Awesome AMVs That You Should See And Will Love

Having recently ordered my Manifest 2011 Tickets, I have decided to create a list of AMVs that I think are pretty awesome as my favourite event at Manifest has gotta be the AMVs.

So I hope you have fun watching all of these and have a fun time laughing.

This is an awesome AMV, love it so much. This amv is essentially a mixture of different animes edited and mixed together to fit the song.

Rah Hey! by Ileia (Ileia Thespina Centracchio)

I saw this next video a couple of years back, but I just love the way it was done. This is about the anime 5cm per second. If you have not watched this anime, you really shoul, it is really nice and bittersweet as well as beautiful.

Our Innocence by Brad and Nessephanie

This is a slightly darker amv about Death Note.

Dark Sun by Devil Shin

This is a AMV with mixture of anime.

The song in the video is nice and the timing of the anime to the characters are done very well.

Confession to the Dancefloor – JadeCharm

This was so much fun to watch, it is another AMV with a mix of anime but done really well. Love the fast pace yet smooth mash-up of the different anime. I also like the remix of the song.

Blame it on 2009, A good year, good year – Kitsuner (J.D. Nelson)

Here is a Fate/Stay Night anime amv. I love the filters used in this one.

Incoerenza – Karusman07 (il Karusu)

This is the last of the list for now. A teen-angst AMV using clips from the anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Another great anime movie.

Time Is Not The End – spk1983

I hope you guys enjoyed watching these AMVs. I applaud all of these people who managed to put together such entertaining AMVs, all that time and effort must have been really hard.

If you have any AMVs that you like, I hope that you will share it with me because I am always up for watching more AMVs.

-ra out!
Can’t wait to see what AMVs will be at Manifest this year.


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