Kamisama no Memo-Chou – 03 Review

Episode 3 – What I Can Do For The Two of Them
(contains episode spoilers)

Case 2 – Kusakabe – Part 2

The episode starts off where the last left off with the Yakuza trashing around the Ramen store and trying to intimidate Minli into telling them the whereabouts of Meo. Meo overhears the conversation between the Yakuza and Minli as they explained that they found the Ramen store from a phone call Meo had made to her dad using the store’s phone. The Yakuza leaves with a promise to be back.

Narumi helps to clean up the mess made and Minli and Narumi have a discussion about family and Minli’s previous ambitions. During the night, the outside of the Ramen Shop gets vandalised and Meo disappears feeling bad for all the trouble she had brought to the group. Narumi chases after her despite warnings from Alice and gets into a confrontation with the Yakuza’s when he catches up to Meo. Soichirou comes to the rescue and saves them both.

Narumi wakes up and with new resolve, decides to join Soichirous group to gain the help of the group. The exchange of the sake glasses happens and Narumi is officially part of the family. He then comes up with a plan to divide the 200million dollars instead of returning it to Mikawa as Mikawa would never let Kusakabe live and plans on blaming the missing cash on Kusakabe while he takes it for himself. The NEET gang then gets together to divide the cash up into small amounts to get the help of others to deposit the cash into Kusakabe’s bank account.

They then head to deal with Mikawa and hands the bank statements to Mikawa and threatens Mikawa by saying that on Monday morning, the cash will automatically be transferred to the Kishikada Group’s account by hacking into the bank system to do the transfer and that they should leave for the bank immediately to do the withdrawal.

The gang then leaves to stakeout the nearest bank and waits for Mikawa to appear with Kusakabe. They appear and a fight ensues. The NEET group wins and all is good.


This episode shows us less of Alice and more of Narumi being the driving force towards resolving the case.

I like the mood of this episode, the tastefulness of not making things too melo-dramatic and just being able to restrain themselves from over doing any element of the show was nice. I also like the direction of this episode, even though the element of mystery is missing in this episode, this episode focuses on dealing and resolving the case in episode 2. There is one issue that I had with it; and that is the rushed(and slightly anti-climatic) feeling of the resolution to the case which made me feel a bit let down due to the build up to it. I mean, if Kusakabe could have just knock-out the guy restraining him with no problems when he saw his daughter, he could have done so when everyone was fighting to save him, why wait for the appearance of his daughter?

There is also a bit more of a slice-of-life element in this episode with the talks about the importance of family and what family is about, along with the choices and the problems that the characters go through.

I did not really like the stereotypical-actions of how the main character always ignores the advice of others and get themself into trouble. Like when people say to wait and listen, they decide to act all heroic and end up getting into trouble. However, this episode is a turning point for Narumi’s character – he finally takes the initiative to take a proactive attitude towards taking action to get things done. His choice to officially join Soichirou’s group and was the driving factor behind the solution to the case is such an instance.

You just have to love the group of Yakuzas under Soichirou. They are like adorable monkeys. =P I always feel like they should appear more often, even if it is just for comic relief. They are just humorous with their comic timings.

The only big issue that I really have with this episode is the Father-Daughter love relationship. OMG, first it is BLOOD-C and now it is Kamisama no Memo-chou? Really? Really? Is this some new trend that I am unaware of? Someone enlighten me please.

Apart from that, overall, it was another good episode and I look forward to the next case.

Episode Rating – 7/10 (It is always nice to see characters develop into someone better.)

-ra out


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