Kamisama Dolls – 02-04 Review

Batch Review: Episodes 2-4

So, I just watched 3 episodes of Kamisama Dolls all in one sitting since it is another slow-midweek. Boy I can’t wait to watch episode 5, the cliffhanger on ep 4 is really killing me.

I have written brief episode summaries followed by the review for these episodes.

Short Summary

Episode 2: We are introduced to Kuuko. Her club house catches fire just when Kyouhei is training Utao in the woods. Utao uses her Seki to save Kuuko but Kuuko catches a glimpse of it and is now curious about their existence.

Episode 3: Aki is still alive (hooray!). He seeks out Kyouhei and we see more flashbacks on Kyouhei’s past. We are introduced to one of the Hyuuga Clan members, Kyoushiro, who is there to capture/kill Aki. We also see a glimpse of a mysterious kid who has a connection to Utao. Aki gets saved by Kuuko who witnesses the fight between Aki and Kyoushiro.

Episode 4: We learn even more about Kyouhei’s past and that it also has something to do with their (Kyouhei’s and Aki’s) Sensei. Kyouhei loses control of himself and starts to attack Aki physically and bashes Aki up. We also find out that the village has been keeping another secret that is related to Utao – a kid named Kirio who looks like Utao and is Utao’s “other half”. The episode ends with Kirio calling Kyouhei brother.


I would like to firstly say that I really like the OP song. I will add the video of the OP at the end of the review for you to enjoy =p.

It is good to see the standard of the show has not dropped off too much after the first episode even if the atmosphere has lightened up quite a bit from the first episode. Although this may not be one of the best series out there this season, the mystery behind the past of the characters is rather intriguing.

We still don’t know too much about Kyouhei’s past but I am happy that he is not some wimpy main character. For a main character, it is a bit odd of how much of a mystery Kyouhei still is. His behavior can also be quite erratic whilst his reactions to certain things can feel 2 dimensional at times, but it is starting to look like the next episode would explain more of who Kirio is and his relationship with Utao and Kyouhei and hopefully this means that Kyouhei will expose more of his real character to the viewers.

The series keeps throwing in so many questions, which is typical in the plot building stage of the show but I am a very impatient person and would want all the answers NOW. =p For example, What is the relationship between Kuga and Hyuuga? What is Kyouhei really like? Who is Kirio? And is Kyouhei ever going to fight in this series? I want to see him control Kukuri and fight back because I don’t really care about Utao even if she looks like she is meant to be the main focus of the show together with Kyouhei.

The episodes themselves have their hit-and-miss moments. When it is being serious and moving on with the plot, it is good. But when it tries to insert light-hearted scenes and discussions, I find that it feels mismatched with the mood of everything else and I find myself losing interest and wanting to skip those parts. The good thing is that there is not too many of those scenes. Like in episode 3, the whole cake scene and the girl talk about gaining weight seemed to be pure fluff even if the cake did looked yummy.

There were some good parts in Episode 3, I loved the psychotic look that Kyouhei gave Aki when he was warning Aki to stay away. That gave me chills. The training scene in Episode 3 with Utao and Hibino was funny as well.

The pacing of the show can feel staggered at times with nice moments that pushes the plot forward at a nice pace, and moments where  nothing significant happens at all. I have no idea what the aim the director has in doing this, all I can assume is that because those slow moments usually finds a way to add some moe/fan-service bits into the series, that the reason is probably just to add fan-service moments to make the crowd happy. Like when Utao gets Hibino wet and her shirt hugs her figure in Episode 4 as well as that scene with Kuuko changing her clothes.

I am also slightly confused with who the main focus of the show is meant to be. Who is meant to be the main character? Utao or Kyouhei? Because the importance of the characters seem to be half-and-half right now and progression of the plot for both of them seem to be going down different routes, even if it may lead them to the same conclusion. I guess it is just wait-and-see for now.

Some of the animation scenes were pretty dull and uncreative. For instance, (Episode 5) the scene with Kyouhei bashing the hell out of Aki, the flashing images of the shocked faces of everyone feel too dramatic and over the top, also, the frame of showing Aki’s half smile was such a normal way of putting their message across that I expected such a show to happen. I am not saying it is terrible, it was just a very standard creative direction and nothing unexpected.

Overall, it was still interesting to watch these episodes. Ep5 is now out so go and catch it!

Here is the OP that I promised:

-ra out!


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