Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 05 Review

Episode 5

What another exciting episode! This episode continues the Past Arc from last episode and the episode ends with the conflict and the Osaka situation being resolved.

Episode Summary
(contains episode spoilers)

Nurarihyon goes to the Osaka Castle chasing after Princess Yo and Hagoromo Gitsune while Koremitsu goes back to the Keikain main house to report to his brother, Hidemoto.

Just as Princess Yo’s liver is about to be consumed, Nurarihyon and the hundred demon parade appears and the battle between the two clans start.

Meanwhile, Hidemoto sets out towards Osaka Castle after hearing that Nurarihyon will be there. Apparently he is interested in Nurarihyon as Nurarihyon is the only yokai that he knows who would go to an Onmyouji’s place to drink sake and eat. On the way there, the two brothers discuss about Hagoromo Gitsune letting us know that she is a reincarnation demon and that when she dies, she hides in a baby and collects all the negative energy before taking over the body.

Back at Osaka Castle, Nurarihyon is losing the one-on-one fight with Hagoromo Gitsune and just as it seems like he is going to lose, the aura around him changes and he makes himself “invisible” (like what Rikuo did in last season’s major battle). Nurarihyon then slashes Hagoromo with the onmyouji sword and all of Hagoromo Gitsune’s Yokai energy that she has been saving for her baby flows out. Weaken she escapes to the roof with Nurarihyon following behind. She does a sneak attack and gets Nurarihyon’s heart and consumes it getting some power back.

Just in the nick of time, the Hidemoto arrives and creates a seal binding her while Nurarihyon uses the onmyouji sword created by the head of the Keikain House to finish off Hagoromo Gitsune.

The two groups then part ways after a party at the Keikain Household and Haguoromo Gitsune’s demon parade splits up.


I love how every episode just gets me more and more exciting. Throughout the episode, I could not stop thinking how manly Nurarihyon is, love that grungy voice that he has. =p

This episode was filled with non-stop action and backstory as to who/what Hagoromo Gitsune is and the connection between the Nurarihyon Clan and the Kaikain House. Essentially, it is another plot building episode for the Hagoromo Gitsune arc that will take place in the present.

There is not a wasted moment in this episode and that might be the issue. It felt like the continued nicely from last episode’s foundation and continued to build on that story, but towards the end, it felt rushed with Haguro Gitsune finished off in a minute from when Hidemoto appears. Also, the reason for why the Nura Clan was there in the first place felt really ignored and it felt like there is a lack of a substantial back-story and it was mostly just a ‘we are there to be the best’ expectable and acceptable reason without much creativity or depth to it.

Whilst this was an action packed episode, we did not lose the trademark Nurarihyon comical moments nicely placed in the midst of a conversation or when things start to get too serious. I like how it does not become an anti-climatic moment the way how some anime tend to ruin the mood when they chuck in a joke. The comical moments actually felt very natural and flowed with the script.

However, in this episode, the animation did seem to have dipped slightly with the panning frames and the repeated actions like when Nura was dodging the tails, was I the only one who felt like it was very jumpy and not fluid as well as slightly unrealistic where you can’t tell if he is getting hit or if he is actually dodging them?

I also like the fact that both Nurarihyon and Rikuo seem to have some fascination with Cherry Blossoms and how with each passing episode I just love the characters in the clan more and more (both past and present) . I have even come to kinda accept that one eyed yokai (can’t remember his name) who is one of the Nura Clan Leaders.

Overall, it is another good episode from this season keeping up the consistency in the quality. I also really like Hidemoto as he seems like an odd character in the same way that Nurarihyon is, I hope that he is still alive and that we will see more of him in the present arc.

Episode Rating: 8/10

P.S: Wouldn’t it be cool for your tears to become pearls like the princess? At least then, you know that there is some value in your sadness.

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