Sunflowers planted in Fukushima to heal the soil

Volunteers and farmers have been planting Sunflowers all over the Fukushima perfecture in hopes of reducing the radioactivity in that region.

The project follows the lead of the action taken in Chernobyl where a large amounts of flowers were planted as well after the Nuclear incident in 1986 to reduce the radioactivity in that region.

Radiation has been leaking into the ground around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant ever since the Tsunami and Earthquake disaster in March 11.

Scientists believe that sunflowers at their full height can absorb large quantities of radioactive caesium, resulting in their growing presence across the Fukushima landscape in order to help decontaminate soil.

Officials are hoping that the soil will not only benefit from the project but also the local economy, as they aim to attract a growing number of tourists back to the region with the sunflower fields.” -The Telegraph

Hopefully the beauty that will bloom in that region can be seen as something positive that has come out of such a sad event.


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