Blood-C – 04 Review

Saya’s father: “It is where we will send you to if you don’t behave and kill those monsters”

Aww man!!! This was a good episode! Finally, something that breaks out of the mundane repetitive episode structure. This really episode really made me excited again and has got me back on the wagon.

I have some speculations about what is going on, but I shall leave that till the end of the review.

Beware, stalker cat/dog on the loose…

Episode Summary

Saya starts to think about what the Elder Bains had said to her; “Honor the Covenant”, and the fact that that was the first time an elder has spoken. She then once again heads off to school where she is meant to have lunch with her group of friends but ends up chasing after the dog a tree and falls on Tokizane instead. Tokizane then asks what Fumito is to Saya and then questions Saya about love.

After school, she heads to Guimauve and shares what Tokizane had said to her with him. The “background” voice scene then starts, this time talking about hate and the strength of hatred and that the only thing that can replace hatred is love and trust. She has Guimauve and this time she experiences one of her flashes and in it she sees a Katana.

That night, Saya goes hunting for more Elders and sees two guys under attack of the Elders. Saya goes to their rescue and a lengthy fight scene follows. During which the Elder explained to Saya how they were the same and that there are those who control and those who work for those that they would like to control. In the end the Elder warned Saya and told Saya to Honour the Covenant if not he/they will kill her. Saya defeats the Elder Bains and the episode essentially ends there.

“RAWR! I am the new Waterzilla! Loser brother of Godzilla”


I have been so busy today with work and life-stuff, it is good that Blood-C was actually exciting to watch this week. And finally, I hope that last week’s episode was the last of the repetitive and boring stuff because I won’t be happy if they went back to that in the next episode. Anyway, I shall review it based on the things that I thought of during the episode as the episode went on.

Firstly, Saya’s father in this episode seemed to be more authoritative and rather controlling as well as manipulative. It made Saya seem like she was a doll, which does tie into what the Elder said at the end of the episode. Once again, we are honored by Saya and her stupid singing, there had better be a good reason for it. I shall take her singing as a representation of her mindset as she sings about her life and the fact that she stopped halfway this episode represented the fact that she was troubled and out of her regular routine (emotion wise).

I like the fact that Saya has grown some sort of a brain in this episode and is starting to wonder about some things. It is good that we have Tokizane to thank for speeding up the process and making her think about her understanding of emotions and the concept of what love is. Am I the only one who sees no use of Tokizane’s character right now? After all, why couldn’t it be some other person who makes her question it, I hope that gets explained in time. However, Saya still needs to learn to question things a bit more, even with the hint from Tokizane that the dog might be a cat not a dog, and the fact that she said that she only “thinks” it is a dog, Saya still insisted that it was a dog not a cat. Oh well, I guess change takes time. Also, maybe the fact that Saya could so easily abandon her friends and have lunch with Tokizane is a sign of her incompleteness as a person as what she says and knows what she is meant to feel is not how she acts or reacts to things. (I am trying to justify why Saya would abandon her friends without thought.)

I tried to get a fan-service shot for you guys of Saya’s skirt.

One odd thing is how no one notices Saya jumping like a cat up a tree? She was really not inconspicuous. =_=” Another odd thing was why was Tokizane suddenly so friendly towards Saya seeing as to how he was at best lukewarm towards her the last time we saw him.
Also, what is with the hint (I am assuming this is what they are hinting at) that Tokizane likes her or that Fumito seems to care for her more than he should with the whole caressing her face and what not.

I like the whole concept of replacing hate with love (even if it is cliche and overdone), and that basically lead me to draw certain speculations which I will say later. Also, when this episode’s victims said “this was not what they told me”, my inner conspirator came alive. Sounds mysterious and I can’t wait to see where that leads.

The super long action scene seemed a bit over the top and her fighting in a deactivated mode still puzzles me. The background music on the other hand was good and the action scene was entertaining with all that blood. It definitely lives up to the title of Blood. LOL. Good thing is that she seemed to feel some sort of reaction towards the dead humans in this episode. Another weird thing at the end was when her father’s asked her if she was hurt made me want to say “isn’t it obvious?”. After all, she was covered in cuts/bruises even if most of the bloody was not hers. Since it was a good episode, I will let that slide. I could of cause say that he was asking her about the cuts like as though she was some precious commodity that he wanted to make sure was safe. But that would just be speculation now wouldn’t it? =p A good episode is a good episode, but I don’t want to hope for more than it may turn out to be.

Overall, it was a great episode with all the questions and sudden rush in plot progression. It made me feel like I almost don’t regret the first 3 eps. Almost.

Who is Saya? What is she? What is the Covenant? What is Shrovetide? Is that a cat or a dog or some funky creature from outer space?! Hopefully we will know more soon! =)

Saya’s Father: “Its been so long since I last touched * insert your imagination*…
Is it still considered rape if she leans into my hands?”


Now onto the conspiracy part of my review. I think that Saya is related to the “The Old Ones” and is actually one of them in someway and that the village is keeping her as a weapon to defeat them. They are training her to learn to love and trust as it will be the only thing that can over empower hatred, and perhaps she will love them and trust them and want to protect them and fight on their side against the covenant. Maybe her father is also not even her father. Now that would be fun.

What do you think?

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommendation: This definitely makes me want to watch the series again and it was really exciting episode. Maybe I am overrating it due to the low expectations I had of it, kinda thought it was doomed. Maybe I am just so happy to finally see some progression in the plot. Either way, it was quite fun and gory to watch as well.

-ra out! Sorry for the long review and odd lines under the images, can you tell I am happy it is Friday? Hope you enjoyed the review! =) I want to hear what your thoughts are of this episode!


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  1. It’s odd and it’s still awkward at times but it finally seems like the plot is starting to unfold. Great episode, perhaps more in contrast to what has come before than what has been done now but at least something finally got through to Saya and she’s starting to suspect that her “happy village” is actually not as nice as she thought.
    What I actually find quite funny about the setup of Blood-C is how they portrayed the ‘happy-village’-front. Normally it’s something along the lines of “too good to be true” but with Blood-C they just made Saya seem so naive and silly that it gets understandable why she hasn’t noticed anything before without a hint from a monster ^^ !
    The story as it shows itself in bits to the viewer really has a strong Clamp-vibe going, I think. Especially the talk between Saya and Shinichirou where the latter asks “Is that really what loving someone means?”. At that point I really had this feeling of “Ok, so it’s *this* kind of a show.”, now that the plot (finally) begins to show itself it really seems to become a typical Clamp-Story – just with more blood than usual.


    • I really agree with you on the “is that really what loving someone means?” thing. I also felt that strong CLAMP vibe throughout this episode. But then again, even with the whole hatred and loving and trust thing, it just seemed so CLAMP as well. It felt like those kinda “meaning of life” phrases would be something that Yuko-san would say. =p

      Saya is still as frustrating as ever. I had not thought about Saya being silly as their way of portraying the “happy village” front. That is an interesting way of looking at it. I still don’t think that the execution of the whole happy village thing worked. I never once felt like their village was “happy” but felt like it was really mundane and boring as nothing ever happens. But then I guess in a happy place, nothing ever really happens. =_=

      Overall, I don’t know if I like how the plot is unfolding but at least something is happening. I just hope more happens next episode.

      What are your thoughts on what is actually going on with the village? (was I the only one who felt like this episode was a bit of a rush as well? I mean, I am happy somethings unfolded but it felt like it was an overload of information and that this show really has pacing issues. If it is not the lack of progress it is too much progress.)


      • Well, what is actually going on in this village… The big question and in the end… still just a big question after four episodes. Rushed? No, I don’t think so but I think I know what you mean. At least I had a kind of similar sensation with that suspicious “It might just rain tomorrow”-vibe going on because it was – sudden. It felt unexpected because of the structure of the previous episodes but I think in contrast to what they probably aimed for (surprise) it was more a feeling of relief that (finally) something seems to happen. They really botched the beginning of the series and now any plot-element building on it feels like filling a vacuum because the beginning was just – nothing. *shrug* That’s how I felt about the episode.

        Concerning the not-so-serious thoughts, I had this idea that instead of using this relaxing happy generic BGM in the Slice-Of-Life-Scenes they should use – Sitcom-Laughter! Just imagine these typical “Saya’s-just-silly”-moments like for example this scene where Saya’s singing on her way home and her father hears her and in the moment when Saya asks “Oh, you heard me?” – Laughter. I think, the SitCom-Quality of those Slice-Of-Life-Scenes will improve greatly by emphasizing what’s supposed to be funny and what not. Also it makes these scenes even cheaper concerning their humour so since they are bad to begin with they might as well aim for “so bad that it’s good”.


  2. LOL. So bad it is good. =_= that is just desperate. hahahahaha

    I do get what you mean about so bad that it is actually good though, there are those horrible shows that people just love because it is so bad. =_=” I can’t even bring myself to watch those shows without cringing.

    I think I would enjoy people tweaking the animation instead of the bg sounds, like when Saya walks by, they can have an arrow going through her head and her singing about the pain and bleeding. Now that would still be in character for Saya. lol


  3. Well, they could release an OVA that replicates the boring atmosphere of the beginning with topics like “Saya: I’ve always asked myself how they make strawberry jam.” or “Saya: What happens actually if I mix coffee and milk?” or a scene where Sayas class is singing “The Power Of Love” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood with some flashbacks that indicate Saya’s singing about the town and how she protects the town from “vampires” (seriously why does that song mention vampires anyway… well, at least it makes it appropriate for this anime).
    And I really hope they make fun of these people Saya has to protect like having them appear in her daytime and thanking her for protecting her but her friends are like “Dude… who the hell are you?” and then later when Shinichirou finally gets involved into Sayas fights one of the generic nobody there are dialogues like:
    Random Guy: You have to think of something, Saya! You’re the only one who can protect us!
    Shinichirou: You expect *her* to think? Didn’t you hear her talk? She’s dumb!
    Saya: You’re mean, Tokizane!
    Shinichirou (monotone): See.
    Random Guy (disappointed): That’s not what they told me…
    Shinichirou: Who says what to whom?
    (Monster suddenly appears and rips the random guys head off)
    Shinichirou: Sorry that I’ve asked.


    • lol.

      They should do a spoof version of the anime, or someone who just change the words that are being said with a voice over. =p Spoof up the first 3 eps and maybe it will actually be semi-interesting to watch.

      You seem to have some sort of grudge against those people she is protecting, why did you have to go and kill off random guy… sob, I have grown an attachment to random guy. *cough*. lol! I just think that it would be good if Saya just turns on them all and kills them and wakes up being all dumb forgetting what she did when she kills them. Just imagine…

      *Saya wakes up to see her friends lying dead beside her* First thing that comes to her mind…
      “Oh my god! They are dead… Did I do this? *looks down at herself to inspect herself* Oh crap! My clothes are dirty! Father will not like this, father will be upset I dirtied the clothing he gave me. I need to change my clothes and make father happy” *runs off to change clothes and totally forgets about her friends being dead*


  4. No, I don’t have a grudge against them, I only think nobody should use generic nameless bystanders as “tragic victims” in a series because seriously: who cares about them? We don’t even know their names and all of a sudden we’re supposed to be sad because of their deaths? That’s not how drama works…
    But one particular scene would be nice as flashback ^^ … The morning when Saya came too late to school because she was distracted by garbage lying on the street and feeling a deep urge to clean the street. I would’ve loved to hear her sprinting into the classroom smelling of garbage and proclaiming that she had to clean a street before coming to school. And then the teacher answers in a deadpan voice: “So… garbage is more important for you than school?”

    And Shinichirou should get more theatrical lines. For example if he would’ve happened to meet the police officer who asked about the baker instead of Saya & Co:
    Police Officer: Hey, Shinichiro-san, do you know…
    Shinichiro: Love.
    PO: Uh… what?
    Shinichirou: Sorry, thought you were talking about the meaning of life.
    PO: I-I wasn’t… So have you heard of the baker?
    Shinichirou: Yeah, kinda expected that, his mother always told him he was born to be wild.
    PO: So you think…?
    Shinichirou: That he’s on the search for the meaning of life? (sighs) Yeah, aren’t we all…
    PO: Actually he behaved rather strange yesterday.
    Shinichirou: He’s about to go on a journey that will change his life, cut him some slack. The meaning of life isn’t easily found.
    PO: So…
    Shinichirou: Love.
    PO: I didn’t *ask* about the meaning of life…
    Shinichirou: Let me tell you this, police officer-san, it’s always about the meaning of life, ALWAYS. Believe me, by tomorrow he will be back and his problems in life will all be solved.
    PO: And you are sure of that because…
    Shinichirou: Because that’s the kind of journey he undertakes. I know, life itself is a journey but there are always moments where one is just dead wood in the river.
    PO: You just called him ‘dead wood’…!
    Shinichirou: Just a metaphor… Don’t worry.
    PO: Yeah, that’s what they told me too.
    Shinichirou: Who says what to whom?
    (A car drives over the Police Officer and comes a few metres away to a screeching halt)
    Shinichirou: Sorry that I’ve asked.


    • lol

      Ever considered a career change? You should perhaps volunteer to write the script for BLOOD-C and make it a comedy instead. =p


      • Haha, that would be just great ^^ ! But I’m seriously planning on writing some fanfiction that is actually a parody of some animes. But before Blood-C comes Sailor Moon. There’s a new Sailor Moon series coming up and I planned my own “new interpretation” of the original in a short story. The title will be “Sailor Moon – Iron Guts” and it’s about a Sailor Moon who’s just pure bad-ass like Black Lagoon but more on the parody-side of things. There are typical tropes in this story like the lonely female main-protagonist without friends who is also a transfer student. BUT her story starts with that sort of inner monologue:
        “Life is hard.
        My Mother died giving birth to me.
        Thirteen years later my father died trying to kill me.
        But life still goes on… That’s the hardest part, I think.
        I’ve always thought that my adult life would begin to be as peaceful was my childhood never was.
        But it seems… some things never change.”
        And of course she gets the usual love-interest-character who also happens to be the most beautiful guy in school by reputation who also guesses that the main protagonist is Sailor Moon which leads to exciting dialogues like:

        Generic Bishounen and Love Interest: I think you’re Sailor Moon!
        Sailor Moon: Oh, really, you think that’s me? You know how much I care about that? (She turns around and walks away from him. While showing him her back and waving goodbye she adds in a loud voice.) That much, buddy.

        or in another scene:
        Bishounen/Love Interest: Don’t deny it, I know you’re Sailor Moon and… Don’t call me ‘Piggy’!
        Sailor Moon: Oink, Oink – that’s what I hear when you open your mouth, Piggy.
        Bishounen/Love Interest: I am not a pig, dammit!
        Sailor Moon: Yeah, they all think they’re special until they meet the butcher.
        Bishounen/Love Interest: What the…? Cut it out, okay? Just cut it out…
        Sailor Moon (chuckles): Funny that you mention ‘cutting’ things…
        Bishounen/Love Interest: D-Do you want to k-kill me?
        Sailor Moon: Lucky little you, Piggy, but I’m no butcher… (her eyes look distantly at the magical animal nearby) Not yet anyway.

        But there are also touching moments between Sailor Moon and this Love Interest when the latter is in danger and Sailor Moon has to protect him:
        Sailor Moon: Oi, Piggy, got some heavy artillery up your sleeve by any chance?
        Bishounen/Love Interest: Artillery…?
        Sailor Moon: Shut up, let this girl dream with open eyes once in a while. I heard, it protects you from wrinkles.

        And she has a magical cat as familiar of course which produces this kind of scene when both meet for the first time (of course while they are both attacked since it’s all about action):

        Sailor Moon: You just look like my old cat Cat!
        Cat/Magical Animal: You named your cat Cat?
        Sailor Moon: Yeah, never was one to mince with words.
        Cat: So… What happened to her?
        Sailor Moon: Was driven over by my dad, he always had a special way to show his love.
        Cat: I’m sorry.
        Sailor Moon: For my dad or my cat?
        Cat: Uh…
        Sailor Moon: Nah, probably won’t make a difference, they’re both dead now.
        Cat: I’m sorry…
        Sailor Moon: Then you can be sorry for both of us – because I’m not.
        Cat: But he’s your dad!
        Sailor Moon: Yeah, you’re right… Sometimes I do feel sorry for him. But you know how it is with bad habits, they die hard (chuckles) – just like me.

        And I can already imagining doing the same for Blood-C ^^ . The plot is just so ridiculously ripe with stereotypes and self-indulgence that it’s easy to make fun of.


  5. Aww man, we are going so off topic but I love it!

    I have never seen sailor moon, (i think i saw half of the first episode) but I actually do want to watch it, if i can bring myself to do spend hours of my life on that one show. =p

    Go and write that AU badass Sailor Moon and I will read it!! You plan on putting it up on Have you read the Skip Beat manga before?


  6. Have you seen “Blood: The Last Vampire”? If not you definitely should do that as it seems to be important for Blood-C. Saya DOES have “Blood: The Last Vampire”-Flashbacks. I’ve seen Episode 5 a moment ago and the flashbacks were there again and longer so I’ve thought to already remark that important connection here 😉 . But that would be a really grotesque Twist if they want to say that the Saya of this series is the Saya of that movie ^^ …

    Well, don’t know whether I could give it to read a real English-speaking audience. But something like that it will be eventually, I think.


    • I don’t know if I would like the whole twist that the Saya’s are the same. I have seen Blood: The Last Vampire a loooong time ago and I can’t remember what went on in it anymore. It would be quite annoying if I would have to watch B:TLV just to get a better impression of Blood-C but I guess I will have to watch ep 5 to be able to tell what happens. =p


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