Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 03 Review

And so all the episode 3 of the series are coming out and this is the 2nd anime I have reviewed today and it sure does not disappoint.

Episode 3
(contains spoilers)

So this episode naturally continues where last episode had left off.

Last episode was spent building up to the revelation of Rikuo’s identity. And this episode starts off with just that, now Yura finally knows who Rikuo is. The first half of the episode focuses on the fight between Yura’s brother and Rikuo. I really am not sure how to explain the fight scene, you gotta see it to understand it I guess but I shall try my best here.

So Rikuo protects Yura and Ryuuji sends out Gyogen, a water shikigami. This water then forms flowers which will burn anything it touches and Ryuuji warns Rikuo no one has lasted more than 3 minute and 3 minutes was his time limit when it comes to using such a powerful shikigami. Rikuo lasts that 3 minutes with some difficulty, however, Ryuuji was lying and was actually setting up a trap which took him about 3 minutes to complete. Ryuuji attacks Rikuo and for that minute it seems like Rikuo may be dead. (of course he isn’t dead, you cant go around killing the main character 3 eps into the new season)

Rikuo slices Ryuuji and Mamiru attacks Rikuo. Yura finds out that Mamiru is no longer the same Mamiru that she grew up with and is now her older brother as well after being accepted into the main house. Just as Mamiru is about to finish off Rikuo, the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons appears (woot!) to save the day.

Ryuuji then explains to Yura the real reason he is there, which is that the Keikain’s enemy has started to move – Hagoromo-Gitsune. He unties all the demons in the Kyoto region and has already killed Yura’s two older brothers. We find out that the sword that Rikuo is using is a Omyouji sword that is meant to harm Yokais not humans. He also leaves a message for Rikuo’s grandfather; “never come around to our house again! we won’t feed you if you do”. Ryuuji then proceeds to leave and we see that he has actually set up a third level trap which probably could have finished off all the yokais.

The second half of the episode is not as interesting as it focuses on Yura conversing with Rikuo as she tries to make head or tail of what she has found out as well as a flashback of Nurarihyon. The episode ends at the flashback.


This episode has got me craving for moreeee again. This season is definitely more interesting than the last one.

One issue that I have got with the fight scene is as to why Rikuo seems so weak against Ryuuji. I understand Rikuo not wanting to harm Ryuuji, but at least he could have deflected or done something that did not make him seem as weak, especially after how much effort last season had put into making Rikuo grow as a Yokai. This seems to be the issue with many Shounen series where they somehow forget certain “powers” that the character has or certain abilities or how strong they are (Fairytail anime conveniently forgets powers that appears once in the series and never to be seen thereafter). This is probably the trend with the whole structure of character being an underdog and then becoming strong. Of course this series is not really too focused on that as compared to many others and I am thankful for that.

Because I had spoiled myself before this episode was out by reading the manga, I felt like I wanted more action out of the fight scenes. But that could just be me being all excited and wanting a lot of “booms” and “pows”. Naturally, this is not to say that the action scene was slow or weak, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was nice to see Ryuuji being less of an ass this episode. Sure he still has his prejudice against the yokais, but he did not finish them off when he could. Then again, that would be the end of the series if he did do that =p. I actually thought that Ryuuji was pretty cool this episode and I hope that Rikuo and Ryuuji will fighting along side each other soon.

The flashback scene was very anti-climatic though probably essential for me as the first half of the episode would get your blood pumping but the flashback kinda made you calm down and destroyed the excitement from the first scene. That seems to be opposite to what the usual pace would be, which is to buildup to a climax, but we had this episode on its head and had the climax followed by a flashback. That being said, the flashback scene was still alot fun to watch.

The animation was as usual, the fight scenes were nice to watch and nothing special but still maintains its standard. Since this whole episode takes place at night, it is missing most of it vibrant and sharp colour which are usually present in the series. However, don’t think that this will be a very dark (colour tone wise) episode, because the contrast between the colours are still very high and thus the mood is still relatively light.

This might not be the best anime ever or even the best of this season, but this is the anime this season that has be pulling my hair to know what happens next because of just how enjoyable it is. Overall, this was a good episode, I prefer the first half of the ep to the second but then again, I prefer the last ep to this. But if you are still watching the show, then you don’t need me to tell you why it is worth watching. =)

Rating: 7.5/10

-ra out! See you at the next ep or next review! =D Please comment on what you would like to see in a review so that I can make the better, or you can just simply say hi or tell me what you like/hate about this ep!

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