Natsume Yuujinchou San – 03 Review

Such a heartwarming episode, although that is already a given. =)

I will upload screen captures at a later time.

Episode 3 (28)

(contains spoilers)

This episode bring back a friend from Natsume’s past called Shibata. Shibata used to bully Natsume back in elementary school and would tease him about being a liar for saying that he could see Yokais.

One afternoon after school, Shibata comes to find Natsume to ask for Natsume’s help to see if the girl he has been meeting up with called Murasaki was a Yokai. Natsume assures Shibata that Murasaki is not a yokai but a human and Shibata is relieved by the fact. That night, Natsume dreams of Murasaki eating Shibata and with the help of Nyanko-sensei, he realises that Murasaki is a yokai.

Natsume decides to find Shibata to warn him about his mistake and to tell Shibata to stay away, but Shibata gets defensive and calls Natsume a liar targeting at Natsume’s old wound. Natsume persists and finds Murasaki. We find out that Murasaki is actually a tree spirit and her tree has been destroyed and she does not have much time left. Murasaki had originally approached Shibata in order to eat him but after time, she came to love him. She then tells Natsume to pass Shibata a letter, and we see that she has actually written her name on that paper.

The episode ends with Murasaki dissapearing and Natsume and Shibata being friends.


This is a typical heartwarming episode of Natsume. The story is not as mysterious and more straightforward than the previous episode but we get to learn more about Natsume’s insecurities and his past VS his present. The episode main theme seem to revolve around insecurities and friendship. It shows how Natsume has always wanted friends and his past friendships/lack-there-of and how both characters (Natsume and Shibata) have their own insecurities and have to deal with their insecurities with the help of each other.

I found it funny how the first half of the episode had Natsume blushing more times than I can remember ever seeing him blush. It makes him look like a girl and quite odd and out of character. =P

I like Shibata’s character and I hope that he will appear again during the series. It was also nice to see Natsume grow as a character and become more of a man and less insecure. Perhaps some may find the minute progress in his attitude and growth as a person boring and slow, but I felt that these tiny changes suits the pacing and style of the show.

Essentially, this episode was essentially more of the same; an episodic heart warming chapter. I do wish that there would be more progress or a more complex plot in the next episode which would extend over a couple of episodes instead as while I am enjoying the episodic style of story-telling, the longer stories were always more entertaining and grabbed my attention more.

Also, I love it when Nyako-sensei morphs into his original form, it is just so cool, but it is always so entertaining to see him annoy Natsume in his cat form.

And how cute was that scene in the bathroom with Nyanko-sensei and Natsume? I could not help but smile along =)

-ra out!


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