Blood C – 03 Review

And here is our weekly dosage of Blood-C to kick off the start to the weekend. If you are watching this series still, I would really like to know what pulls you back each week.

Episode 03
(contains episode spoilers)

Saya and her father are having breakfast together at Fumito’s place before she heads to school. Saya had just made Tamagoyaki for her father and you can see how badly she wants to please her father. Saya then leaves for school after having some Guimauve which made her feel all floaty. On her way to school, she breaks out into song and once again sees the dog, this time though, she manages to sneak up on the dog and pick it up.

This made Saya late for school which lead to Saya getting punished by her teacher. After school, she and her group of friends head over to Guimauve Cafe to have cakes and that is when a police man enters telling them about the missing baker.

Saya had a feeling that it might be the work of ‘the old ones’ and decides to go roaming around town to find the man at nightfall. She catches up to the man upon spotting him and stalks the guy until he enters a train and gets killed by ‘the old ones’ while a emotionless Saya stands around on the outside and watches the guy dies. A battle follows and Saya kills off ‘The Elder Bairns’ without too much difficulty. The Elder Bairns then mutters “Honor the covenant” with his last breath. The episode ends with a speech by the unknown guy that has been at the beginning of every episode as far.


What is wrong with me?? There must be something wrong with me for continuing to watch this show, maybe I am just sadistic or super stubborn. I keep hoping it gets better and that maybe there was a reason for all this episodes.

Will the father-daughter thing never end? OMG. That was the first thing that the episode started off with.

The food of this episode was Tamagoyaki and Guimauve. Will the facination with Guimauve never stop? I mean, what was the point in Saya emphasizing how Guimauve makes her feel floaty, unless she is going to gain the ability to float after each bite, I really did not see the point of that. And again with the singing! Argh. And why are they trying to throw in a hint of girl-love as well? But seeing that this is CLAMP, I am hardly surprised.

The good thing is that there is progress in this show, she finally picks up the dog and has contact with the dog. =_=” (I think that the interest that the dog shows when he was picked up mirrored my interest at that point in time) But that does not change the forever-slow pace of the show, with the panning scenes and meaningless conversation as well as the unchanging format that each episode seem to have so far – breakfast> school> home> fight> end.

The naive-ness of Saya may be endearing to some, but unnerving to me. Sometimes I just wanna slap her for being so unaware. But it does seem like she lives in a cave and has no clue about life. The uncharacteristic change in her attitude when she deals with “the old ones” is also starting to get on my nerve.

The twins in the show reminded me of Ouran’s Hitachin brothers, but a less interesting and less fun version of the twins, with the whole pink hair and talking in-sync with one another thing.

The upside to this episode is that there is at least a plot behind the “enemy-of-the-week” instead of the writers deciding to throw in some random ‘old ones’ with a random stated connection just so that they can add a fight scene. This episode is actually quite creepy, but what I can’t understand is how come Saya would just stand there and let the guy die instead of saving him or helping him. Where’s the logic in that?

I do like the creepy mood that the episode managed to create even if it was just a couple of minutes during the second half of the episode. Whilst the creature is big and bad-ass looking, it looks like a pink/lilac elephant and that takes away the creepy factor and for how bad-ass it looks it seems like the difficulty level for Saya when defeating these creatures is getting lower and lower as she killed this one without as much trouble as before.

The last decent thing is that this episode leaves us with something at the end that signals a possible progress in the plot – “Honor the covenant”.

If you think that the traditional ‘meaning of life’ speech is missing from this episode, fear not, it is there right at the end. I just want to know whose voice it is that is saying all these things and it had better not be a random character with no meaning at all. I actually did like this episode’s ‘meaning of life’ speech and that made me feel like there was something good to take away from this episode after all (even if the guy was talking in circles).

Rating: 5.5/10

This episode was better than the last one. But once again, the lack of substance is highly obvious.

-ra out! (feel free to let me know if you disagree, because I feel like maybe I might be missing something that this show is trying to say because this is probably the first CLAMP show that I have trouble watching)


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  1. You’re not alone in this. I actually liked Clamp most of the time, accepting some silliness here and there for the sake of being cute and stuff but here… Saya is just getting on my nerves. She isn’t just dumb, she’s really unnervingly retarded and it just hurts to have a heroine that you’re supposed to take serious and care for with such a stupid characterization.
    This series keeps hinting at an enormous development instead of showing one and while waiting we have to suffer Sayas daily life, meaning her stupid tirades with the rest of the characters – and that’s just boring. If the series wants to build up to ONE important twist, it should at least try to make it worthwhile sitting around for entire episodes waiting for that twist but instead all we get is dumb slice-of-life and a list of non-conclusive hints.


  2. Scrooge McDuck

    Speculations running around that the whole town is a semi-controlled experiment for the purpose of nurturing Saya, herself not a mentally whole human being. That would explain the disturbingly repetitive activities and mundane conversations (I was right: them being boring IS the point!) and the disturbing extreme dissonance of Saya’s personality.

    It would be a pretty neat twist. However, does it really need more than 3 episodes to build that up, especially considering that this is supposed to be a 12-episodes series?


    • I heard of that theory too… Well, it sounds great but it also sounds like wishful thinking. Certainly it’s the basis for all the voices that like the series, they’re convinced that the revelation at the end will redeem/explain EVERYTHING – seems to me they’re just one the way to disappointment with such great expectations…
      This is one of these series where one really has to wait for the end to judge it fairly because it’s ONLY about this conclusion, explanation, plottwist, whatever… There’s also a movie coming up following this series and it definitely could be that they want the “good stuff” to be in the movie instead of the series which they seemingly want to give all the stupid slice-of-life while the movie gets all the gory action it needs to be exciting. So, how about that theory: This series builds up to 90 minutes of bloody and brutal fighting in the movie ^^ ? First a silly life-is-happy series and then a shockingly brutal movie – now that’s a surprise!


      • LOL! That would be awesome, but, I am just wondering that at the rate that the show is going, who would watch the movie except hardcore fans?

        The thing about redeeming and explaining would make things a lot better only if there was even anything to explain in the first place. Oh well, at this stage, everything is just going to be wait-and-see.


      • I can already see the advertisement for the movie:
        “You think Saya’s a happy little girl who just loves her father too much…
        You think Saya’s a naive little angel protected by her trusted friends at school…
        You think you know her…
        You’re wrong…”
        And then you get a sequence of gutwrenching bloody fight scenes with a punk rock-like Soundtrack in the background ^^ . That’s the kind of movie that will follow the series ^^ …


  3. Thanks guys for the tip on the speculation about the plot twist.

    I agree with the both of you on this the whole one major plot twist thing. I just feel that the writers should go and refer to Shiki for some inspiration for such a plot format because Shiki actually managed to make things interesting for the most part as the plot was building up to one big revelation and conclusion to the issue.

    I think that the first 3 episode could have been fast forwarded and made into 1 episode. The first episode itself was enough to show that Saya is a incomplete and not to mention mental person. The second episode was just reiterating that fact. And the third episode just made the viewers feel like they were idiots and as boring as Saya for sitting through the whole episode when they could have just seen the first and not missed out on anything much at all.

    @Scrooge McDuck: A twist like what you mentioned will be awesome, but with each passing episode, I am starting to care lesser and lesser about the plot twist. I just hope that this is the last episode of repetition and we get to see something more.

    Ultimately, I am a stubborn person and am going to watch on and review on until the end of this series. We have seen shows that have had a slow start and managed to finish quite nicely, I just hope that the next 9 episodes will be amazing.


  4. i don’t mind Saya’s personality however the singing every morning thing is getting annoying. the reason why i don’t mind her personality is because it’s a breather from the tsundere fade that has been going on lately. Though i don’t mind tsunderes. typical anime personali types are like eating your favorite flavor of ice cream; no matter how many times you eat it, it will still taste good


  5. God I just watched ep 1 and 3.. I also wonder if I’ll be able to take any more of this…

    And yeah! why the hell didn’t she try to save the baker?! what’s the point of her remembering him fondly just moments before?!

    I guess since it’s supposed to be a show that received budget (they took Clamp for the chara-design after all), I can’t shake off the idea that there must be some good story ready to unfold in this!….but my hopes shrink at every episode I watch… I’ll give it 2 more ep to see if there is really nothing to expect of it, or nothing to compensate all the silliness in it (the heroine, her songs, her dull life school and her dullness in itself, etc….)

    ps : CLAMP did handle the character design, but to my understanding, that’s all they did.. they didn’t write the story nor direct it, so the story and plot aren’t theirs to blame.


  6. @morgoth : lol! you should write in a letter and pitch that to them as the lines for the movie trailer. =p


    • Oh, there’s more… I see also another trailer a scene where Saya stands over the corpses of some really creepy looking monsters and one of them says in weak dying voice “Why…?”. And then you see Sayas violent Night-Face and she says smiling: “I’d say ‘Why not?’.” And then the screen goes black and you get this narrator with a dark voice:
      “This winter Saya will show you…
      that justice needs no purpose…”
      And then it gets back to Saya how she stabs the dying “Elder Bairn” in a very bloody way. And the narrator closes the trailer with:
      “… It only needs a sword.”
      And of course everything again with a hardcore punk rock BGM ^^ .


      • Lol! *applause*

        I really don’t get what is wrong with that girl. The whole feeling like she has split personality is just ridiculous. =_=! that girl has major issues that’s for certain.

        Perhaps you should end the trailer with “justice needs no purpose, it only needs activated eyes”. But you are the writter so it’s your choice. Haha

        Will you be watching the rest of the season to see what happens?


  7. @Saranaufogus: Thank you ^^ . But actually it was only about something that people always point out: That it will make sense in the end how different her day-life is in contrast to her night-life. So I’ve thought to match the seemingly bottomless stupidity of her day-life, her night-life has to be real badass. In the day-time it’s “A teenage girl her age could never be that stupid and naive” but at night it’s “A teenage-girl her age could never be so badass.”. The movie in contrast to the series will then be a gruesome mix of “Kill Bill” and “Saw”.

    Hmm, I will watch the rest of the series. Because the twist in the end may be good and also if it isn’t I want to be able to make that claim without someone criticizing that I can’t have an opinion about an series as long as I haven’t seen the whole damn thing.


    • I understand what you mean about the whole being able to claim thing. I just hope there there is a twist at the end and it is not just wishful thinking on the part of the fans.


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