Kamisama no Memo-chou – 05 Review

Episode 5

So this episode marks the end of Week 5 of this season’s anime reviews. This was another odd episode, the episode was more of a slice-of-life episode following Narumi around as oppose to a detective/case based episode.

The episode basically follows Narumi as he carries out tasks for the Fourth and introduces a new case that is brewing in the background.

Episode Summary

Narumi has been recruited by the Fourth to cover the public relations side of things for a concert that he is holding in town at the end of August. This means that for this period of time, Narumi will be running around doing errands for the Fourth and won’t have time to help Alice out.

Whilst covering the public relations, the Hirasaka Group gets warned that a young kid has been asking questions around town. The following day, whilst Narumi is out scouting for ideas on the upcoming concert, he breaks up a fight between a kid called Renji (whom the thugs referred to as Hirasaka) and some thugs. Narumi then makes a friend out of this situation.

The following day, Min asks Narumi to pick up an apron on his way to a new venue and in that store Narumi meets the Fourth who so happened to be there to find a new eye for Alice’s teddy bear. We see “Hina” and “Yoshiki-san” conversing whilst Narumi is sitting awkwardly between the two, it was an interesting scene to watch and is probably my favorite scene of the episode.

Later that day, Narumi finds out that some thugs had broke into the venue and stolen all the spare Hirasaka Group shirts from the storeroom.

The episode ends with Narumi in the zoo doing a chore for Alice and he meets Renji there.


Alice was really b*tchy this episode, and when she is not being a b*tch, she is getting all flushed like a little kid. Alice usaully is bratty and like a kid, but her attitude was more full on in this episode. I can understand that this what her character is meant to be, but I don’t like it.

Narumi is not a very interesting character usually but he did have a nice hero-like moment in this episode when he spilled a drink on Renji to breakup a fight. Also, the insight that he has shown from his deduction of what Renji was about to do shows that maybe Narumi might develop into a more interesting character as the series progresses. I also liked the Renji’s character in this episode and things seem like it could get messy in an interesting way.

However, the animation quality has dropped off and felt slightly odd. There were quite a few quiet scenes and odd moments that felt like lazy animation, for instance, when Narumi was running away from thugs together with his new friend, the scenes just flashed and they were talking in the background, or how the animators decided to show clips of animation that is not synced or does not coincide with the conversation that Narumi and Renji are having. Perhaps this is a new style they are trying out, but I hope that this is the last time we see it.

I liked the focus that this episode had on the Fourth as he is one of my favorite characters. I also enjoyed the fact that the Hirasaka Group played a bigger part this episode and will make more of an reappearance in the next episode because their presence is pertinent to this new case.

Overall, there were a lot of crappy stupid moments that really did not add any value to the show, but if you forget about those moments and focus on the nicer ones, like when they try to introduce a case, and the moments with the Fourth in it, this episode can be quite enjoyable to watch. The scenes with following Narumi as he did mundane tasks were surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be and was still rather fun to watch, it is just those moments in the NEET base that I found to be worthless.

This episode just makes me want to scream to the directors that they should just follow what they did the first episode and stick to that format without putting in so many useless elements and moments. It is sad that one of my most anticipated series (after watching the first episode) has left me feeling disappointed as each episode passes on.

Episode Rating: 6/10

When they stick to what they are meant to be doing, it is a good watch. But when they go off path, it becomes really pointless to watch. The weird animation style and the fact that half of the episode was fluff (moments with Alice in it) really made me sad.

-ra out!


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