window in his room and scream at the top of his lungs. Why? Perhaps to let out his frustration. This is where we meet Mouse (a convict being hunted down by the law). He stumbles into Sion’s room and threatens Sion. Sion then treats Mouse’s wounds which he had sustained by being “hunted”. While treating his wounds, they both talked and Sion finds out that Mouse was not actually being brought away from a correctional facility which the government had them believing but rather was actually being brought into the city; to city hall (the big building that Sion felt was like a blister).

Despite Sion pestering Mouse to tell him more, Mouse warns Sion that he already knows too much and that harboring a convict already puts Sion in too deep. The episode ends off with Mouse and Sion holding hands in bed (really felt shounen-ai like during this part) and hion worried about Mouse having a fever induced by an infection and Mouse stating that living humans are really warm.


Out of all the anime thus far this season, No. 6 is probably the one anime that has me worried the most. By the end of the first episode, I was anticipating the season episode eagerly and waiting to find out what happens next. Usually that should be a good thing rather than a worrying thing

This anime is produced by BONES (whom i really love and they have produced many great anime), the one thing about BONES recently is that I have found the shows that they have produced to disappoint me as the season went on. Especially their recent works, i.e. Heroman, Star Driver, and Gosick. I really liked Gosick when it started out but as the show went on my “love” for the show dropped. It is still a decent show to watch to pass the time, but it definitely did not hold up to my expectations and did not have me screaming for more at the end of the episode.

Hopefully the quality of No. 6 will not drop off as the anime goes on. As part of the new ‘novel-to-anime’ adaptation move that the anime industry seem to have started to take on as a trend, No. 6 started off as a light novel. I have not read this novel so I am not sure what goes on in it and do not know if the adaptation by BONES does the novel any justice.

The animation is fantastic, which is as per usual of BONES. Despite their disappointing recent works, the animation quality of them remained relatively high. The first episode of No. 6 however was done really really well. The fluidity of the characters breathed more life into them making them seem more realistic. The framing and the art direction for the first episode also jumped out on screen and made me excited for more. Even if the story line goes to crap after this, at least I hope the art will keep me intersted.

There are elements of this show that reminds me of Aldof Huxley’s novel ‘Brave New World’. The feeling that this place seems like a semi-utopia in the future and where there is nothing to do really reminded me of that novel. The concept of the ignorance of the people living in that place and an outside force butting in to disturb and enlighten people there of reality thus shattering the bubble that they live in. Sure it is a stretch to even draw comparisons, but hey, it did pop into my head for the first few moments.

Maybe it is because I do not have friends who are highly intelligent like the Sion is suggested to be in the anime, but Sion seems to be somewhat of a living oxymoron. How can he be such a genius yet such an air head at the same time. The only conclusion I can come to is that Sion is just curious about things outside the scope of what he knows and his curiosity overrides his basic emotions.

Some may feel that the holding hands scene was too Shounen-ai, but I think that if you looked a bit closer the reason for holding hands could simply be a sign of their friendship and bond that they have made after just one night of knowing each other and to show a contrast in the characters. Sion being worried about a fever and infection is a sign of his character and personality. Mouse noticing that a human that is alive is warm is a sign of Mouse’s past and the vast difference between the both of them.

I personally do not care for Sion too much because he does seem like a female with a man’s voice. I am more towards a Mouse fan at this point in time. As for how the show will progress I have no clue as the poster and the ED scenes all show what I presume is a grown up version of Mouse and Sion. And so I assume that a heavy focus will be placed on their future and this is just a short prologue to their past before the main plot starts.

Episode Rating: 9/10

Recommendation: I am loving this so far, as for whether the rating will maintain throughout the season, I have my doubt. However, this is a good first episode that has left me wanting for more. If you are looking for suspense, great animation, and something with a thicker plot that this is for you.

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  1. I loved reading your review. I am not entirely in agreement about the show (I do understand that intelligent people are sometimes very unreasonable and irrational and the shounen-ai parts), but I really like your style and am wishing you good luck in all this blogging and keep up this great work! I agree on everything else, though, especially about the graphics and the utopic world.

    Here is my review:


  2. dont advertise at other people’s review. apparently u r very cheap. this is insulting./


  3. i liked heroman it wasn’t my favorite but it does deserve at least one more season to try and prove it has long term appeal hopefully they may even flesh out the characters a lot more i would hope so. and i hope they get the same writer because he is the original comic artist for spiderman, or something along those lines.


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