No. 6 – 02 Review

After watching Blood-C, this feels like a nice breath of fresh air on a warm humid day.

Episode 02 – The Town Clad in Light
(Contains spoilers)

4 years has passed and Shion has lost his previllages to live in the chrome and his qualification to take the Special Course due to the incident in episode one on that fateful night when he met with Rat. Shion now works in a park watching over the monitors and one day he discovers a dead body in the park. This is the catalyst that starts the events that are to come.

He meets up with Safu and Safu is now going away to No. 5 to study for two years. They discuss the changes in Shion and how his goals in life (or lack thereof) has changed. Right before Safu leave, she asks Shion to have sex with her. Shion declines but tells Safu to asks again 2 years later when she get back. This is when a rat runs by and crawls up Shion’s neck and Nezumi (Rat) is using a speaker which is on the Rat (animal) to talk to Shion. Shion goes running after the Rat but it gets away.

The next day at work, the dead body that Shion and his co-worker had discovered the day before is claimed by the government and Shion suspects a cover-up as the man who died looked to be an old-man yet the government claims it is meant to be this 31 year old man and all his wife is told is that the man had died in the park. Shion then voices his doubts aloud but was hushed by his co-worker right before his co-worker ages and died before his very eyes and a wasp crawls out of the dead man’s neck.

Shion blacks out and is now being cuffed and brought away to be interrogated only to realise that he is actually going to be sent to a correctional facility for having voiced his doubts. Nezumi (Rat) then comes to the rescue of Shion. Action ensues and they escape through a sewer, but only after Shion rids himself of his identity by taking off his bracelet. We catch a glimpse of Shion’s neck that look to be like an ominous mark resembling the mark where the wasp had appeared from from both the dead park man and his co-worker’s body. The episode ends with Shion being introduced to “reality”.


Oooo, i just love this show. Maybe I am loving a bit more than I really should because I watched Blood-C right before this episode but, ah, this is a nice anime.

The pacing of the episode was really good. Everything was fast and there were the moments where the anime took a break to indulge in the character’s mood creating a nice mixture of fast pace action, a consistent movement through the plot of the show and a slow moments where you can just enjoy the show without information overload.

I like the new Shion better, he has matured in the 4 years and he is no longer the crazy curious and partially foolish male.

I found it really funny how blunt Safu was when she asked Shion to have sex with her and it felt like emotions are not part of their lifestyle due to the tight control that the government have over its people.

The relationship and instant friendship that had developed between Shion and Nezumi is somewhat unbelievable and I did hope that it would have been developed a bit more in this episode rather than their close/strong friendship being stated as a fact. But instead that is what the animators decided to do and they just stated the relationship between the two main characters as a fact and moved on with the plot instead.

I still have no idea what role Safu plays in all of this. Is she a character that is meant to draw out the hidden questions from Shion? Or will she amount to something more. Hopefully this is not the last we see of her.

Nezumi is soooo cool. =p I am kinda rooting for a nice Nezumi x Shion paring just because I love how Nezumi teases Shion. But I hope that while the teasing continues, this anime does not stray down the path of being Shounen-ai and sticks to being a normal quality anime because when shows stray down the Shounen-ai path, the demographic of viewers gets smaller and I do like this anime and I think it is worth people giving it a shot without being put off due to a genre tag being stuck to it.

The animation was great. There was this one part that did not make sense and that way when Nezumi drove the truck into the closing gates. The way the top was cleaning cut off the truck. That was weird. Come on, it shouldn’t have been sliced, instead it should have been wrecked or like smashed in, heck, the truck should not even have made it through the gate. Lol. Unless I missed some physic factor that I did not realise. I found that part funny but not a major issue. I understand they needed to build the tension and still have the main characters escape. I love the quality of the animation and perhaps it may not have been as good as the first episode, the quality is still above average and is very pleasant to watch.

The music on the other hand was really weird. The tone of the background music felt like it had been over worked with sound effects giving it a weird alien-like quality to it at times. This is probably the only obvious issue that I had with this episode. I hope that they revert back to a more “normal” soundtrack because the bg music for the sewage scene was really a mood-killer.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode a lot and can’t wait to see what happens to Shion and how he will integrate into the “real world” as well as whether he is affected by the disease, and also to see the interaction between Shion and Nezumi.

Rating: 8/10


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