Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyo – 04 Review

Screencaptures to be added later today. Here they are =) (please note that the images contains episode spoilers, so ignore them if you don;t want to be spoiled.

What better way is there to kick start a week than with a good shounen anime series that is awesomely paced like Nurarihyon no Mago?

This season is definitely better than the last and the consistency in the quality of the episodes makes me crave more and more.

Short Summary
Episode 04

This episode is the flashback arc to what happened in Kyoto in the past and introduces us to the beginning of the meeting between the Keikain Clan, Nurarihyon, and Haguromo Gitsune. The whole episode is a buildup to the eventual meeting between these three main parties with the catalyst of it all being Princess Yo; a human with magical healing powers whom the Keikain Clan have been paid to protect. Nurarihyon had seek her out due to her renowned beauty and decided to court her while in Kyoto dealing with business related to Haguro Gitsune.


I had thought that I would not like this episode because of it being a flashback, but Nurarihyon and his group were actually really charming to watch. It was a lot of fun to watch the previous generation of Yuki Onna and the rest of the gang, you get to see how those characters are so similar to their offsprings in the present time and yet different in their own way. Nurarihyon is ever the charmer (but I couldn’t get the image of his present old-man form out of my head throughout the episode) and presents himself as a more mature and comical version of Rikuo, which is to be expected.

There were a quite a few funny moments and budding romance moments between characters as well, and that made it all the more interesting since throughout the whole time, the story is building towards a more deeper and more sinister plot.

The pacing of this episode is once again great. You have the slow story-building moments and you have the fast paced action moments filled with fun and brilliant colours and good animation. Every single minute was a joy to watch and it I am surprised by how nicely this is done because despite how much I liked the previous season, the quality felt like it dropped off slightly towards the end.

Since this episode mainly builds up to the main issue that happened in the past in Kyoto and only reveals very minimal bits of information as to why Nurarihyon is in Kyoto and why Nurarihyon would go after Haguromo Gitsune, I would expect this past arc to last at least a couple more episodes. So that means no Rikuo for the time being unless they flashback to the present, which I hope they don’t because the mood and “world” that is created from this episode would be destroyed if they did that.

We also get introduced to Princess Yo who has special healing abilities and is whom Nurarihyon wishes to marry. So perhaps she is Rikuo’s grandmother? I guess we will just have to wait and see what the next few episodes bring to us. =) I just love Nurarihyon’s style of humor and comic timing when conversing with people. ^-^

Can’t wait to see more of the group and I think that this is definitely going to be an awesome season if the first 4 episodes is anything to judge by.

Rating: 8/10

-ra out!

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