Blood-C – 05 Review

Oh no! More than 1 day passes in this episode! What am I to do? =p

The episode actually presents some progress and back story, or at least attempted to do so. Even though more days as passed, and the pacing is definitely not as slow as the first 3 episodes of nothingness, this episode is still a step backward in the method of execution with regards to the information they try to deliver as compared to last episode. But I shall explain more later. Here is a short summary of this week’s episode.

Episode Summary

Saya is making her way back from school (I assume it from school and not towards school) and due to the recent flashes of information she has been getting, she has a headache and falls asleep at Guimauve. That night, she goes to fight another Elder Bairns (looks like a giant eyeball, quite disturbing), the Elder Bairns then tells her that there is a promise between humans and the monsters and that Saya should honor the agreement. During the fight scene, Saya also saves a girl who was being attacked by tiny monsters minions, and instead of being grateful, that girl is afriad of Saya.

The scene then goes to the classroom and the second half of the episode is about ghost stories. After some convincing on Nene’s part, their teacher finally decides to telling them a ghost story about the village that is meant to be true. But before she could finish her story, Saya collapses after seeing flashes of images again. The episode ends with Nene visiting Saya at her home to apologize thinking that Saya’s fainting spell was due to the story. As Nene is apologising, an Elder Bairns comes out from underground behind Nene and attacks them in broad daylight.


As I said above, the execution method in which they choose to deliver the information to the viewer was really boring to me. If you love Blood-C, I would advise you not to read what I have to say about it…

Information 1: Honoring the Covenant and the fact they had created a monster to come and look for Saya just to deliver to the audience more hints/questions about the covenant. It was a really draggy fight scene that honestly is just like the rest of the fight scenes, a lot of blood, nothing much to the animation quality and Saya not being in “activated” mode from the start for no reason at all. Also, why use her hands to kill the Elder? If she could use her hands to kill the Elder from the start then why bother with the sword?

Information 2: Saya saving the girl and the girl running away in fear. That integration into the fight scene was alright, we kinda got the point from the first time she ran away from Saya, but just like the first 3 episodes of Blood-C, the writers felt a need to reiterate the point to the viewers and have her run away from Saya again after getting her assed saved. Also, who the girl ran away, why was she still there at the playground anyway?

Information 3: Flashback scenes. This was probably the only method of delivery that was done nicely. Not spelling out too much in verbal terms and just letting the audience think about it themselves.

Information 4: Back story of the town. Why did they have to spend so much time in having the twins try to convince the teacher to let the class tell ghost stories? Sure they ghost story telling led to the eventual hint that there *is* a story of sorts behind the village and that the issue is an old one. Was the twin’s scene there just so that we will feel some sort of attachment to the character if something were to happen to them? (i.e. end of episode attack) Also, as usual with the teasing, argh, the anyone every told the story writers that a story is interesting and worth dragging and milking if there is some sort of substance to it? Everytime we think we are finally going to learn something, boom, sorry, something else happens and we are not going to let you know anything at all.

Information 5: Nene having to deliver the message of ‘if you don’t have anything to compare to, then how would you know you are right?’ by actually saying something so straight up to Saya felt really boring. But then again, that is Saya’s character, boring and dense, and maybe that is why they had to make a character actually say it out loud to Saya’s face instead of letting Saya think about stuff, because we all know that Saya does not actually get anything accomplished when she thinks. except fainting. =p

The episode may have ended with a cliff hanger but am I horrible for not actually caring what happens to them? I don’t think that enough time was placed into the character of the twins or the other cast members for that fact that I would actually care if something were to happen to them. Most of the time they are just there as extras doing nothing much at all, worse of all, their personalities are all so bleah.

And OMG, it feels like BLOOD-C is trying to make up for all of the censored blood scenes that we have in anime these days ever since the days of Higurashi when they were blaming the brutality of crimes teens are committing on the brutality in anime. If it were to turn into a live action, the studio would have to buy gallons of red dye.

My favourite part of the show has got to be narrated scenes on random tips on life, and it is not like they are insights into anything new, but it is probably the only CLAMP aspect that I do like in this series currently. Overall, it is not a bad episode, but I had expected more out of it, or maybe it is just the fever talking when I say that I was disappointed by this episode.


@Morgoth: I know what you mean by the flashback looking like scenes from Blood: The Last Vampire. Maybe that Saya is the same Saya as this.

My speculation of the week is that the village is a feeding ground for those monsters and that the original village actually is outside of this village.

I apologize if I am not coherent but I think I might be running a high fever and I feel like collapsing. Hope you guys enjoyed this cynical review though.

=) ra out!


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  1. Hmm, actually a fairly good episode, I think, had a good atmosphere, created some interest in the mysteries of the setting – but in the context of the series FAR too late. That’s the kind of episode I expect a second or third episode to be.
    Information 1: So the monsters have a buddy-community, I get it! Just tell me what they want besides eating humans! I really hated this “Monsters are evil because they eat humans”-image it wanted to conjure.
    Fight strange as ever with that Hack&Slay-Mode (that’s what I call Saya with red eyes ^^ ), the eyeball-lady was really creepy when she was revealed during the fight but her fighting was strange… First she kicks Sayas ass with her speed and then she just stands there and waits for Saya to run to her and ram her hand into her giant eye. Also terrible: Saya beginning to ask important questions but killing the eyeball-lady before hearing the answer… That’s just like the Shinichirou-Joke I made where everyone dies before they can talk about the plot.
    Information 2: I get it, Saya’s a monster and not your Friendly-Neighbourhood-Spider-Man but the execution was dull like they really needed to rub in the point they wanted to make. No subtlety just pure silliness on the part of Saya (you’re soaked in blood dammit, what the hell do you expect to look like?!) and just animal-like shrieking from the woman without explaining why the hell she was there in the first place at night.
    Information 3: I’d really hate to find out the Saya from that movie is meant to be the Saya from this series… Jesus, now that’d be a 180-degrees-change…
    Information 4: Oh, the twins ^^ … My favourite moment:
    Itsuki: Today’s girls [the twins] are really too cheerful
    Me: And too dumb. Don’t forget that.
    But interesting to see was when the twins disagreed with each other, now that’s a potential character-driven plottwist right there. But I guess I’ve read too much into it.
    The back-story about the town? Okay, another “Yeah, already figured out that much myself”-hint
    Information 5: Okay, that dialogue could be significant since I’ve also mentioned that strange moment of the twins disagreeing with each other but it could also be just another moment of silliness. The monster that appeared… Well, it really seemed that the more depressed Saya gets the more bad stuff happens. Since it also rained in this episode…

    And Mr. Mysterious Voice delivered another life-saving philosophy-line: Knowing gets in the way of doing what you really desire. What he actually wanted to say, was: Screw the truth, Love is more important! Shinichirou also got his shining-knight-moment and got a moment of remembering from Saya – yeah, way to trigger the flags, Shinichirou!

    @Saranaufogus: Hope you get better 😉 .


  2. Lol!

    Awww, I really felt like this episode was really more of the same, I felt like I learned noooooothing at all dispite all that information. Bleah.


    Info 1: I totally feel you man. The whole they are evil cos they eat humans, might as well say humans are the worse for eating animals. If that is the food chain then so be it, I don’t see the animals putting up a fuss. =p when I saw the eyeball I wanted to laugh eventhough I was slightly spooked. She lOoked ridiculous and the design looks so diff from the rest of the monsters.

    Info 2: lol!! Yes, that dumbfounded look on Saya’s face was another priceless moment. My speculation on why that lady is there, she fell asleep watching Blood-C and before she knew it, it was night and she had to walk back home.

    All in all, I am not going to read too much into things because all these new information make it seem like the writers won’t be able to find the way to explain every detail. I think the key to watching this series is to not think and let the show spell it out for you.

    P.s: really lIke how you tied your mini-fanfic scene into the story. =p
    P.p.s: took meds and had a nap, now I just want a cold bottle of juice.


  3. *shrug* I’ve thought the atmosphere was done better but I can understand it if one doesn’t feel that way since it’s so easy to build up hate with all the terrible build-up that was done the last episodes… and then there are still these *very* nice Slice-Of-Life-Scenes.
    Information 1: Well and there you forgot an important point, Saranaufogus… The animals DO make a fuss 😉 … Just remember the dog/cat/fox that is around since the beginning! Certainly you may argue that he did nothing besides being a stalker of Saya but things in Saya-verse always have a way of progressing *very* slowly.
    Well, I have to admit that at first I wasn’t spooked at all by the revelation of the big-eye-lady, but then I’ve thought: “So… how does she speak again? There are only two openings left in a human body. Wait a minute… She’s talking through her ass? Christ, now THAT’s creepy… Lucky for Saya that she helds her distance. Her breath must smell like shit.”
    Info 2: Well, you know how it is with these civilians: Someone told her something but in the end it wasn’t like that at all. We’ve only got to the end of the first half of the series so there’s no need to explain such vague comments, therefore it’s a valid explanation at this point.

    Yeah, do you follow the Star-Crossed-Anime-Blog? psgels there actually likes the series, he says about the fifth episode: “At this point I’m not watching the quiet scenes just to get through them and get to the action scenes, but instead they’re part of the overall atmosphere now. Without them the action scenes wouldn’t nearly have as much impact.” Well, the way to enjoy this series seems to be to just go with the flow of it instead of trying to think about it ^^ .

    @PS: Well, it just shows that this fanfic-scene was an accurate joke of what the series really does ^^ .
    @PPS: Like tomato-juice for example 😉 ?


    • ROFLMAO!!!!

      You had me laughing like mad!

      Reason 1: “Just remember the dog/cat/fox […] a stalker of Saya but things in Saya-verse always have a way of progressing *very* slowly.”

      LOL!!! Yes, that dog/cat/fox is slowly trying to make his way into Saya’s life and then *bam!* eat her in her sleep.

      Reason 2: ““So… how does she speak again? There are only two openings left in a human body. Wait a minute… She’s talking through her ass?”

      I had not even thought about how she spoke. Yes, that is creepy, and highly disgusting. LOL! I guess CLAMP did not think about that when they were creating her character now did they?

      I have read a bit of the Star Crossed Anime Blog, but when I saw that he actually liked it and his reasons why were reasons that I don’t agree with, I kinda stopped reading the review. But to each their own right?

      I was just thinking that Blood-C is one of those series where you have to watch it without thinking about anything at all, ‘cos the minute you start thinking and using your brain, you are bound to find a lot of plot holes and be bored out of your mind by those “atmosphere building” scenes. Good thing about this ep though, no Saya singing! Woohoo!

      One thing I thought that summarizes my view on the twisted Blood-C universe is the last screen shot that I had in my review where Nene is smiling with a big monster behind her. =p

      Tomato juice, yum. I have been drinking full of sugar bottled apple juice. Does not help much. lol. I wonder why…. =p


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