No. 6 – 05 Review

Episode 5

*cough**groan* I seem to have come down with a cold (refer to image above to see how I look like now). Bummer. On the up side of things, I just got a new MacBook Pro and am learning how to use Lion and trying to get Adobe installed into it. Argh…

Anyway, to start off the rush of reviews since it is the weekend, here is a review for you guys on Ep 5 of No. 6.

Boy was this episode filled with BL yumminess… Shion and Nezumi dancing, increased contact and even a confession of sorts.


The episode starts off with a nurse at Safu’s grandmother’s nursing home dying from the disease signalling that the breakout is about to happen and that unlike Shion’s predictions of winter being a hibernation period, the bees are actually still active. This information gets brought to the ears of Shion and the gang when Rikiga (reporter in last episode) went to seek Inukashi to gather more information about it. After sharing what he knew with Rikiga and Inkukami, Shion runs off in search of Nezumi who is performing as Eve in a play of Hamlet.

In No.5, Safu is now able to write a proper poem and is enjoying the arts culture there. Somethings don’t change, like her attitude towards the concept of love but a lot of other things about her have changed.

Whilst performing, Nezumi collapses after feeling a breeze and hearing a song as well as dreaming/seeing bees talking to him and calling out to him. At the same time in No.5, Safu collapses as well after feeling a breeze and hearing a song and hearing Shion call out to Nezumi.

Shion brings Nezumi home and they start dancing after which Shion confesses  that he would not know what to do without Nezumi and that Nezumi is the only one he can’t bear to lose. (Awwww….) The episode ends with Nezumi thinking about Shion and reflecting on himself.


This is definitely a turning point in the series as we start heading towards the climax and conclusion of the series. The plot building and introduction of new characters ended last episode and we probably won’t be seeing anymore new characters.

The episode really focuses upon the changes in the main characters; Shion, Nezumi and Safu (who seem to have made a reappearance and looks like she is going to be a big part of the show).

Shion no longer reacts in the same way upon hearing the news of the attack of the killer bees in No.6 (I just had to put that phrase in), despite him still being as compulsive as ever (rushing off to see Nezumi) he is no longer claiming that he wants to save everyone in No.6. However, it is not like his personality did a 180 degrees change, he still is concern about the situation but but the last statement between Nezumi and Shion, Shion seem to put Nezumi above everything else and does not want to lose Nezumi irregardless of the cost.

We actually learn more about Nezumi’s past and are enticed to want to know more about it when Shion asks Inukami about it. The bees seem to have some sort of connection to Nezumi’s past as a child but that is all we really get out of this episode.

Safu reappears in this episode and just as the episode is ending, Safu gets called back to return to No.6 because something has happened to her grandmother. I am guessing it is a killer bee, but that would be too predictable. The change in Safu’s behavior and the insight that No.5 people have on their views of No.6 was really interesting as it provided a contrast in the oddity of No.6 as compared to other cities. One main thing to note is as I have mentioned in previous reviews is that there seems to be a lack of emotion when it comes to anything in No.6. Everything makes them seem like robots which are programmed to do what they are told without any thought, meaning that emotions get lost in the mix. And what better way to remove emotions (which will lead to rebellion) than to remove arts and culture altogether. The episode also hints that the Bees have something to do with the stained-glass image of Bees that Safu collapsed under.

It will be interesting to see what sort of connection will be made between Nezumi and Safu in the later episodes after the scene in this episode and I am interested to know what the Bees are as it does not seem like they are just there to be a random stimulus but have an actual part to play.

One of the reasons why I felt like I did not really love the episode as much as I would have liked to is that the pacing felt like it has slowed down slightly now that they are done with the introduction/plot building phase. I did like those Shion x Nezumi moments that were thrown into the mix, but they were really pretty much fanservice scenes (like with the dancing) even if the scene did lead to some point being made.

Overall, it is still a very good episode of No.6 and it does not look like the quality will be dropping off anytime soon.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

P.S: I can’t stand the clothes Shion wears, makes him look old and stuffy like an old man!! Go get some new clothes Shion!

-ra out! *cough* anyone have any medicine to offer? (T_T)

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  1. *gives expired medicine* haha, well thank you for the review. Get well soon.


  2. Expired medicine! Noooooo! *collapses* oh well, such is life.

    Thanks for the *cough* poison and you are welcome on the review. Hope you liked it. =)


  3. hii..i looove this episode too!!do u know the title of the piano piece played during the dance?it was so beautiful!!!


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