Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 02 Review

Episode 2

LOL! Tamaki was hilarious in this episode! His actor did a great job! I could not stop laughing! For example, the “Otou-san – daughter” scene and his fantasies as well as massive reactions; like when he crumbled into pieces when his fantasy was destroyed and when he kept saying “heeeee” in reaction to Haruhi being pissed, they were all funny.
Episode 2 essentially covers the ‘Health/Body Checkup’ story and the plot was almost identical to the original story except for a few changes like with Nekozawa being added into the story.

Episode Plot

The ‘Health/Body Checkup’ Day for Ouran is approaching and Haruhi has to find a way to keep her gender a secret. Whilst she does not really care if anybody found out, the host club are adamant at making sure no one finds out. Of course along the way the cast never fails to torture Tamaki which results in some funny scenes and throw in an unwanted/lost doctor as well as a overprotective host club, and you have a episode that is bound to have you laughing.


The episode essentially starts off with Tamaki asking Haruhi what she would like to eat after having Haruhi reject his offer for some sweets. Haruhi then responses saying that she wants some Tuna Belly. There were some essential reactions that you would have expected to see that was in the anime but not in the drama, but we have to see the drama as being a different entity. I did like that an effort was made into making the image of the Tuna appear, and that the photoframe image of Haruhi was hilarious, especially when Tamaki started to act like an “upset” father. I really applaud Yusuke for playing the part of Tamaki well.

People were saying that Hunny was too tall and that they hated the CGI for him. I totally agree with that. The CGI is ridiculous and has not improve since the last episode, and it seems like they plan on making him “small” when he has any active full body scenes. Also the super poor CGI when he was hugging Haruhi while talking was soooooo disturbing. But, the effects done for Tamaki when he was crumbling to pieces was done well and was funny, and it seems like they are putting in the effort to make it similar to the original story.

There were also a few “Twincest” scenes in this episode and that were really cute to watch too, but what tops it off was definitely the scene with Tamaki pretending to be Haruhi and steps out saying “Fujioka-des”. LOL! I have to say that at least he looked good with the wig on.

Also, the space constraints once again makes things that are meant to be grand seem cramp and small instead. But when watching this series, just keep that in mind the first episode’s tone and style because that had basically set the standard for the rest of the series.

The girls are way more bimbotic/irritating in this show than in the anime. I mean, there are feminine girls and then there idiots, these girls leaned more towards the idiot side of the scale.

Kyoya also has the tendency to smile too much even when he is not around the club guests. The dramatic scene with the Host Club stepping in to protect Haruhi was fun to watch, but the CGI-ed karate kick by Honey was terribly done. (STOP THE CGI AND JUST MAKE IT NORMAL!)

Also, when Nekozawa appeared to explain the situation and what he had “predicted”, he seemed like a total freak that required mental care as oppose to being a recluse dark arts enthusiast.

One thing that I could never understand is why bother drawing a map to Ourin for the doctor instead of just providing a normal map with the highlighted route. That would be so much easier, especially for such a blur doctor.

Overall the episode was an enjoyable one with Tamaki as the star of this episode. I am glad that at least they found an actor that is able to be as dramatic as Tamaki and have good comic timing to play the role.

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommendation: If you don’t like the elements in the first episode, it does not get too much better, you just have to accept it and this episode will be a lot of fun to watch if you do so. I am not sure that people who have not seen any form of Ouran would be able to connect with the characters as well and thus enjoy the moments as much as those who have but I urge you to give the show a go and see how that turns out for you because the base of Ouran (which is the story) is still a good one nonetheless.

-ra out!

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