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So, while surfing around the net today here is what I found that seemed relatively interesting.

Top 10 Best/Worse New Summer Anime

(Japanese View Opinions form a poll created at Anime One)

Out of the new TV anime for July, which show were you most pleased with?

#1 Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% (419 votes)

#2 Natsume Yūjinchō San (288 votes)

#3 Mawaru – Penguin Drum (257 votes)

#4 Kami-sama no Memo-chō (241 votes)

#5 Baka to Test to Shōkanjū (240 votes)

#6 Bunny Drop (231 votes)

#7 Kamisama Dolls (222 votes)

#8 Ikoku Meiro no Croisée (218 votes)

#9 Ro-kyu-bu! (206 votes)

#10 Yuruyuri (196 votes)

Out of the new TV anime for July, which show were you most disappointed by?

#1 THE IDOLM@STER (459 votes)

#2 Ro-kyu-bu! (350 votes)

#3 R-15 (321 votes)

#4 Baka to Test to Shōkanjū (312 votes)

#5 Natsume Yūjinchō San (277 votes)

#6 Manyuu Hikenchou (272 votes)

#7 Mayo chiki! (254 votes)

#8 Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% (236 votes)

#9 BLOOD-C (207 votes)

#10  Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise (206 votes)

Really? Uta no Prince-sama as number 1? I love reverse-harem shows but even I had a hard time trying to watch it. Especially with the freaky eye colour that the main lead Haruka has:

What is wrong with her eyes?! Is having normal eyes too boring for people these days? sigh…

The look of her eyes is probably one of the main reasons why I can’t bring myself to watch more of the series without feeling some sort of prejudice towards it. And on that same list for worse anime Uta no Prince-sama is above Blood-C and that is another thing that I don’t agree with personally. It was obvious what sort of quality one was going to expect from a reverse-harem dating sim game. It is rarely ever done well, the only one that I can remember liking was La Corda d’oro and even that was not fantastic. Blood-C on the other hand was such a disappointment to me that I would have expected it to be higher up on the list (Blood-C review) due to it being part of the Blood franchise.

You guys know what I feel about Natsume Yuujinchou San, if you don’t you can read the reviews that I have written here.

I have seen the first episode of Mawaru – Penguin Drum, and it was surprisingly entertaining. The siblings were fun to watch and the penguins were so adorable. The “Queen” was odd and the “morphing” sequence can be slightly sudden and confusing. The art was nice, it leaned towards the funky side with lines being in red instead of black and the bright vibrant colours might be a slight shock at times but the animators held back enough for it to just be a “quirk”/style of the series rather than an overbearing focus. As for the plot, I am still unsure about whether I like it or not, but it is entertaining to watch. Hopefully I will find the time to write a longer review soon.

I liked the first episode of Kami-sama no Memo-chō quite abit and so far I am liking the series despite the second episode being not as entertaining as the first. You can read the review that I have written here.

Another surprising thing for me is that I thought Usagi Drop would be higher up on the “pleased” list due to the rave reviews it has been getting. I have only seen 5 minutes of it, but the art style whilst beautiful was too artsy for me to want to continue to watch it at that point in time, but I will probably get to it some time soon.

I would like to hear how accurate this list is compared to the one you have in your mind. =D

Interview with ‘Tomo’

I saw this video on the News section of Crunchyroll and omg. The host is so annoying.
I can cut ‘Tomo’ some slack since her first language is jap and I don’t think it is too surprising she would read from a script if she does not understand the language, but the host is just painful.

Tell me what you think of the list and how true it is to you. I would really like to hear about it. =D

-ra out


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