Natsume Yuujinchou San – 04 Review

Episode 4  (30)

This was another good episode. A good part of the episode was focused on a flashback on Natsume’s past and the plot revolved around the idea of loneliness and being alone. Though it does not have as much of an impact as the previous episode, it was still nonetheless great.

Once again I went nuts with images, please let me know if you think I am overdoing it with the images. (Note that images contain episode spoilers)


It is after exams and Sasada offers Natsume and his friends tickets to an art museum. After school that day, Natsume walks in on his aunt reminiscing about the past as her grade school reunion is coming up. The story flashes to the past of Natsume and his encounter with a Ayakashi who always chased him around to scare him. The episode then continues to tell us about the meeting between the two, the circumstances under which they parted and the time that passes from then on.


Consistency is hard to achieve but it is always good to know that when you watch a new episode of Natsume, you won’t be dissapointed.

The episode tended to be on the sad side of things but finishes off nicely as oppose to the bittersweet aftertaste that the previous episodes left behind.

It seems to be a consistent introduction to Natsume’s past and if it is not about his past it is about Reiko’s past. This seems to be the underlying purpose of this season so far.

Most of the episode is spent in the past and it is refreshing to hear the Ayakashi narrate as oppose to Natsume. The different point of view allowed me to see Natsume as seen by an outsider and it increased the loneliness and sadness that Natsume felt as a child. The story had a nice pace throughout most of the way, but the conclusion to the meeting between them felt rushed and slightly anti-climatic. I liked the detail and time the writers had put into the “past scenes”, but they ended up neglecting the “present scenes”.

The other thing that was a bit off was the cutting of the scenes when it flashed back to the past. All of a sudden it was a story n the past and you lose track of time. I am not sure if that was the intention of the writers; to mimic the way time passes for the spirits where they lose track of time. But I know that it took me out of the relaxing mode each time and got me confused for a few moments each time they jumped back and forth between the past and present.

One nice element was the partial focus on the random couple that the Ayakashi had observed throughout her time and we see how their relationship progress in short snippets. I found that to be a nice touch.

Nyanko-sensei is of course hilarious and really adorable with his different faces when he was pouting and then all excited and scheming.

Overall, it was a good episode and you know what you are getting when you watch Natsume even if this episode was not as good as the last, (spoiler) I felt a connection with the Ayakashi and I wonder what she is going to do after finally meeting Natsume again. I also liked the last sentence that Natsume said, it was a nice way to wrap up the episode.

Rating: 8/10

-ra out! (I am feeling lonely without comments. =p feel free *nudge* to comment or express your thoughts on this episode)


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  1. It’s okay. I like Natsume Yuujinchou! And I like this episode too. I feel (a little bit) pity to the ayakashi (why she always at that tree?)

    The ayakashi always had beautiful eyes and good-looking. Ahhahaa~!


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