New Hunter x Hunter Series To Start From Scratch

It has been announced that the new Hunter x Hunter series will be a retelling of the Hunter x Hunter story from the beginning.

The new anime is set to premier on October 2nd 2011 running every Sunday at the 10:55am timeslot.

The series will be directed by Hiroshi Koujina who did (Neuro – Supernatural Detective, and Rainbow – Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin as well as Kiba). I really did not like Neuro too much but I did remember liking Kiba somewhat when I watched it a long time ago. I just hope that this remake will not be a flop and destroy the series as I found the original series very nicely done.

In charge of the scripts for the new series is Jun Maekawa (Dragon Ball Z, Fresh Precure! and Prince of Tennis). Now this is a big bummer for me. I love Prince of Tennis but the script was definitely not the reason why.

Producing this series is Toshio Nakatani who also produced the famous Death Note series as well as Kimi ni Todoke, Berserk and Claymore. Now this is starting to make Hunter x Hunter sound like a hit in the making.

However, the voice actors for the series have yet to be announced.

I can’t wait to hear more about the show and am even more eager to see how the series turns out as compared to its predecessor from 12 years ago.

Source: ANN


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