Kamisama no Memo-chou – 04 Review

Episode 04

I am sorry for the late review, but I am also kinda sorry I wasted time watching this episode. I am also sorry that there will not be a summary of the episode because I feel that it is not worth the time due to the terrible case. I was not in the best of moods when I watched this episode and lets just say, it did not help my mood one bit.

So without further a due, This episode was focused on the NEET team with the plot and mystery revolving around Minli’s past, so that means no external cases.

Boy was this a horrible x2 episode. It was so bad, the plot/case was bad, the development was non-existent, the reasoning and the conclusion was sudden and it felt like there was no point in the whole episode except for the writers to perhaps introduce Minli’s father. And even then, it felt like we had learn nothing at all.

The show felt “quiet” at times as well with the lack of background music at certain moments, but on the up side there were nice moments where the music reminded me of Bacanno.

I like that we saw more of the NEET team in this episode, but I would have loved it better if the case was not such a joke. Perhaps I am being too harsh, but the lameness of the case destroyed my mood and my expectations of the episode.

The good thing is that there were also more comical moments and definitely a different mood; a lighter mood as compared to when the NEET group had external clients. But the terrible and really spastic case made the episode lame more than comical and lighthearted. Also, some of the script in this episode was rather odd, like some of the stuff that Alice said about having to make herself leave the room made what she said sound partially lame and really over important for no reason.

The redeeming factor was the fact that we learnt more about Minli’s past and about her father, but even that story felt half-assed. Also, what was with the box of ingredients being there at the end on the day when the mystery was “revealed” as oppose to the many other days he had broken into the restaurant? Don’t tell me he left it there previously, because she would have seen it. That was really a bad solution that was not thought through properly.

Also, when Narumi was talking like he was meant to be dying from exhaustion, it sounded like he had a huge dinosaur in his throat instead of a sorethroat.

One consistent factor of the episode was the “small” fan-service scenes what with the case revolving around under garments and shots of Minli constantly in nothing but a towel, plus that description of how perfect her breast were. (=_=”)

Episode Rating: 4.5/10

Reason: It was not terrible but it was terrible by Kamisama no Memo-chou standards. The comedy was funny at times but overall I would have much rather a normal episode and I hope the next episode does that. The episode also felt like a different show altogether if not for the animation still looking pretty. The script felt like they had different writers, the music was a tad odd, and the mood was definitely different from usual. Perhaps everyone in the studio except the animation team was sick so they had to get replacements to do the whole episode =P One can always hope that that was the case right?

-ra out! Let me know if you felt differently and loved the episode. =) Afte rall, I would have enjoyed a fluffy fan-service episode if I liked the characters and story alot (e.g. Junjo), so I don’t see why there won’t be people who will like this.


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