Kamisama no Memo-chou – 02 Review

Episode 2
(contains spoilers)

The Case: Kusakabe Meo in search for her missing father who is an ex-yakuza, Kusakabe Masaya.
The Client: Kusakabe Meo

So a new episode brings the start to a new case. This case revolves around an ex-yakuza called Kusakabe Masaya,38, and his daughter.

The opening scene starts off with Kusakabe being chased down the streets of Japan by Yakuzas. Kusakabe finds a spot to hide and makes a call to his daughter telling her to take the duffel bag that is in their house, run away from home and also to always remember that her mother that is in heaven is with her. The call ends with Kusakabe saying that that is the last time he will see his daughter.

Meo then takes the bag and heads to the NEET detective agency and explaining to Alice what had happened. We discover that within the duffel bag is 100 million yen. Alice takes on the case promising to help Meo to the best of her abilities. After some searching and hitting on his ex-girlfriends, Hiroaki manages to obtain a picture of Kusakabe. Alice then sends Narumi to pass the picture onto Soichiro so that they can distribute it and help with the search. (The interaction that Narumi has with the Yakuzas at this point is entertaining) After being warned to stay off the case by Soichiro, Narumi heads to find Tetsuo.

Tetsuo had managed to find a previous acquaintance of Kusakabe and it is learnt from this that when Kusakabe left the Yakuza, in return for being able to keep his finger, he had to launder 300 million for the group. After reporting this information back to Alice and with the group gathered there, theories are thrown around about Kusakabe abandoning his daughter etc.

The episode ends with a scene of Alice having remembered the words that Kusakabe had left for Meo about her mother being with her, which sparks Alice to search the duffel bag and discovering a handphone in it with the wallpaper image of the family of 3 together. The sound of Yakuza trashing around the alley way near the NEET agency signals the end of the episode.


This episode to me was not as good as the first one.

The first episode had more time thus it was able to create a better atmosphere, also the pacing as well as the development of the plot was more coherent. This episode however felt choppy to me with the pacing being too fast and scenes not being given the time to developed. The case is also not as intersting as the first one due to the way the story was told. The first case integrated the characters into it and thus allowed the viewer to feel more connected to the case. Whereas with this case, the only character that is part of the main cast that we get to see some form of partial insight to is Ayaka. Also, the rest of the NEET team is missing in action for the most part as they are all off doing their own research. In short, this episode felt like there were too many characters each doing their own thing and thus though the episode follows Narumi around, we don’t get to see as much of the other cast. And honestly. Narumi is not a very interesting character.

The art of this episode also felt like there was a slight drop in quality as compared to the first episode. Did the rest of you feel that way too?

I love the scene between the Yakuza and Narumi though, they are just hilarious to watch and can be quite endearing as well. I just wish they would extend those scenes to make them longer. The interaction between Narumi and Alice reminds me too much of Gosick and I am getting slightly annoyed with Narumi due to how spineless he seems to be. Personally, I never really did like this sort of relationship dynamics in pairings.

I am hoping that this case will get more interesting in the next episode and develop a deeper sense of mystery making the plot less straight forward and thus enticing the viewer to actually care about the case because I found myself not really caring about what information the NEET team had discovered due to the way some of the information was just tossed in our face. I also hope that we will get to see more of the NEET team working together rather than as individuals because they are more interesting when they are together.

Rating: 7/10

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