Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 02 Review

Episode 2 –  Their Justice

Ooooo, what a nice juicy epsiode filled with intertesting occurences.

The episode carries off where last season ends and we see Rikuo recruiting Yokais into his Demon Parade.

The main focus of this episode revolves around the Yura and her clan. Also in this episode is a nice revelation and an introduction to more new characters as well as the reappearance of the old main cast. You can expect action and suspense as you watch it, and this is just too good for me to spoil it if you have not watched the epsiode yet. So no spoilers for those of you who are looking for some.


I hope I was not the only one at the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. It was really good to see the old cast back (although they were not in it for a long time). I like the dark atmosphere of this episode and it is good that the animators and directors did not waste any time trying to drag the episode on and dived straight into the midst of a new arc. The use of the slight comical moments helped with breaking the tension and moved itself away from being “too serious/bleak” and back into the swing of a more lighter mood which NNM has previously set.

I am loving the pace of this episodes so far and and I am hoping that this does not let up and that the director does not drag the story on in the later parts just to fill up episode as I felt that Season 1 did tend to be on the slower side towards the second half of the season. The constant action while maintaining the quality of the animation is also always a good bonus for those watching.

I loved the tension of the plot, the constant, “will she know? won’t she know?” idea kept popping into my mind (I have not read the manga, but after this episode, I just could not help myself but to spoil myself by read the next few chapters of the manga, and now I am really looking forward to the next episode).

I am a huge sucker for revelations (I loved to watch Superman, was addicted to the Lois and Clark TV Series and I still love it. May not be the best but it is entertaining despite being dated now. Shall end my rant now.) and the fact that Rikuo’s secret is such a big thing and he is hiding it from so many important people makes it all the more exciting. I just can’t wait for the next big revelation, whenever that is.

I just want to see the rest of the Nura Clan back in action together. I love a good gathering. Since the episode ended with Yuki-Onna running to look for Rikuo, we should be able to expect an appearance from her soon enough. =)

Sorry for the lack of spoilers or perhaps too much spoilers. But it is a good episode and a lot more interesting than the previous one. I know that this is meant to be a review and I have yet to say any insightful things or explain the episode well.

I’m excited. Less than a week to go before the next ep is out. Who is excited too? =D

Episode Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: I found the building up to the episode climax to have been done really nicely and I hate cliffhangers but this was a nice one.

-ra out!

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