No. 6 – 03 Review

I am unable to insert screen captures right now so I will have to insert them at a later time, sorry. Just got home and here are the screencaps I promised you all! =)

It seems like things are going to slow down from this epsiode onwards in the sense that we are not going to have a big skip in time.

This episode looks to be a plot building episode which will steer us in the direction on what the rest of the series will focus on (or so it seems that way).

Episode 3 – Life and Death
(contains episode spoilers)

We start off where the last episode left off with Shion in the west city. This city is where No. 6 dumps all it’s unwanted “trash”.

Shion is reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Nezumi’s room and is amazed by the story. Shion then says that books such as those were not allowed in No. 6.

The episode then follows on with Shion’d infection spreading and him panicking and requesting Nezumi to cut the wasp out of his neck. Nezumi then does an impromptu surgery with no anesthetic and removes the wasps successfully. Shion then goes on to sleep for 3 days and when he wakes up, his body is scarred and his hair has turned white. Shion panicks after seeing the massive change in his appearance and starts to breakdown to which Nezumi asks Shion if he would rather be dead instead. This breaks Shion out of his depressed state.

Shion and Nezumi then discuss the attack of the killer wasps in No. 6 and the possibility of people having been infected and that due to winter coming, the wasps will remain dormant until spring comes and they may all hatch at the same time – on holy day.

This is where we get to see the difference between Shion and Nezumi. Shion is still a naive and innocent boy who wants to help everyone and find a cure using his blood which would have built up some antibodies and does not fully grasp what the true face of no. 6 is whereas Nezumi finds joy at the possibility of No. 6 crumbling and looks forward to the day No. 6 falls. This leads to the ultimatum which Nezumi give Shion at the end of the episode which is that if once Shion learns the truth of No. 6 and still decides to save No. 6, Shion will become his enemy.


This was another good episode of No. 6 by BONES. I think my faith in BONES has been restored with this series. Now my issue is which studio is my favourite animation studio, BONES or Brain Base?

Anyway, back to the review.

This was a nicely paced episode with little redundant moments. Every moment and every sentences explains more on what the story is about what No. 6 is like and what that world is like. The only thing that I found pointless or not as important/waste-of-space in this ep is Safu. =p I don’t really see the point of that girl, honestly. I also do miss the small action moments in the previous episode which is just not present in this episode.

Now the surgery part was done in a pretty unrealistic manner. Perhaps it is the change in the anime style where blood is now no longer meant to be that “realistic”, or just implied due to some people who watch anime and can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality. However, the lack of any blood is highly unrealistic and that saddens me because the characters are done so well in a realistic manner with such believable reactions. For instance, though I was annoyed by Shion’s whiny/gutless reaction upon seeing his new appearance, it was expected and acceptable because of how his character is made out to be and the situation that he is suddenly thrust into. I also liked the scene with Shion saying that he wanted to contact his mother and Nezumi tells him to forget about her because it is dangerous to have ties, and Shion then accuses Nezumi of being unable to do the same thing by saving Shion. Nezumi then responses to Shion by saying that he only saved Shion because Shion saved Nezumi. Though it sounds sterile and like a business contract, it was so true of Nezumi’s character and I am thankful it did not turn into a “sudden best friends for life” situation because that would have just destroyed the whole show. Back to the surgery, I also thought it was odd that Nezumi had cutted into Shion’s neck (not arm or any other place with lesser nerves/major arteries/veins) without too much issue and just pulled out the wasp. Honestly, how many surgeries has Nezumi done before this. Sure, there was no other option at that point in time, but geez, that really showed the faith that Shion had in Nezumi.

The implication of a dystopia once again brought me back to thinking about the novel Brave New World because of the lack of books in that society which can also be seen in No. 6.

Also, the idea of gourmet killer wasps roaming around the city reminds me of a Hitchcock movie. And the last part of the episode seemed to have brought out Shion’s inner Ace Ventura with the psychic taming of the dogs and all.

I also love the interaction between Shion and Nezumi in this episode but what I liked the most was Nezumi’s sadistic nature of wanting to see everyone die in No. 6. He probably has his reasons for feeling that way, but I could not help but feel all sadistic along with him.

This episode has also seem to imply and established the fact that Holy Day in spring is going to be ‘The Day” for this series. How true that is, I am not sure, but that is just what I felt from the dialogue in the episode and how it seems like that is the direction that this plot is driving towards.

The dramatic ending of this episode definitely leaves me wanting more and I can’t wait for next week to come around. What a good start to a Friday this is.

-ra out!

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